It’s time for our September chat thread. Hopefully this will be the final relatively quiet month before Adam’s new single is released. As always, please keep the posting guidelines in mind, and welcome any newcomers. Enjoy!


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  1. ultimathule says:

    My vote for October is the tweet pic of Adam (minus Jonte). Can anyone “refine” the pic (as I’ve seen it done) so that Adam’s incredible face here is more defined? This is the pic I e-mailed to family after the Heidi Klum interview. They all thought the interview was just so sweet and great – haven’t heard back about my second e-mail with the alien spaceship commander vibe – lol. (Reminds me of his Leno SW look – which I loved.) Off to watch it.

  2. ultimathule says:

    Someone posted about other performers’ copying Adam’s “mountain-high” haircut. Well, don’t think anyone will be copying the new one anytime soon. Very few besides Adam could get away with it. (Is it cut only on the right – or the left as well?)

    Strange life – fascinated by a haircut.

  3. ultimathule says:

    Giving up – into the arms of morpheus – maybe

  4. asifclueless says:

    This Eye-of-Horus Eco House is really cool.
    I can picture that Adam lives in there.
    The Cleopatra Island is gorgeous.

    Naomi Campbell’s Horus-Eye Eco House

  5. luval says:

    Just getting to work. I couldn’t view the Eye Of Horus house on my iPhone for some reason. I mentioned once before that I get the most compliments on my necklace. I just love that Horus!
    It was me that mentioned Adam’s hair and seemingly people copying it. He calls it a trend. Well he started this one! No really clear photo of the whole head with the shaved side (s)? Maybe it’s grown out by now.

  6. PlanetFierce says:

    Have to just add…I loved FYE!!! to each his own, of course. And Adam has said in several interviews that they had to “cover” his voice a little because he was so tired and they were trying to get this album done so quickly.

    Hi gang! If anyone has a link to any interviews where he talked about this, I would love to listen in. I must have missed it before because this is the first I knew of this. Makes sense I guess for how quickly they produced the first album…..thanks in advance!!


  7. riskylady says:

    Ultimathule, didn’t you think that Tom Ford’s description of “style” perfectly fits Adam? The way he treats people, and chooses what to wear. It aggravates me when people keep bringing up the leather poncho. He obviously wore it to Sutan’s thing for sentimental reasons as well as just fun-what-the-hell reasons, as it was given to him by a famous queen. Can they lighten up?

    Planet Fierce, hi! ITA with your post.

    Just started reading the beautiful memories on the Glambert thread. Eywflyer, thanks so much for yours, and for the thread (and to those who had the brilliant idea).

  8. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    nkd, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our visit last night! I know it must’ve been difficult to tear yourself away from your beautiful new granddaughter, but it was such fun listening to the old music and dreaming aloud about the new (and eating Mexican food and downing a few margaritas! Big Smile Thanks again for the lovely evening!

  9. ultimathule says:

    Yes, loved Ford’s description – it’s Adam all right.

  10. cher says:

    Nice gift for Naomi. Great for her. Wishing goatie a very happy birthday today!!!!!

  11. nkd says:

    Texas…me too! I had a great time. Thank you for such a fun evening! I’m usually not such a clutz! Wink

  12. nkd says:

    Happy Birthday goatie!!!

  13. Kradamour says:

    I honest to goodness hear smegg’s crickets chirping outside my window tonight…

    Happy Birthday, goatie! May the next 29 be even betterer than the first 29!

  14. luval says:

    Hi Kradamour. Just getting ready to hit the sack. Watched Project Runway repeat with Adam! The designers stunk again tonight on the new show. Love to see him on my tv!

    Just the calm before the storm. chirp chirp.

  15. ultimathule says:

    Watched the Adam/Heidi interviews again. I am just floored by his charm. Of off-the-charts magnitude. Heidi had to touch him (his hair). Always laughed at Neil, completely dumfounded, saying, with utter incredulity – “they just want to touch his arm.” Oh, Neil – if you only knew – lol.

  16. asifclueless says:

    October is around the corner. I can’t wait for the new single. When is the October-ish?

    I feel very giddy. Grin


    ITA …PlanetFierce

    Ohm….Ohm….Karmasutra…Ohm…Karma sutra…ooops!!! Sorry!!! (blush) … Wink

    Ohm….Ohm….Good Karma coming his way.
    No!! Coming is not a good word???!!
    Ok…Entering his way …No???

    Dang!! I give up!! I have such a shallow mind. Frown

    But BB, it’s your hotness fault!!!

  17. asifclueless says:

    Now, something serious. WARNING!!!

    I woke up and found out that last night all hell was breaking loose on Twitter. Apparently, the anchor of an AM station in L.A. got a follow recommendation for Adam.

    He tweeted: @RyanDuggan:

    Twitter suggests I follow @ adamlambert – I wouldn’t follow him into a burning building… unless it was to shut the door after he entered.

    After this DJ Ryan got an earful messages from Adam’s fan, he wrote an apology.
    But what he wrote made things get even worse.

    I read it and felt sad, but then many Glamberts wrote intelligent comments to his blog. Not BSC at all. Very passionate and eloquent. I’m very proud to be an Adam’s fan.

    Here is the link of DJ Ryan blog.

  18. luval says:

    Geez, asifclueless…thanks for posting that. Am heading into work but what I’ve read so far is amazing…the beautiful answers to that dj’s so-called apology. Gosh I love Adam fans. Will catch up later.

  19. cher says:

    That DJ has ticked off the Glambert Nation. Ooooh. Not a good thing. Stupid tweet. Claiming never to have heard him sing, yet would lock him in a burning building. Homophobic is a word that comes to mind.
    eta That DJ has now protected his twitter. Smile

    BTW did y’all watch XFactor last night? A few good ones. My faves were:
    Tora Woloshin
    Jazzlyn Little- 16 years old. she can sang!!
    My fave so far.

  20. dcglam says:
  21. luval says:

    So the dj Ryan blog has been pulled. Such a shame. The responses were absolutely fantastic and heartwarming. We should all be proud as Adam fans.

  22. Oksana2000 says:

    It seems that dj Ryan doesn’t own what he says, tweets, or writes.
    What a coward.

  23. dcglam says:

    So the dj Ryan blog has been pulled.

    Reminds me of the famous quote from “A few Good Men”…..

    Adam’s fans definitely poured their hearts and souls into those responses.

  24. jlurksacto says:
  25. ultimathule says:

    DJ such a dope. With just a straightforward, honest response and apology (to ADAM, not us), he could have ended it right there. Classy’s not his thing, I guess.

  26. eywflyer says:

    The October 2011 chat thread will be posted late this evening. I had hoped that the October thread would see the new single released, but that seems less likely at this point.

  27. luval says:

    Thanks for that blog post jlurksacto

  28. little dutchess says:

    jlurksacto Thanks for keeping us on top of things. Some great responses from fandom (makes you proud!) to that doofus DJ

  29. Kradamour says:

    Hi, Little Dutchess! Haven’t seen you for a while, so if the doofus dj pulled you back out of lurkdom there is a silver lining!
    jlurk, nothing is ever gone, is it? Thanks!
    I thought the comment posts were amazing. Articulate, thoughtful, heartful. So proud to be in this company!
    And glad to have bought the peace symbol necklace now. Adam is right. Peace is what we all need. Smile

  30. jlurksacto says:
  31. luval says:

    I know we all know this but it’s nice to see again.

    cute twitpic,jlurk

  32. milwlovesadam says:

    luval. Thanks for the article. Renee sure loves her some Adam. Met her in Hawaii. She was hilarious. And she hinted to me that she was a professional journalist, and had just gotten a “regular” gig reporting on Adam. Very nice job!!!!

    How do I get me one of those?

    Oh. I suppose I would have to go to school. Establish my credentials. Blah blah blah.

    Crap. That’s a whole lotta werk.

    I would have to learn me how to spell and such.

    ( Maybe I could hire a spell-checker. You know so that I could learn the difference between “passed” and “past”. Ahem. Just sayin’ Renee)

    I’m going into the corner now. To get over my snarkiness. Is that a word?

  33. Kradamour says:

    LOVED that Tim’s video had TFM playing in the background! Love love love that song. Smile

  34. luval says:

    I came across this video from Singapore. The sound kinda sucks. But interesting view. Some familiar folks in the front row (I think).

  35. eywflyer says:

    October chat thread is posted, enjoy!

  36. dcglam says:


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