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  1. SunSister says:

    WOW! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY GREETINGS. I just posted here for the first time the other day, but I lurk when I can. RL is kicking my butt lately. I’m even working on my birthday and haven’t done that in years.

    Ceddies – special happy birthday to you, too. Hope your mom is doing okay.

    woozasam says:
    06/28/2011 at 6:40 pm
    SunSister Hi! It’s been a long time. I sat next to you when you were wielding your knife at Nike’s in Costa Mesa. Too bad living in So Cal is not upping our ante on getting to a show…lol
    I know all of you lucky folks going to Montreal will have a blast. Can’t wait for recaps and pic’s.

    Wooza – we’ve got to stop meeting like this. Every six months come hell or high water. I really think we need to get a So Cal dinner going when AdamStorm starts up for this second album.

    BTW – EWFlyer was sitting on the other side of me but I don’t think he saw the knife. LOL

  2. asifclueless says:

    The power of Adam Lambert’s eyes !!!


  3. dcglam says:

    AL says:
    06/30/2011 at 12:07 pm
    Another “Adam in the Studio” pic by Lee Cherry from the ALF site. Wonder what album title goes with this one?!

    Wow…. awesome! Our boy certainly takes his recording sessions seriously.

    Ceddies and Sunsister…… This is for you:


  4. dcglam says:

    Wow, asif….. We could get lost in those for a few hours days. Wink

  5. asifclueless says:

    Hi dcglam … Yes, I’m drowned in baby’s eyes.

    By the way, I’m not in DC anymore. We’ll have a family reunion for the 4th in KC.

  6. asifclueless says:

    Ceddies and Sunsister…… This is for you:


    dcglam … that’s the shortest Adam’s video I’d ever watched.

    Love “Adam in the Studio” photos … intent and gorgeous.

  7. SunSister says:

    Ceddies and Sunsister…… This is for you:


    Thanks, DCGlam but I WANT MORE, PLEASE.

  8. asifclueless says:

    Ceddies and Sunsister … Here is for you.
    It’s not BD song but WLL from Norfolk (second to FS WLL)

    Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love Norfolk, VA 6-30-2010


    Enjoy!!! Grin

  9. jlurksacto says:

    06/30/2011 at 11:47 am

    Are you still open to sharing your room?

    Sure, for a fellow fan

  10. asifclueless says:

    I’m really, really excited and happy for the All Saints people gathering at the QC concert.

    The gathering sounds very well organized and full of fun with great people.

    We will hold our own partay here and wait for the crumbs. Merci !!! Grin

  11. dcglam says:

    Thanks, DCGlam but I WANT MORE, PLEASE.

    LOL…. But don’t we ALWAYS when it comes to Adam?!?! Wink

  12. eywflyer says:

    Hello, 6/30/10 found the Glam Nation Tour closing out its first month on the road at The Norva in Norfolk VA:


  13. luval says:

    Just noticed Adam has a hoop earing in his right ear gauge. Maybe others saw this too? It looks a little “industrial”…or like a sprocket or something.


  14. turquoisewaters says:

    Just stopping by to wish Ceddies and Sunsister a happy birthday!! To a great year of RL and AL (Adam life).

  15. SunSister says:

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes and videos. LOL

    I’m really glad that there’s a place for everyone from MJ’s to be able to say whatever and, most of all, to be able to find on a daily basis!! Alien

    Off to play after working all day. Later.

  16. jlurksacto says:

    And Sasha is safe, on to next week

  17. Kradamour says:

    I almost forgot that my concert was a year ago tonight! Woot for Norfolk! That concert had such a gritty feel…GA, of course…the Norva is beer-y and dark and cave-like, I think Adam responded really well to the vibe and gave us a great performance. And in the beginning of the tour, in a city where he was never on the radio, the line didn’t form until quite late in the day even though I think it was sold out. I could have been right at the stage, but decided to stake out a place on the balcony rail (easier to hold onto for the three hours of waiting for Orianthi and Allison; gotta say I was relieved when Orianthi left the tour and made it easier for GA concerts) and am still regretting that, but my son was a totally uncooperative companion for the concert and I knew he wouldn’t stay with me until Adam performed. But he gets points for his good deed: he saw a friend on the floor below us with a sign he was trying to show Adam, but he was short and squashed and it wasn’t going to happen. Son went down and pulled him upstairs, and then pushed him to the balcony railing next to me and we both just forced peeps to make room for the kid – and he dropped his sign over the balcony railing AND ADAM SAW IT AND POINTED and the kid about died. On the way out he just kept saying “he saw my sign, he saw my sign, he saw my sign… in a dreamy voice, it totally redeemed my son. That was before Adam started to come out after, unfortunately. The band and the dancers were out and about in Norfolk in the afternoon, and Eber tweeted about Adam’s grandmother living in Norfolk, actually she attended my son’s high school. As so many have said, it just went by too fast, and it is impossible to hold onto the experience to one’s satisfaction – so it is necessary to go to another one and another and … !
    It was a great WLL, but at the time many were disappointed that he didn’t do Mad World.
    Someone threw a bra onstage at one point and I was mortified for Norfolk, it just seemed so AI and unnecessary, and it was obvious that Adam thought so, too.
    As they were leaving the stage, someone tossed a crab grabber onto the stage and Adam picked it up and asked “What is this?” and then used it to grab at Tommy’s butt on the way out.
    AND tonight I heard WWFM on the radio! dunno if someone at the station remembered the anniversary of the concert? That is probably too much to assume but it would be nice if true. Haven’t heard it for a long time. Probably only a half dozen times total since it was released. This isn’t Adam Lambert territory by any stretch of the imagination. No one I have told about the Quebec trip ever heard of him except one person who kind of wrinkled her brow and said she knew the name but didn’t know why.

    Happy Birthday to Ceddies and Sunsister! Hope it has been wonderful, and will be followed by a year that is even better! Grin

  18. jlurksacto says:
  19. Ron says:

    jlurksacto says:
    06/30/2011 at 2:50 pm

    06/30/2011 at 11:47 am

    Are you still open to sharing your room?

    Sure, for a fellow fan

    I’m not a betting man but, in this case, I’d be willing to wager that you’re a special person, jlurksacto! In this regard though, you’re very typical: An Adam fan more than willing to help another Adam fan. It’s always wonderful to see this kind of thing! Thank you for your generous offer to share your room with Stephan.

    At this point, I’m not 100% comfortable finalizing this because I haven’t met Stephan. We’re getting together in 2 weeks as he’s the driver for our little group, we’ll be using his van, and we’ll be mapping out the route we’re going to take. I think it’s best if we take it from there.

    If in the meantime someone else comes along then, by all means, don’t wait for me to get back to you. If not, I’ll contact you again in 2 weeks.

    Thanks again for your kind consideration!

  20. Kradamour says:

    That was really interesting, jlurks.
    Rihanna is young and came to town without Adam’s experience and background prior to Idol. We are given to understand that Adam has a lot more influence on the “product”, and I assume that is true. I wonder how the “camp” idea applies to Adam’s new CD? He seems to be working in many places with many people who are not in the same room or the same campsite, but the article indicated that more than one camp could be used; perhaps Adam is in a series of mini-camps.
    I’d love to read this article rewritten about Adam’s album.

  21. Kradamour says:

    Re interactions/rooming with other unknown Adam fans, Ron and jlurks…that’s how I met cher, one of the most interesting and intelligent and generous people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. My family was pretty sure I would be sold into white slavery (roll eyes here) when I drove to Raleigh to stay with her extended family for the concert there. I try to look at it through the eyes of “normal” people, and I guess maybe it was sketchy, but I never thought twice about it and am glad I didn’t!

  22. Ron says:

    Yes Kradamour, I’ve heard this many times from many people! I want to tell you that you’re in for a treat when you finally meet luval! I look back upon our first meeting last October and the moment I saw her it was instant friendship that, I’m sure, will last a lifetime. I’m pretty-sure you’re going to feel the same way!

  23. Northern Spirit says:

    Happy birthday, Ceddies and Sunsister!

    I’m glad we know now where the concert is. I’m anal that way…I like to know the lay of the land before getting to my destination. little duchess, I think your Super8 hotel is as someone mentioned here, about 1.5 to 2 km away (about a mile). It’s a little further away than the Watel is from the concert venue.

    KDD43 called the festival today to find out when they will let us into the concert area, and they said the doors/gate will open at 6pm, for the concert at 9pm. Is anyone here planning on lining up early to get in, say mid day?

    I really hope that one of the studios shots ends up on Adam’s cover. I absolutely love them. I did find that FYE’s cover was a bit too campy for me, although I liked the UK cover.

    Those are some serious dollar figures to get a hit song, jlurksacto. I wonder if labels will find it worth while investing that much in this day and age of kids wanting free downloads of music. The iCloud may change all of that, though.

  24. Ron says:

    Hi NS! More and more details trickling in about the Festival. Thanks for letting us know about the grounds opening at 6:00pm!! I had visions of dragging myself to some godforsaken piece of land at 8:00AM to get a good spot for us! I just know I wouldn’t be sufficiently recovered from the previous evenings get-together to be laying in the grass at that hour! Smile 6:00pm? I’ll be ready!! Wink

  25. adamland says:

    I have to leave soon so I put up the July Chat a little early. Please let me know what you think of the new picture.


  26. Northern Spirit says:

    Hi Ron, Yes, 6pm should give us plenty of time to recover from our fun the night before. KDD43 also found out–for those of you looking for tourist things to do–that there is a Jean Coutu Circus and a Coca Cola Museum in town. Me, I may just lie by the poolside, Marguerita in hand, and get aclimatized to our spa surroundings.

  27. Northern Spirit says:

    Gorgeous, pic, adamland. I’m glad we’re continuing on the theme….

  28. eywflyer says:

    Thanks to adamland for posting our July chat thread! Over 1600 comments in the June thread, wow! As decided previously, we’ll now move our active chat to the new thread:


  29. Ceddies says:

    I know that some of us have moved on to the July thread; but some of us are still here for a minute, so I wanted to post a comment or two.

    This has been one of the best birthdays that I can remember. You guys on here have really been a blessing to me–along with my Facebook friends and my RL friends and family. The birthday wishes, video offerings, emails, phone calls…..it’s unreal to think that so many people took time out of their day or night to send Happy Birthday wishes to me. I appreciate and love each of you. I’m sure I will miss someone if I tried to name names, so I just say thank you to my friends.

    I had a birthday dinner date with two of my guy buddies from high school tonight. They surprised me and showed up 30 minutes early with gifts, cake with candles, a tiara for me to wear to dinner, flowers, balloons, the works. Oh, and one of the gifts was a two-disk CD of Johnny Cash greatest hits. Stipulation was that in order for me to get to keep it, I had to agree to listen to it all the way to Quebec and back and be able to sing along when I return home. That was their way to get to keep the Johnny CD because (1) not a fan of country music (2) mostly not gonna listen to anyone but Adam on that trip, and they knew it. It was kind of a joke gift, but it was fun.

    Again, thank you to each one of you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Don’t you just love Adam Lambert for bringing us together??? I don’t know where I would be if not for Adam and his influences. Down-in-the-dumps most of the time probably!

  30. dcglam says:
  31. dcglam says:
  32. dcglam says:


  33. Ron says:
  34. dcglam says:

    Trying this….

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