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Adamland and eywflyer may be familiar usernames to you from the Glam Nation Tour concert threads that appeared regularly on mjsbigblog last year, and we decided to create a site dedicated to Adam Lambert concert info. This site will provide information on Adam’s upcoming tour, ticket sales, and when the time comes, concert threads for each tour date. We are looking forward to lots of fun during Adam’s second tour!

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Update – Friday evening May 27th:
We are now less than 12 hours away from Adam’s first concert in over 5 months! Watch for the live concert thread late tonight/very early Saturday morning, depending on your time zone.

The twitter list for Adam’s Maxidrom concert on Saturday has been posted (137 people on it currently). Most of it is Russian/Cyrillic, better have google translator ready:

Schedule for the Maxidrom 2011 event in Moscow on Saturday (translated link):

Adam is slated to perform between 130 PM and 300 PM Saturday afternoon Moscow time. This translates to the following times in the U.S., very early on Saturday morning:

530-700 AM EDT
430-600 AM CDT
330-500 AM MDT
230-400 AM PDT

We will have a live thread available for that concert, starting an hour or two before Adam goes on stage and continuing through Saturday.

Link to Adam’s Thursday morning (Wednesday night in the U.S.) interview on the Moscow station “Maximum Radio”: http://lambertlive.tumblr.com/post/5858816038

Single session tickets remain available for Adam’s performance at the Festival in Sainte-Agathe, Quebec on July 29th. Showtime is listed as 9pm, all tickets are general admission and cost $57.95 CAD each. Available at http://www.admission.com/search.php?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&language=en&keyword=adam+lambert


1,515 Responses to Welcome to AdamLambertLive!!!

  1. nkd says:

    4:30 AM? 8O

  2. Kradamour says:

    Yes, nekkidRolls Eyes

    I am SO GRATEFUL that tomorrow is Saturday, son will be sleeping in at a friend’s house after prom, and I don’t have to do anything for anyone all morning!

    I hope that other peeps will be able to kick back also and not have to drag through the day in the afterglow of Adam’s concert!

    (Been loving these “down memory lane” fanvids in the meantime.)

  3. Kradamour says:


    holod_olga Olga
    http://yfrog.com/h4u1m1j My nails. Adam on everyone (his photo)

  4. Kradamour says:

    Russian fans aren’t so different from American fans LOL

    Jadelle1 Katerina
    Another sleepless night…. Adam Adam Adam <3

  5. Kradamour says:

    I’m feeling her pain…

    eclair_unfbert Bloody Mary
    No no no! WTF? What happened w camera? Anton will kill me

  6. Kradamour says:

    Okay, crickets chirping…off to get a few hours sleep…dreaming of a live feed…

  7. nkd says:

    Since I’m not asleep yet, and will have to get ready for work immediately after the concert, I’m going to be one tired 29yo tomorrow! The music at work is sleep inducing. Not looking good! Wink

  8. Kradamour says:

    nekkid, you know Adam will make it worth the weariness! See you in a bit…(maybe you could slip some different music into the mix…sabotage in the name of Adam LOL…)

    One last post (yes, I am pulling a Kradamour and who better to do that…): reading the Russian tweets, do these peeps not realize that f*ck is not a word that has to be included in every single tweet? Just sayin.

  9. adamland says:

    And Zac weighs in on Cam not being there:

    just finding out that Cam isn’t here …. we’ll see what happens after breakfast
    12 minutes ago

  10. ms0712 says:


    Me without @adamlambert? It’s like facebook without friends, YouTube without videos, google without results and twitter without tweets. 27 minutes ago via TweetSG

    A little melodramatic but a really sweet tweet. ITA, by the way! Smile

  11. nkd says:

    Thank you for all the fan vids!
    Reminds me of why I have been a happier person the past two plus years! Wink

  12. retjenny says:

    Just woke up (1:00 a m here)& thought I would see what is happening. I guess nothing yet. I will go back to bed for now. Hope I wake up in a couple of hours.

  13. eywflyer says:

    Moscow thread is up!


    Enjoy the beautiful surprise at the top of the thread!

  14. glamluv says:

    Told about this new site yesterday. So excited to talk with other Adam fans! Thanks adamland, ew, and suz for starting this!!!!!

  15. eywflyer says:

    Just in case any new folks find themselves here, our main active chat has moved to the June 2011 thread:


    If you have any questions you wish to post in a more quiet location in this thread, please feel free, or contact the site admins using the link under “Need Help?” above.

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