1. This site is controlled by Adam Lambert fans, but it aims to not be a typical “fansite”. We encourage intelligent, friendly discussion and debate. Fans of other Idols are welcome, but please keep in mind that this site exists mainly for discussion of Adam’s live performances, past present and future. Comments that attempt to stir fan wars will be edited or deleted. We also reserve the right to edit or delete “passive-aggressive” comments that attempt to use various comparisons of different Idols (radio airplay, record sales etc) in order to fire people up and stir the pot.

2. “Play by play” updates regarding threads, discussions, fan wars, etc on other sites/blogs are not allowed. Links to or mentions of items of interest from other sites/blogs are fine, continual discussions of who said what somewhere else are not. Repeated violations of this guideline will result in editing or deletion of the offending comments.

3. Criticism of Adam and/or his family/friends is allowed, but must have some reasonable basis.  Mindless bashing or repetitive negative comments will be deleted.

4. Criticism of Adam’s fans, either as a group or individually, is not allowed. Such comments will be deleted immediately.

5. Profanity is allowed, sexually explicit chat is not. Sexually explicit material will be deleted.

6. Fan fiction, links to fan fic, or excessive “cray cray” are not allowed. Such items will be deleted.

7. “Fair use” guidelines regarding quoting of copyrighted material (i.e. newspaper and web articles) must be respected, for the protection of this site. Short quotations (i.e. one or two lines) with a link to the original source material are ok, extensive quotes (i.e. one or more paragraphs) or wholesale copying and pasting of copyrighted content into a comment are not. We may edit or delete items that appear to violate fair use guidelines.

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9. Concert threads: Please try to stay on the topic of that night’s show. We would prefer that the concert threads not become over-filled with chit-chat to the point that it becomes difficult for new folks to decipher.

10. Other threads: Off-topic comments (as long as they still have something to do with Adam) and personal chit-chat are OK in general, as these threads are usually intended to serve as a placeholder for the ongoing chat until some newsworthy Adam-related item prompts a new thread.

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Last updated 1/16/2014

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