After a very eventful past month for Adam and his fans, December has arrived. Adam enjoyed quite a bit of publicity during November, including an epic performance with Queen at the EMAs, a Rolling Stone interview, a mentoring appearance on Majors & Minors, and his return to the AMA stage (unfortunately only as a presenter this time around). Still no new music for us to enjoy with our holiday feasts, but all the signs currently point to the lead single from Adam’s new album being released in January.

Update 7 PM 12/14: as per Adam’s tweets today, “Better Than I Know Myself”, the lead single from his new album “Trespassing”, will be released on Tuesday, December 20th!

Enjoy the chat during this last month of 2011!


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  1. Miss Chaos says:

    Happy Birthday dcglam, and anyone else I might have missed.

    Happy New Year everyone~we will have a lot to be happy for next year or this year if you are in the time zone for it. So Happy that Adam is happy, and yes 2012 is gonna be nuts with the world blowing up over Adam and his music and appearances, not blowing up like predicted, but looks like the Mayans were right to predict 2012, they knew Adam would be around Laugh Laugh Star Drink Drink Drink

  2. milwlovesadam says:

    Happy Birthday to dcglam!

    Well, I’ll be quietly ringing out 2011, at home with hubby and son #2. Made a delicious dinner, we’ll have a toast later, is anybody else having a New Year’s at home too? It’s kinda nice…
    No drunks, no traffic, no bother.

  3. AL says:

    AL your awesome roller coaster is over at 24/7. Yes

    Cool Thanks for the heads up glambotgram! I guess all Adam fans like a good roller coaster ride! Wink

  4. jlurksacto says:

    thefilmqueen Amaryllis
    The last LA sunset of 2011

    From an old timer at IDF, A&S came in to get matching tats on their fingers. No appointment free though. Said they’d return in a few days.
    29 minutes ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

  5. milwlovesadam says:

    Oh Noes!

    Matching tats on fingers?

    Adam Hearts Sauli
    Sauli Hearts Adam
    Aquarius/ What is Sauli’s sign?

    TeeHee. On Adam’s fingers:
    If you look at or touch my boyfriend, these knuckles will find your face!

  6. glambotgram says:

    Happy Birthday dcglam forgot to say it earlier.

    milwlovesadam says:
    is anybody else having a New Year’s at home too?

    Yes but Hubby is already sleeping on the couch and I am here. lol

    Tats? the first thing i thought of was rings too but way to permanent at this stage IMO.

    I am not sure if anyone posted this yet but it is beautiful, I knew where most every picture came from.

  7. AL says:

    is anybody else having a New Year’s at home too?

    Yup, just the two of us spending a quiet evening at home. We tried the New Years party thing before and ended up fighting arguing (no punches thrown Wink ) and then my mom sided with my partner! Thanks mom!
    Decided that more New Years parties would probably result in me disowning my mother! Grin
    So now we just stay home and drink and eat in peace versus pieces. Wink

  8. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

    Also sending a Happy Birthday to dcglam!!!

    Hope to see you all at some point in 2012 SmileSmile

  9. Teri63 says:

    is anybody else having a New Year’s at home too?

    Yup, my hubby and I are watching “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” holding down the fort while the kids do the New Year’s thing with their friends. I just keep comparing every performer on TV to Adam — I haven’t heard a single performer that’s sounded as good live as they do recorded. No one holds a candle to Adam! I can’t wait to see him on TV again SOON!

  10. Kradamour says:

    Glambotgram, thank you so much for that wonderful vid of photos! A great way to close out the year.

    Off to bed now – wishing everyone a wonderful new year – see you in 2012! Heart

  11. Ron says:

    is anybody else having a New Year’s at home too?

    All’s quiet on the western front here too. Smile I’m so stimulating to be with that my partner just went to bed because, in between yawns, “I can’t keep my eyes open”.

    “But, it’s almost midnight”.

    “yeah well, good night”. Kiss

    So looks like I’ll usher in the New Year with … me. Drink

  12. Ceddies says:

    is anybody else having a New Year’s at home too?

    Yep, another one here at home. Went to see the movie New Year’s Eve by myself this afternoon. Then I went out to dinner with my friend. He is home watching ball games tonite while I am here at home listening to some older music (Elton John live in australia with the melbourne symphony orchestra) maybe from the 80’s (?). Totally in candlelight and really enjoying my quiet evening.

  13. Ron says:

    Dear Ceddies,

    I understand 2011 was a difficult year for you.

    I especially want to wish you a wonderful and very Happy New Year!

    Just think, you might have the extreme pleasure of seeing me again. ROTFL


  14. Miss Chaos says:

    I am actually in a motel room at a dog show near Sacramento, Ca, with Hubby and dog watching the 2 foolish guys going to jump over the water in San Diego, and thats my reference to Adam, lol, I hope they make it, one on a motorcycle, one on a snowmobile. Crazy.

    Oh and Happy New Year to eywflyer, and thanks so much for this site, it is my daily go to place for Adam news, and everything is just lovely here!!!! Heart Heart

  15. Ceddies says:

    Thank you, Ron. Getting to see you again in the new year would definitely be an extreme pleasure for me. I truly value your friendship. And, I do feel that we will cross paths again this year. Lotsa good things to look forward to in the new year!!!!

    Now, I think I will make myself a big glass of iced tea and prepare to ring in the new year which will happen here in less than an hour. Good nite all!

  16. eywflyer says:

    New thread is up! Happy New Year to all!

  17. Ceddies says:

    eywflyer, you chose the perfect Christmas pic for the December thread. Love it.

  18. glambotgram says:

    eywflyer I knew that would be your choice of picture. Perfect

  19. Ron says:

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