December has arrived and that means that 2012 will soon be over. Adam has been “trespassing” all around the world lately and currently finds himself in China and will wrap up his 2012 with a New Years Eve concert in Bali. But before the year ends with a bang there is plenty to do on his home turf. He heads to NY for “Cyndi Lauper and Friends” and a TV appearance, then hops across country for a radio event and a little “Diva” hosting thang.
A lot of holiday cheer to look forward to!

Choosing a photo for the monthly threads is never easy. However, it’s his most recent look that is getting attention. Since it may not last long, I thought that most of you would enjoy the look from the Mnet Awards – fierce, defiant, always unpredictable Adam.

Enjoy the chat! Happy Holidays!


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  1. milwlovesadam says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    May 2103 be beautiful, happy, healthy, full of music and joy! May we all prosper and spend all our riches on fandom fun and Adam!! ( well, maybe not all our riches, tee hee )

    May we hope for more music, more travels, more Queenbert, more costumes, more hair changes, more leather, more photo shoots, more comedy, just MORE.

    In Love Party Drink Rose Peace Yin Yang Rainbow Music Note Airplane Island Party Party

  2. bridgette12 says:

    Because PH apparently tweeted Adam’s comments to Jackman

    You can bet Perez didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart. He was probably hoping Hugh would slam Adam, but he came off a nice guy who don’t take himself serious.

  3. AL says:

    “Trespassing” drink mixes for bringing in the New Year.

  4. asifclueless says:

    I’ll leave you with my last post for this year here.

    Stars – Philip Quast – Les Misérables – 10th Anniversary Concert

    LES MISERABLES 10th Anniversary DREAM CAST (2:27:51)

    LES MISERABLES 25th Anniversary (2:49:54)
    (the 25th Anniversary Special)

    LES MISERABLES (1957) – Full Movie – Captioned


    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!

    Heart Party Drink Listening to Music Music Note Heart

  5. luval says:

    Wow…ready to turn the calendar page. Ready for a new thread.

    Happy New Year to you all!

  6. asifclueless says:

    This one is special for my sistakrads . It’s all French to me.

    Les Misérables (1995 – Jean-Paul Belmondo – Claude Lelouch)


  7. luval says:

    The big story on TMZ is Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. I think Adam’s tweet could be small peanuts compared to this.

  8. nkd says:

    I bit the bullet and went to PH’s site. Pain
    I copied so we don’t have to give it any more hits, but will leave the link for anyone interested.

    Adam Lambert Slams Les Misérables For Its ‘Pretend’ Singers!

    Les Misérables may be raking in the rave reviews, but it sure doesn’t have a fan in Adam Lambert!
    At least, not as far as the music goes!
    The outspoken Idol alum took to Twitter yesterday and went on a rant about the flick — and he didn’t hold anything back!
    Adam initially tweeted:

    Les Mis: Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers.
    30 Dec 12

    …it’s an opera. Hollywoods movie musicals treat the singing as the last priority. (Dreamgirls was good)
    30 Dec 12

    Lambert didn’t dog on everything in the film, however, making it clear that he thought Anne Hathaway and Aaron Tveit were the exceptions, and that Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were “great too.”
    As for Adam’s suggestion on how they could’ve made Les Mis better?
    Adam wrote:

    And I do think it was cool they were singing live- but with that cast, they should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals.
    30 Dec 12

    I felt like I should ignore the vocals and focus on the emotional subtext- but the singing was so distracting at times it pulled me out.
    30 Dec 12

    While Adam apologized for coming across as harsh and perhaps negative, he also voiced that they should’ve just casted actors who “sound good” from the start!
    Since he grew up with the musical, he admitted that he had high expectations, but still urged his followers to see it for Anne’s astounding performance!
    Maybe Adam would’ve had a dream fulfilled, had he been cast in the flick???
    Well… you do know what they say about opinions! LOLz!

    Some of the comments left *shaking my head* IDK

  9. mmm222 says:

    So, Adam said that if the singing in a movie is filmed live, then actors should be chosen who can actually sing. That seems reasonable. So why did it spark so much controversy and bring out all the haters? I feel bad for him, but I’m also glad that he isn’t afraid to state his opinion. Afterall, he IS “a sexy fuck when he rants”. (Thanks to Hugh Jackman for taking it all in stride.) And Adam did balance his criticism of Les Miz with a number of praises.

    I saw Les Miz on Broadway in 1998 and really loved it. I was thinking of seeing this movie in the theater so I could see it on a big screen with an excellent sound system. Now I’m thinking of waiting for it to come out on Netflix. If the singing isn’t that great, the sound system won’t matter. I also loved Dreamgirls and thought Madonna did a great job in Evita. I bought her sound track for Evita and played it countless times in my car.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at ALL!!! I’m wishing all of you and our wonderful AFL much happiness, success, and good health in the upcoming year!

  10. AL says:

    I bit the bullet and went to PH’s site.

    PH? Does that stand for Preparation H? Evil Grin
    I guess PH won’t ever need that because he is a perfect AH. Heh Mean

  11. milwlovesadam says:

    I totally agreed with Ron’s post about recent musicals on screen. Dreamgirls and Chicago are the exception. Both were beautifully acted and sung, IMHO. I personally thought Madonna was less than good in Evita. She was panned by critics universally too.

    Oh well. To each their own.

    I was so looking forward to Sweeney Todd, but, HB Carter was just weak voiced. Johnny Depp was a little better than that. But, the movie was an artistic masterpiece. The costumes, staging and acting were incredible. IMHO.

    I do think that between the limited vocals Ron mentioned in Phantom, and the poor vocals in Sweeney Todd a precedent was set for Les Miz. Unfortunately.

  12. milwlovesadam says:

    PH/AH. You’re the best AL!!

    Off to see Django. Happy New Year everybody.

  13. nkd says:

    I saw this on tumblr

    the fact that the last day of 2012 is a monday really sums up how this year went

    There were however some really, really GREAT Adam moments in 2012!

  14. nkd says:

    Oh AL! ROTFL Yes

  15. luval says:

    nkd…for a non-Tour in 2012 I saw Adam 4 times too! We are very lucky. 4 times, 4 great experiences!

    Access Hollywood is just recapping 2012. E isn’t even broadcasting their usual gossip show.

    I have 2 parties to go to tonight. Am so tired. Probably will just make an appearance, then move on.

  16. firstimerob says:

    Al Very clever ROTFL

  17. loveroftalent says:

    @ALYou said it perfectly…

  18. Kradamour says:

    Cos they paid BUCKETS of money, mils!

    I love that Adam is all Bob Fosse in that rakishly tilted hat and bare feet…

  19. luval says:

    mils…I know you are out but you received a reply over there from the “boss”.

    Once again…THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Adam got plenty of press for his concerts with Queen. More than you would expect, here in the states, for concerts that were performed overseas!

    I don’t think so….can’t remember seeing even one.

  20. HK fan says:

    nkd, that PH article is actually must better written than many of the articles I’ve read, at least it seems to be fairly fair and accurate and puts in some of the good as well…….good reporting…not words I’d ever thought I’d ever put with PH!
    Certainly won’t go to his site to read some of the replies though. Feeling a bit down after reading the comments on other sites last night and this morning…
    I don’t mind him stating his opinion, and judging by reviews he’s probably spot on, just wish he hadn’t used the word pretending, sure it wouldn’t have blown up so big if he hadn’t.

  21. HK fan says:
  22. Kradamour says:

    This one is special for my sistakrads . It’s all French to me.
    Les Misérables (1995 – Jean-Paul Belmondo – Claude Lelouch)

    Ooh, thank you sistasif!
    Had no idea that was so readily available…what a lovely surprise!
    For anyone else who is longing for French television (!!!) there is a new streaming service: VoilaTV streams 19 French channels via HDMI cable from a small wireless box directly to a TV for $29/mo. My box will be shipped Wednesday, I can.not.wait!!!
    2013 is looking betterer and betterer!

    I’m probably done for the evening, going to try to complete some documents and start the new year fresh tomorrow.
    Thanks to all for being here and sharing our fandom and being a big part of what made 2012 tolerable for me.

    Speaking of, wanted to post a t-shirt that an ALL-er sent me for Christmas (waves to fwachdr/froggie!):
    “Like Many Women My Age, I am 29”.
    Along with a trespassing colors zebra print lace bra to wear under it…honestly, that bra made my trip to the inlaws after Christmas bearable. Whenever I got too annoyed, I just thought about that silly bra and was able to smile at everyone again!

    Other ALL-ers (Hi, mils! Hi, cher!) sent fleur de lys bling…looks like that will be my avatar forever!
    and glad I am of it. And glad to be part of ALL.
    (Blowing a kiss to eywflyer)

    G’nite, peeps…
    Sweet Adam New Year!
    With love to all.
    Heart Heart Heart

  23. jlurksacto says:

    Happy New Year everyone! ! ! ! !

  24. luval says:

    Videos are starting to come in …Bali thread…

    I posted auld lang syne & skit/kickin in

  25. nkd says:

    Love this comment by BruceK at the Daily News article on @adamlambert’s voicing an opinion on Les Miserables!!

    “As an aside…. Maybe they should make Lambert an entertainment critic. I just did a quick Google search and found this story around the globe (even in Russia & Belarus). It appears the review of one lone singer holds more weight than the LA Times or The New York Post.”

  26. AL says:

    Here’s to 2013! Drink
    (Inspired by the SONY Music office artwork)

  27. riskylady says:

    Brilliant, AL!
    Btw, did you see my post about Adam’s upcoming event list? It’s incomplete and Kiev is listed twice. Haha, don’t mean to be a pest, and don’t know if you can fix it, but not something you want to do on NYE, right? LOL.
    I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you, and us, with more crosswords to rack our brains with!

  28. Kradamour says:

    I’m back, of course…
    Moth to a flame!

    Has anyone posted this? Adorable!
    (Adam and Sauli inserted into a JibJab snow ski cartoon)
    Adam’s eyes are mesmerizing, even in a cartoon!

  29. nkd says:

    Love that AL!

    That jibjab was cute Kradamour! The pic they used of Adam was so Elvis looking.

  30. ms0712 says:

    cher says:
    12/23/2012 at 7:09 am

    A belated happy birthday to MS0712 a few days ago on December 20th and today I’m wishing MissChaos a very very happy birthday too! Enjoy your day and happy holidays to you all!! Grin

    cher, your greeting was very kind. Thank you so much. Can’t believe you remembered.

  31. Kradamour says:

    cher is the birthday ninja…!
    Cake Female Fighter Party

  32. jlurksacto says:

    Emily Lambert‏@xadamsbabex
    Oh Adam Lambert. hahahahahaa!

  33. nkd says:

    Woah, what a list!
    Do that many people really care what Adam has to say on twitter? I suppose they do!

  34. Ceddies says:

    nkd, I think all of us knew from the get-go that Adam F Lambert was going to be a BIG F’n Deal. Guess this is just another proof that we were right. Wink

  35. eywflyer says:

    January chat thread:

    Happy New Year to all.

  36. AL says:

    Btw, did you see my post about Adam’s upcoming event list? It’s incomplete and Kiev is listed twice. Haha, don’t mean to be a pest, and don’t know if you can fix it, but not something you want to do on NYE, right? LOL.

    Hi riskylady! Yes, saw that earlier. That area requires eywflyer‘s expertise. He has yet to share with me how he does that. We are aware of the Jan. 4th show in Vietnam and should have a thread for it. As for my NYE, not much doing here as usual – just another quiet night at home. Yawn

  37. milwlovesadam says:

    Back from Django. Wow. And more wow. Had to close my eyes for one scene. But otherwise an incredible masterpiece by Tarantino. So he’s had revisionist history on Nazi revenge, and now on slavery. What’s next? The Inquisition?

    When he was the mentor on Season 8 it was because of his love of many genres of music and film. This movie does not disappoint musically. The soundtrack is creative and even humorous at times. Honestly, there were several LOL scenes, and sometimes when the drama got really heavy, a funny/odd song would lighten it all up.

  38. AL says:

    Do that many people really care what Adam has to say on twitter?

    But he’s still way behind “Teen Mom 2 divorce” with almost 8 million search results (or KanKim pregnancy with almost 10,000,000). He needs to work on his ranting if he wants to hit those numbers! Wink Sarcasm

  39. Ginger says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!!

  40. nkd says:

    But he’s still way behind “Teen Mom 2 divorce”

    I saw that AL. Duh?!!! Rolls Eyes Laugh

  41. TLKC says:

    On my way over to Jan 2013 thread but dropped in to see how things ended here. Just want to say thanks to Kradamour for the JibJab snow cartoon. Will pass that on to my Glambert friends.

    Also, thankful that PH gave a reasonably even-handed report on Adam’s comments. NVM, the other place – Adam just proved to the big blogger over there that he is like a flame to moths. She should send him a cheque for all the hits.

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