Another month has arrived, the last one before Adam’s new album “Trespassing” will be released! February will hopefully see Adam’s lead single “Better Than I Know Myself” continue to gain airplay and sales. There should be a bump from the music video which is expected early this month. Meanwhile Adam will likely continue working on promo events in preparation for his upcoming album release, which is slated for March 20 here in the US. Perhaps with more promo being done ahead of the album release this time around, the next tour can begin by this summer? Enjoy the chat!

Update 2/4/2012: BTIKM music video was released Thursday night, feel quite certain we’ll be seeing plenty of it on VH1 in the next few weeks!


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  1. Miss Chaos says:

    Adam Lambert Wishes Justin Bieber Happy Birthday:

    adjhfa;ldife;lkfjk Did you hear that noise??
    Thats me with my finger down my throat, Wsamatter with that boy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oksana2000 says:

    Glambotgram,I saw that thread on MJ and as usual Nele had to add her 2 cents. What an annoying person!
    You know, I don’t wish anyone to fail, but just for Nele’s sake I want Kris to flop hard. She already described his first single as a big hit….

  3. rainbowgal4 says:
  4. Teri63 says:

    I’ve had a really rough day, and I’m really confused about the Leap Day challenge for the water charity. I’m sure it’s listed somewhere here in the threads, but I’m too tired to process right now. Where do I go to make sure my donation will be matched for the Leap Day thingy?

  5. rainbowgal4 says:

    Miles Tougeaux
    Wild ride freeway tire blowout this AM. Almost got ugly. @adamlambert U may wanna work on this cover in UR spare time:

  6. rainbowgal4 says:

    Just go to Charity Water and in the memo line type in “Leap Day Match”.

  7. Teri63 says:

    Thank you so much, rainbowgal. You’re awesome, did ya know that?

  8. rainbowgal4 says:

    Thank you for the kind words!! It was an easy thing to find – you have no idea how many windows (tabs) I keep open on my computer at one time! Perfecting my filing system so when we get real busy I will have my “tools” in place.

  9. JOJOSIE says:

    I think the lawsuit was settled because legally they couldn’t stop the release. I think what Adam did win is time to get his albums name out there and a single released so that people in the business and others besides his fans will know that Trespassing is his legitimate album. Not what fans wanted but it’s better than what was happening.

  10. dcglam says:

    For those of you who are watching Idol tonight, did any of you feel that the girl who sang Feeling Good was attempting to imitate Adam’s version??? Notice I used the word “attempting”. Wink

  11. luval says:

    dcglam…I was waiting for her to do the high note and thank goodness she didn’t. Yes, it was more similar to Adam than Michael Buble or Jennifer Hudson.

  12. cwm says:

    rainbowgal4 is so on-the-ball that she has probably posted these already, but I wasn’t sure, so here goes. These are three different foreign magazine interviews which came out today, all of which are very good. Adam is surprisingly open and honest in some of his answers.

    Polish Popcorn magazine:

    Swedish gay magazine QX:

    Swedish teen magazine Frida:
    pictures (there’s 4 pages – be sure to click through. Very cute!):

  13. rainbowgal4 says:
  14. rainbowgal4 says:

    He does look good…large photo from LA…

  15. luval says:

    The ring on his right hand is huge in that big picture & I love how the hair falls on his forehead.

  16. cwm says:

    haha I just took the fandom addiction quiz and got a 9 out of 10 – “certified addict”! Well duh – I could have told them that! It is a pretty cute quiz. You guys should take it and tell us what your scores are Smile

  17. nkd says:

    I got stopped at the first page picture on the fandom addiction quiz. I need that potty chair sometimes! Wink Laugh

    Back to attempt the quiz!

    Also received a 9: certified addict! I’m not sure what you have to do to get a 10!

  18. nkd says:

    Freddie and Adam mash-up. Take a look at the crowd at Knebworth!

  19. cwm says:

    OMG nekkid – that potty chair just cracked me up! A little to close to the truth tbh! LOLOL

  20. ultimathule says:

    Is Adam platinum then in the US?

  21. JOJOSIE says:

    I took the quiz and scored an Big Smile 8. This means I’m not certifiable but close. It was fun and I see some others here got 9’s. I think the results were fairly adequate as I think Nkd and cwm are slightly more, I don’t know quite how to say this nicely, but cray, than I am. They are only 29 and have more energy. Big Smile

  22. loveroftalent says:

    @Oksana2000 I know where you are coming from about Nele…Nothing against Kris but just to knock her down a bit would be nice…

    I think Kris’s song is going to do well…He has some kind of deal with Clear Channel with his song…I read something about it, but I didn’t really pay attention too much…But I think it is going to get alot of play, so be prepared for Nele to be rubbing it in our faces..

  23. nkd says:

    I agree jojosie, I think I may be more “cray” than you! I’ve been listening to 4 different radio stations today, 2 in Dallas, 2 in Houston, calling, texting, aquiring points to bid. I’m definitely cray and will be more so tomorrow as we add another station in Dallas. I just want to see Adam!

    (March 5th, Dallas/Fort Worth) See Adam Lambert Live @ Lite via @1037litefm

    So Texas, here is one more!

  24. eywflyer says:

    The March chat thread is posted!

  25. rainbowgal4 says:

    AZGlamFan ‏
    #15 @adamlambert (should be #1!) Top 20 Sexiest Male Celebrities

  26. rainbowgal4 says:
  27. rainbowgal4 says:
  28. cwm says:

    Here is the new ElectroQueer video interview with Adam. It’s a good one. We get to hear more about Cuckoo, plus see a snippet of the London showcase performance of OOL:

  29. Teri63 says:

    OK, just got home and saw Adam’s tweet, so I signed up with Hit Predictor. NOw I’m stuck in some long playlist of songs I’m supposed to rate. Is there a way to hear/rate just Adam’s? My skin is crawling hearing rap song after rap song (not my favorite genre). I just wanna hear Adam (that’s me whining).


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