Adam receiving the GLAAD Davidson/Valentini Award

Adam receiving the GLAAD Davidson/Valentini Award


What a very rewarding month of May we had as fans of Adam: an honor from GLAAD, a return to Idol, a broadcast of Chinese Idol and the 80’s Show in Japan, the Life Ball and finally, the Hope of LA award. June seems to be a relatively quiet month with only 2 concerts; one in Pittsburgh and one in Orlando. There were lots of great photos of Adam to choose from so I hope you enjoy the GLAAD photo chosen for the main one as well as the few that make up the mosaic above.
Enjoy the photos and the chat!


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  1. riskylady says:

    Ceddies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish you were “there” (San Diego)! (I’m still somewhere over New Mexico) Hopefully Adam will do something more accessible to all of us in coming months…dare I say, with new music.

  2. k_in_cal says:

    Just checked the San Diego fair ticket site and it seems that there are now some front row and other good seats available in Section 3

    I decided to go check it out. First seat to pop up…section 3 Row 1 Seat 8. Such a dilemma….I wasn’t gonna go, then I was gonna go, then I wasn’t gonna go. Front row!?!?! Guess I’m going after all. I just couldn’t pass up the front row. In Love

  3. glitterpatti says:

    Are they still wearing yellow and black to Adam’s concerts?

  4. apal123 says:


    I would guess that the yellow and black has fallen by the wayside. I would think everyone is wearing whatever is comfortable for waiting in lines and weather conditions.

  5. Kradamour says:

    WOOT, k_in_cal!
    Congratulations on the magically appearing seat, and have a great time with our ALL peeps!
    In Love

  6. AL says:

    Guess I’m going after all. I just couldn’t pass up the front row.

    Yay k_in_cal! It seems that there are only a few seats left now in that section. And it looks like your seat includes the dinner and parking! Woohoo!

    Dinner Package: $139.00 (floor seating, Fair admission, parking, dinner)

  7. rs says:

    20 of us at dinner at a fish restaurant! lots of laughing, like we have known each other forever

  8. asifclueless says:

    rs … OOOOOhhh … Sounds fishy.
    Heh ..heh … Joking !! Grin

    You guys must have an amazeballs time.
    I’m jelly. Say Hi to everybody.

    Heart Meeting Eat Drink Beer Plate Bowl Blowing Kisses Hug Left Hug Right

  9. hey everyone just stopping by to say that I posted my recap from the Orlando show in the Orlando thread. Go check it out!

  10. asifclueless says:

    Guys .. glamberthaf28‘s recap is delish.. fun, fun, fun to read. She is one lucky girl. Go check it out.

    rs and the gangs … Now that Adam is breathing the same air with you guys.
    Here he is. Do you know where he is staying?

  11. sparkle says:

    Was waiting for the July chat page but now I need to head to bed. Sweet San Diego Adam Dreams, everyone!

  12. asifclueless says:

    OOOps, the photos up there are from Orlando not San Diego.

  13. adamized says:

    Happy birthday dear Ceddies! Miss you sweetie. Lots of reminising about St Agathe and of course thinking of you!

  14. rs says:

    Sorry about the bold. Blame the I-pad

  15. asifclueless says:

    Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
    Some rhymes for ur hearts.

    Hmm… Adam …
    Is it the lyrics for a new song?

    YAY … \O/ … cwm … Carnegie WoMan .. The Universe is aligned.

    Happy, Happy for all of you. A little bit jealous.

    Have a wonderful time bonding this beautiful friendship. Heart

    Good Night ALL. Sleepy

  16. AL says:

    The new July chat thread is up. Trying something new for the top image.

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