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Last updated 1/16/2014

The following is a guide to navigating the various threads and posts on

Monthly chat threads:
These are the main active chat threads, and are found filed under the appropriate year in the “Chat” navigation drop-down menu. The chat will remain in the same thread for a month at a time. At the beginning of each month, a new monthly chat thread (i.e. April 2012 Chat) will be created. Once the new thread is posted, a note will be posted in the old monthly thread directing people to the new monthly thread, and the active chat will move to the new thread.

Concert chat threads and recap posts:
Concert chat threads will host much of the main active chat during busy touring periods, and are also posted for one-off concerts during non touring periods (such as Sainte Agathe in July 2011). These threads will feature tweets/setlist/pix/vids/reviews etc from the subject concert. All comments related to a specific show be posted in the corresponding chat thread, while more general comments, or comments relating to an upcoming show should be posted in the currently active monthly chat thread (see above). During busy touring periods, it is expected that much/most of the chat will jump from one concert chat thread straight to the next one.

Concert chat threads/recaps are organized by “era”, and chronologically within each era. There are currently drop-down navigation menus for for the following eras:
Post-Trespassing (April 2013 through present)
Trespassing Era (March 2012 through March 2013)
FYE Era (December 2009 through 2011)

Within each era, there are several options for individual months or groups of months. Clicking on one of these will bring you to a page listing all of the individual concert threads occurring during that time period.

The recap posts found in the FYE Era mainly cover concerts that occurred before this site was created, and are closed to comments. Every concert in the Glam Nation Tour, along with most one-off concerts that occurred during that era (starting with Fantasy Springs in February 2010) have an associated recap. The only concert threads with comments in the FYE Era are the Maxidrom Festival in May 2011, and the Ste Agathe Festival in July 2011.

There are also several unique posts/threads listed under the “Features” navigation menu. These currently include AL’s Crosswords, two Planning threads (accessible by registered site members only), a Pre-Idol post, an AI post, the Top 16 post, and the Glambert & Recap thread.

AL’s Crosswords:
This post contains the current weekly AL’s Crossword, as well as links to the solution and previous week’s crosswords.

These threads are intended to allow for detailed planning of attendance at upcoming concerts, in a place not viewable by the entire internet. Currently there are “Winter 2013-2014 Concerts” and “Queen + Adam Lambert Concerts” planning threads open.

This page contains videos of various performances by Adam before he appeared on American Idol, starting with a high school graduation song in May 2000, up through several songs he performed at the Upright Cabaret on New Year’s Eve 2008.

This page contains videos of each of Adam’s performances on American Idol, including his entire run from audition to the finals in season 8, as well as guest performances in seasons 9-10-11-12.

Top 16:
This post contains video links to Adam’s Top 16 all-time performances (live and studio), as voted on by the members of this site in November 2011. The Top 16 list will be periodically re-opened for voting in order to give newer performances a chance to make the list.

Glambert & Recap Thread:
This thread is a place to share concert recap and “how I become a Glambert” stories, in a separate thread so that all of the stories can be easily viewed in one place, rather than digging through multiple chat threads.

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