After indulging us with plenty of Halloween treats, Adam will now be providing us with a feast for our ears and eyes as he performs on TV and in concert.
This month, Adam joins the GLEE cast and that means sweet new music on iTunes and savory videos on Youtube.
If you prefer to see Adam live then there are a few concert options in Florida. How about a Thanksgiving dinner with Adam as the main course?! or dessert?!!
And if seeing him on TV or in concert is not enough, we can always count on photos of him hanging out at his favorite LA haunts!

Enjoy the feast chat!

Gleethemusic/marry-the-night – Adam Lambert


2,000 Responses to November 2013 Chat

  1. AL says:
  2. ultimathule says:

    Sauli on the ice

    Riitta ‏@ailaah 31m

    Four 10s for Sauli and Nea , wow!

  3. AL says:

    And while we wait for Adam to come on stage, we can always do the weekly crossword. Since Adam was such a good puppeteer, this week I decided to look at “Puppets and Their Masters“.

  4. ultimathule says:

    Adam to Sauli YT

    (Just removed)

  5. rs says:

    I just watched the Dancing On Ice performances and Sauli was terrific! His footwork was just great, and the judges appreciated it, too. They all gave him 10s! The other guy was nowhere near as good (even though it is much easier for a man to lift his partner over his head when he is twice as big as her, lol). They got three 9.5s and one 10. I guess it is up to the phone in viewers who vote now. Does anyone know if the results are in?

    ETA Just watched Sauli’s other skate (sorry, I can’t bring it here) and he was Jack Sparrow in full pirate costume and I loved it! But the score was lower, 2 9.5s and 2 10s. The other guy did a slow romantic dance with los of lifts and got 4 10s.

  6. ultimathule says:
  7. ultimathule says:
  8. rs says:

    You can see Adam’s new haircut in that vid to Sauli (not so crazy about the very short sides) but the color doesn’t look cinnamon. We will get reports from our girls there tonight and vids so we will see for ourselves. Unfortunately I have an all day Scrabble tournament tomorrow so I won’t be able to check anything out until the evening. How will I be able to concentrate on words when I know what is waiting for me on my computer?

  9. ultimathule says:
  10. ultimathule says:

    Katja Kivisilta @TayLautner98

    @adamlambert Sauli won the dancing on ice!! <3

  11. rs says:

    Thanks ulti for posting Sauli’s pirate performance. I didn’t see that you had done so when I amended my previous post.

  12. ultimathule says:

    Actually, I’ve gotten mixed up on what Sauli performances I’ve posted, rs – probably do duplicates once in awhile.

    Here’s the one in white –

  13. Tothebeat says:

    RE Adam’s message to Sauli – Does this mean we no longer have “spicy” Adam? Looks like the hair is back to black!

  14. ultimathule says:

    So many tweets almost yelling at Adam to tweet Sauli – get a life, people.

  15. rs says:

    Thanks ulti. I hadn’t seen that one. Beautiful and 4 10s. So they danced three routines. Amazing to think that they learn them in a week.

  16. ultimathule says:
  17. retjenny says:

    I just watched a live feed of DOI. Weird watching Sauli win, live. The two contestants skated a lap together and the big guy lifted Sauli up and carried him around, Happy time for Sauli.

  18. luval says:

    So happy about Sauli winning!!!! Made my day (so far).

  19. ultimathule says:

    The pirate and the white one, rs – what was the third one – can’t remember.

  20. luval says:

    Wow…first time I saw the other contestant.

  21. ultimathule says:

    Rita Wolf @CosmicShewolf

    @adamlambert It was such a surprise to see your face on the telly in the middle of the ice show. I was like whaa hey that’s Adam

    lol – really in the middle of the show?

  22. luval says:

    I thought that looked like the cinnamon hairkut. Either before red rinse or after dark brown rinse. Smile

  23. rs says:

    ulti the third one was just under Adam’s message. He came out of a bathtub and they danced to, a Christina Aguilera song.

  24. luval says:

    Here’s the google translate of that article.

    Sauli Koskinen for the first dance of Finland won ice. Koskinen singer Arttu Wiskari skidded against today during the final.

    Each of the final pair skated a total of three digits. Koskinen has a point just before a full judge points in each of the three dancing. The bottom line was, however, only received the votes of viewers.

    Wonder what if anything they won? DWTS here is just a dumb trophy. But the exposure the contestants get is priceless. Many have gone on to bigger and better things.

  25. luval says:

    Not sure when this was taken. New hair, though.

  26. luval says:

    Oh yeah, forgot…he won a cruise.

    RT @tiiqqu: Okay, Sauli won a Caribbean cruise for two on the “Oasis of the Seas” with the DOI win. Not bad, not bad!

  27. ultimathule says:

    His hair looks mahogany color in that pic, luval.

  28. ultimathule says:

    Thanks, rs – can’t even remember if I saw it.

    Oh, here it is – just popped up on my twitter –

  29. ultimathule says:

    Iwona @IvaaLambert

    “@NoyPerel: ADAM ON X FACTOR ISRAEL omGG @adamlambert IIHY” GGWDGTMGTMAJ!!!!

  30. ultimathule says:

    TaaTeli ‏@Taateli1 23m

    Sauli said “It felt very good” about Adam’s video. Smile

  31. rs says:

    Oh No! I don’t watch the Israeli show! I wish I had known. Of course, I am delighted he was on. I just need to know what it was, whether it was a tape from a previous show, or what.

  32. AL says:

    Just played IIHY on X Factor Israel

    Noy ✡ ‏@NoyPerel
    @shadylady1031 @IvaaLambert No they just played IIHY, I’m always excited when they play one of his songs haha, i wish he was Smile

  33. retjenny says:

    D.H. And I were just ask to babysit our “baby Glambert” tonight. I wonder if she will watch the live stream with me? lol

  34. luval says:

    I like mahogany better than cinnamon.

  35. rs says:

    Thanks, rs – can’t even remember if I saw it.

    you sent it earlier ulti

  36. ultimathule says:

    Thanks, rs – found it on twitter – think I liked the “white” one the best.

  37. cher says:

    Do you mean the grey haired guy Rob

    Yes luval and no HK fan, the other glamberts with me spotted him right away and said there’s Adam’s handler. Adam must be really coming to that door. He just wasn’t nice. For 6 fans sitting there it wasn’t exactly a mob. I guess he doesn’t realize that stars don’t get where they are without fans.

  38. ultimathule says:

    Too bad about that, cher – is the man reachable?

  39. luval says:

    He’s been on 2 of my planes coming from the west coast but haven’t been able to hook up with him. Ever happens again he’ll be reachable. Laugh Teeth

    Is there an emoticon for “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

  40. ultimathule says:

    lol, luval – you go, girl.

  41. ultimathule says:
  42. ultimathule says:
  43. ultimathule says:

    Great pic of Sauli and Nea

  44. luval says:

    And it’s Sauli for the win (at about 2:40)

  45. ultimathule says:

    Sauli’s just an incredible athlete. And great drive to have accomplished this.

  46. HK fan says:

    Tweets from Nile on his HK show…

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 21h
    Here’s one of my corner views at the W Hotel #Kowloon. Showtime in 3 hrs. CRAZY!

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 12h
    Chilling w @Franz_Ferdinand after #CHIC set #Clockenflap #HongKong – Love them. They recorded in my fav CHIC studio

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 12h
    Hong Kong was off the chain today. #CHIC fans came out BIG TIME!

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 5h
    Playing “Everybody Dance” in #HongKong – the very 1st song I ever wrote for #CHIC changed my #life then and now

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 5h
    Playing in HK at Sunset @clockenflap

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 4h
    As we used to say back in the day, “We were dropping science!” #disco #funk #music #life #dance #love

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 3h
    My view in Hong Kong at breakfast. I’ve been up all night & I’m gonna try and get a little #sleep today

    A great eveningSmile

  47. HK fan says:
  48. JOJOSIE says:

    Great Thanksgiving at my sons, dh’s family here today, Sauli wining DOI and Adam rocking out in Miami, life can’t get much better. Well maybe it could if I finally get to see Adam with Queen and share that with Mils and many other ALLers. On Sauli winning that show ,could he get cuter? I can’t believe how he just became a skater over a few weeks time. The boy not only has the looks but he has personality and talent. Happy he and Adam met I think the relationship helped both of them. Smile

  49. AL says:

    The new December thread is now up.

  50. milwlovesadam says:

    Aww, Jo, you are the queen of sweetness! Glad you are having such a nice holiday weekend.

    I’m hoping there will be many shows for us to see together!

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