The first month of 2012 finds Adam’s new single “Better Than I Know Myself” already making its appearance on the Billboard Hot 100, as we await the “official” radio add dates of January 23 (HAC) and January 30 (CHR). Hoping for much promo and excitement in the next few months as things build toward the release of Adam’s second album “Trespassing” on March 20. We should have a new tour to look forward to later this year as well! Enjoy the chat!


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  1. glambotgram says:

    HMM Both are beautiful. Not that we see many pics that aren’t.

    I went to Home Planet to look mils and you got it over here yourself. Grin

  2. ultimathule says:

    I like the flickr photo as you can see his mouth. It’s blocked in the HomePlanet one.

  3. ultimathule says:

    MJ’s thread is open for business again – don’t know for how long, though – lol

  4. loveroftalent says:

    @ultimathule…I saw that it was opened again…It kind of bugs me though that alot of supportive posts about Adam gets deleted.

    One post was saying how hard it is for gay artists in the states and of course the haters points out Elton John, Freddy Mercury and Boy George as being accepted on radio. Adam fans pointed out that they came out as gay after they had their success. Those posts get deleted…I mean it is fairly obvious that there are still alot of homophobic people out there.

  5. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    Then, of course, the album cover for March.

    Yes, THAT would be hard to beat! Big Smile

  6. ultimathule says:

    loveroftalent – Yes, MJ’s got a tough job reining in some of the not-so-hidden Adam animus and those who try to rebut it, but it does seem that some posters are more equal than others.
    Agree – the gay issue was mentioned in the context of sales in the U.S. and, IMO, therefore legit.

  7. loveroftalent says:


    Yes I agree in context of US sales it was totally legit…

  8. dcglam says:

    24/7 seems to be back up!!!

  9. Miss Chaos says:

    Guys! guess what!. I can go on my 42″ HD TV and type in You Tube as a search, and if I find the person putting the videos on, I can watch all of Adams videos!!! I sat here with my son, the music grad, and its funny the remarks he comes up with. I played the Snowcase videos, he says hes not a fan of the slow songs, I said but listen to his voice, its beautiful. Then I put on a Sleepwalker from GN, he says I know what he reminds me of now, the Glam bands from the 80s or 90s, I said thats what he is. But said he is changing as you saw in the Snowcase video. When he walked away, he said, well hes not bad. lololol. I played Trespassing for my 14 year old Granddaughter that loves Adam, at dinner she said she cant stop hearing the song in her head.!!!!!FUN !!!!!

  10. glambotgram says:

    Miss Chaos sounds like fun!

  11. eywflyer says:

    Relieved to see 24/7 back online! I was not looking forward to possibly having to move this site to another URL. It can be done in WordPress but it’s not easy.

    Regarding the number of adds for BTIKM this week, it is performing comparably to WWFM on Hot AC at this point, but running behind on the larger format of Top 40/CHR. Now we have to wait until next week (Monday for Hot AC, Tuesday for Top 40) and see what happens then. I would definitely want to see the number of adds in each format go up next week from the 3 Hot AC and 7 Top 40 adds that happened this week. Also we can follow the daily 7 day rolling chart updates from Mediabase for those formats. Right now BTIKM is still gaining spins and bullet (meaning that the rate of spin increase is also increasing) each day on Hot AC, but is not registering on the Top 40 chart yet (which actually shows the top 50 songs). All of this is airplay, sales so far have not been very good. Hopefully they will improve with more airplay and with the video, they need to.

    At this point, this song has a long ways to go to become a moderate hit.

    The February thread is ready to go and will be posted shortly after 1130 PM EST!

  12. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    Thanks, eywflyer – can’t wait for February!!

  13. eywflyer says:

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