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28 Responses to AL’s Crosswords

  1. AL says:

    The puzzle page is back but will only be monthly now – unless Adam goes on tour again.

    While I had some time, I submitted some crosswords to professional crossword publications and I got a few crosswords accepted by the NY and LA Times. Some were already published this year!

    Just recently, I was looking at a crossword review of my most recent puzzle on a NYT crossword blog and the header featured The Original High. Two of my passions coming together on the same page! Yes

    If you would like a hard copy of one of my NYT or LAT crosswords, please email me (link under “NEED HELP?”). I can send you a copy after the crossword has been published.

  2. Kradamour says:

    AL, that is wonderful!! We knew you were talented – I was just re-admiring your Ste Agathe puzzle again last evening, I have printed it and had it laminated as another souvenir of the concert – but had no idea that you were THAT talented!
    And you have been so generous to us!
    Un grand merci!

  3. Tothebeat says:

    This is really fun! And, congrats on getting recognized by the big newspaper kahunas of puzzledom (as far as I know anyway).

    Thanks so much AL!
    ETA: puzzle time 6 min, and maybe 40 seconds?

  4. riskylady says:

    Hey AL, congratulations!!! So happy for you! We are so fortunate!! Thanks for everything.

  5. asifclueless says:

    Congratulations … AL!!!

    You’re so talented. Heart Rose Star

    Love your new avi Heart Cat 2 …. Very cute … OH! and you too! Razz

    It took me 17:38 mins to finish the puzzle.
    I’m very slow! Snail Turtle Grin

  6. sparkle says:

    Excellent news, AL!! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for bringing back the crossword and other puzzles!!

    Did the jigsaw in 6:06!

  7. Cait1602 says:

    AL THANK YOU so much! Love this page Smile Really a jigsaw and crossword freak Grin

    Jigsaw 3min and 4 secs…on to the crossword Grin

  8. luval says:

    Am gonna work on the puzzles tomorrow!

  9. sparkle says:

    Did jigsaw in 4:42. Thanks, AL!!

  10. TLKC says:

    Congratulations on your NYT puzzle AL! Thank-you for the Glam puzzles and all the other things you do for ALL. Love the pic with you and your dogs. (Took me 8:21 minutes to do the jigsaw.)

  11. renogal says:

    Thank you AL so much for these great puzzles!

  12. sparkle says:

    Just did the jigsaw puzzle in 4:21. Thanks so much, AL, for spoiling us so!

  13. Tothebeat says:

    Boy, was I slow at 7 minutes something, but I had a great time (as always) putting “shower” pic together.

    Thanks again, AL Star !

  14. renogal says:

    Thank you AL, I really look forward to these puzzles, they are such fun!

  15. AL says:

    Thank you AL, I really look forward to these puzzles, they are such fun!

    renogal, thanks for the compliment! Glad you like them!
    Going to the Las Vegas show on Saturday?

  16. Tothebeat says:

    Loved the crossword, AL, you make it easy (and really fun) for us. This is the first I’ve tried…May have to work up the the ones you do for the NYTs, though. Glad its a bit simpler here!

    Thanks so much!

  17. HK fan says:

    I always forget about these..but have just finished this months crossword…yay..only had to have help on a few letters. Some are very American specific that i haven’t heard of…Big Smile)

  18. HK fan says:

    Are there any previous jigsaw puzzles anywhere?

  19. AL says:

    Are there any previous jigsaw puzzles anywhere?

    HK fan, I never save the previous jigsaw puzzles but it’s easy to create your own by going to this website
    and uploading an image. You can solve the puzzle on their site.

    I just embed a new one each month here but I guess I could save the link in the archives. Please let me know if that is something that you would like.

  20. sparkle says:

    Thanks so much, AL, for continuing with these puzzles. Just did the jigsaw puzzle on my phone. I’m a bit rusty! Took me 7:33!

  21. sparkle says:

    Did the crossword puzzle too!!

  22. sparkle says:

    Loved this month’s puzzle. Thanks, AL!

  23. renogal says:

    Your puzzles are the first thing I check out on the first day of every month. Thank you AL!

  24. sparkle says:

    Hi AL! You asked us to respond about the puzzle page. Here’s my two cents. The puzzle is my favorite. Just did this month’s. The crossword is my next favorite. As far as the word search, every time I try to play it (and I love word searches), I get very frustrated because I can’t seem to click on the words correctly. I keep meaning to print them out but if you discontinue them going forward, I can always print out the old ones. And, although I’ve done the Adamoku several times, I would be fine if you decide to discontinue those as well.
    Thank you so much for all the work you do. If the puzzles are getting to feel like an obligation rather than fun by all means put them on hold temporarily or permanently!!

  25. AL says:

    sparkle, thanks for the comments!

    I don’t feel obliged to do them but rather do them because they keep my brain cells working! Nerd It’s just nice to know that some people are actually still doing them. Yes

    The crossword takes the most time by far but is still fun to put together. The word search, puzzle and Adamoku are quick to make so I’ll keep on doing those too.

  26. glambotgram says:

    Thanks AL immortalized in a crossword!!! In Love ROTFL

  27. sparkle says:

    Did the puzzle in 2:59. Thanks to you, AL, I found the jigsawplanet website and do puzzles almost every day while watching TV to keep my brain working. Thanks so much!

  28. glambotgram says:

    Very clever puzzle this month AL Yes

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