After a very busy couple of weeks of promo and radio concerts following the release of “Trespassing” on May 15, Adam will head to London early this month to begin preparations for his upcoming concerts with Queen. He will do some album promo and a couple of live performances in the UK as well, where Trespassing is set for a July 2 release date. One of these shows is the “Rays of Sunshine” charity event at the very prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. Adam will also return briefly to the US for a free radio concert in San Francisco on June 24.

Our featured photo (Brian Ach – Getty Images) for this month shows Adam in a very happy mood while performing at the KTUPhoria radio concert. Enjoy the chat!


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  1. asifclueless says:

    I would love to see Adam in leather and channel Freddie and Elvis at the same time in …

    ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’


  2. cher says:

    Happy Birthdays Ceddies and Sunsister!!! Enjoy!!

    I’m off to London tomorrow with riskylady and two friends. Will try to check in if I have internet service. Don’t worry. You’ll get vids of the shows July 11th and 12th if the theatre doesn’t interfere with the video peeps. Looking forward to Adam/Queen! #EPICNESS!!!

  3. eywflyer says:
  4. asifclueless says:


    @adamlambert Finnberts at Helsinki Pride


  5. adamized says:

    Cher and riskyladysafe travels. Have a wonderful time and try to remember everything.

  6. nkd says:

    timesmasher ‏@timesmasher
    @NJLovinLambert IKR? People have even tweeted Jim Shearer directly and got nothing in response.

    Jim Shearer ‏@JimShearer
    @timesmasher Take it to a higher power: @Vh1Music

    timesmasher ‏@timesmasher
    @JimShearer Been there, done that, as have others. No response.

    Jim Shearer ‏@JimShearer
    @timesmasher There is no “been there, done that,” you get the ‘Berts united and start an uprising!

    So we need to start an uprising!

  7. luval says:

    Saw this tweet just now on AQD:

    Okay, more juicy gossip. Brian May sings Love of my life acoustic, and at the end Freddy comes on the screen and finishes the song!!!

    Wasn’t there something a month or so ago about a hologram of Freddy or something similar? This must be what they’re talking about.

    nkd…thanks for those tweets. I have a feeling Jim Shearer is just a host anyway….doesn’t have anything to do with what gets played. Idiots. I’m done with them. (for now)

  8. asifclueless says:

    Hi All,
    Today is the day!!!
    I’m back, checked all of mils’ list, just in case.
    Get ready.
    Aaaarhk …. Nervous !!!!

  9. asifclueless says:
  10. Ellessay says:

    Jamie-Lynn Smith ‏@JSmith92

  11. Calgary says:

    Check this out! Adam finally makes it to Calgary, although not mainstream…

  12. asifclueless says:

    Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

    What an amaaaazing evening! I’m humbled and honored. The energy in the crowd was beyond! Thank you Kiev!

  13. cwm says:

    The Guardian has posted a review of Trespassing. It’s a good review:

  14. eywflyer says:

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