The third show in Japan is at the Kyocera Dome Osaka in Osaka. QAL play to a capacity crowd of potentially 55,000 tonight.

Showtime: 7:00pm JST (5:00am EST)

Poster by AL.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Concert Details (From AdamLambertMedia):
World Clock, Show Time, Streamers, Twitter List, Venue Info

Set List: Innuendo, Now I’m Here, Seven Seas of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive, Hammer To Fall, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Somebody To Love, In The Lap of the Gods…Revisited, I’m In Love With My Car, Bicycle Race, Another One Bites the Dust, I Want It All, Teo Torriatte, Love Of My Life, ’39, Doing All Right, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Under Pressure, Dragon Attack, I Was Born to Love You, I Want To Break Free, Take My Breath Away/Who Wants To Live Forever, Last Horizon/Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, The Show Must Go On, Radio Ga Ga, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: Freddie Call & Response, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen/Heroes




‘Intro/Now I’m Here’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Seven Seas of Rhye/KYA (partial)’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Hammer to Fall (partial)’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Killer Queen’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Speech/Don’t Stop Me Now’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Somebody To Love’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘In The Lap Of The Gods’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘I’m In Love With My Car’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Bicycle Race’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘AOBTD’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘I Want It All’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Teo Torriate’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Love Of My Life’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘’39’’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Doing All Right/CLTCL’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Under Pressure’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Band Intro/Dragon Attack’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘I Was Born to Love You’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘I Want To Break Free’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Take My Breath Away/WWTLF’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Last Horizon/Guitar Solo’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Tie Your Mother Down’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘The Show Must Go On’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘Radio Ga Ga’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘BoRhap’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

‘WWRY/WATC’ (Osaka, Japan) 1/28/20 – riddle601c

Link to mmadamimadamm’s list of Osaka concert videos


22 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (Osaka, JP) 01/28/20

  1. ultimathule says:

    Love the colors in this poster – beautiful – thanks, AL

  2. Tothebeat says:

    Taking the opportunity to give huge props to AL for his posters, every single one! Gonna find some time soon to watch the show videos, but can’t imagine they are anything but spectacular, visually and aurally. That voice just gets better and better – I remember reading that trained singers (e.g. opera singers) actually come into their own in their forties…we’ve got years of this awesome singing to enjoy!

  3. luval says:

    Dr. Brian May
    This amazing indoor arena/stadium is big enough to fit our entire outdoor rig in – complete with the ‘header’ that we’ve never put up until now – which makes a kind of ‘proscenium arch’ above our stage. This is how…

  4. luval says:

    Dr. Brian May
    Yep —- as Rog says … just another club gig ! Bri

  5. luval says:

    Dr. Brian May
    Video footage of the Osaka Dome courtesy of Roger Meddows Taylor. With a surprise guest appearance … Bri X

  6. luval says:

    Who is that giant walking with the band????? Laugh Laugh Wink

  7. luval says:

    ER Productions (@erlasersandsfx)
    1/28/20, 7:00 AM
    ‘…an amazing and stirring spectacle. The production is on a phenomenal scale and the band was in exceptional form’ – Greg Brooks

    We agree!! Incredibly proud to be supporting ⁦‪@QueenWillRock‬⁩ and ⁦‪@adamlambert‬⁩ on their world tour with #lasers & #sfx.

  8. luval says:
  9. luval says:

    with a fan in Kyoto today:

    “It must be his charm so I got super nervous and couldn’t stop my hand from shaking…” Aww

  10. luval says:
  11. luval says:
  12. luval says:


    Jumping is prohibited. 場所: Kyocera Dome

  13. luval says:

    イオン前にて 場所: 京セラドーム大阪

  14. luval says:


    Killer Queen #osaka

    Now I’m Here

    not a youtubes but nice

  15. luval says:
  16. luval says:
  17. luval says:
  18. luval says:
  19. luval says:

    Roger called Adam “Addy”

  20. luval says:

    VIDEO|Don’t miss this moment between @AdamLambert
    and @DrBrianMay
    during Roger’s drum solo in Osaka!

  21. luval says:
  22. ultimathule says:

    Close up –

    “Hammer To Fall” Osaka Jan28.2020 Queen + Adam Lambert

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