After a very busy and promo-filled month of February (during which Adam also took time out to attend the Elton John pre-Oscar party pictured above), March figures to be busy as well for Adam and his fans, as he should continue promo efforts for the lead single “Better Than I know Myself” and his upcoming album “Trespassing”. Adam may take some time to put last minute touches on some of the late addition album tracks as well. The album release date, which was previously set for March 20th, has been pushed back to an undetermined time later this spring. I’m guessing sometime in April or early May, but we will see.

Update – on March 23rd, Adam confirmed that the release date for Trespassing will be May 15th!

Enjoy the chat!


3,662 Responses to March 2012 Chat

  1. Calgary says:

    Ron I’d add you to my Skype list but I’d have to go get a paper bag first!

  2. Ron says:

    luval says:
    03/31/2012 at 8:42 pm
    haha Ron, I was just going to ask if you had any takers.

    ONE. ROTFL I was bracing myself for the FLOOD of “adds”. Big Smile (not really).

  3. Ron says:

    Calgary says:
    03/31/2012 at 8:43 pm
    Ron I’d add you to my Skype list but I’d have to go get a paper bag first!

    I’ll wait. Smile

  4. HK fan says:

    This is a great interview from Finland. Pretty much just Adam talking, looking stunning,,,,,

  5. Miss Chaos says:

    There is some kind of Rock Gala on, With Eric Clapton, featuring Queen. It says 2010. I wonder who is singing, I will be thinking of Adam the whole time. You know what, Tom Jones is singing and doing a bang up job. And he isnt young!

  6. nkd says:

    tchrsd, thank you for that beautiful recap of your incredible evening listening to and meeting Adam.
    I’m so happy that you were able to say the things you wanted to say to him.

  7. cher says:

    Great recap tchrsd See, you didn’t have a heart attack after all! Have a great vacay!! Don’t get sunburn!!

  8. nkd says:

    Love that Finnish interview! Wow I love listening to him talk. In Love

  9. cwm says:

    tchrsd – loved your recap! You brought out all the emotions of meeting Adam and hearing him sing!

    Here is the Finnish Liv interview on youtube. Much better quality than the ustream recording.

    Between this wonderful interview and the Swedish Solo article, I’m a happy fan today. Adam sounds so happy and content with where things are in his life now, it makes me all gooey inside to think about him finally being back home today with the one he loves who loves him right back.

  10. Calgary says:

    Thanks tchrsd I loved your recap! You are doubly blessed – to have met Adam and to have such a great daughter!

  11. eywflyer says:

    April chat thread is up!

    A more casual pic than many we have had – but I felt it represented Adam’s recent life well. He has been so busy on this promo tour – hope he has a bit of time to relax at home now.

  12. Ceddies says:

    Great recap, tchrsd. Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us. Thanks to you and your daughter, eywflyer, and Adam n Tommy, I go to bed tonight with a big smile on my face.

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