Well, fall has arrived and it’s time for our October chat thread. This is the sixth monthly chat we’ve had on the site. Thought about using a Burning Man photo for this month, but decided to continue with the Adam getting awards theme with this photo of Adam and Leila at the 2nd annual PFLAG National LA Event.

Still hoping for a new single sometime soon, but maybe not this month. Enjoy the chat!


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  1. ultimathule says:

    Dare I ask why he’s running around with no pants? (Or is it something I’m supposed to know, but not talk about.)

  2. jlurksacto says:
  3. dcglam says:

    Very cute, jlurks!

  4. milwlovesadam says:

    Very cute Riffy.

    It’s almost November….

  5. ultimathule says:

    My fav months are February and November because nothing much happens. Maybe this November will be different – and February?

  6. HK fan says:

    It is November here – any news yet???????????

  7. Kradamour says:

    Ron and luval – I know you won’t be on the blog now, but when you come back “home” to us you will see this – hope you had a totally wonderful time and we need pix! Smile
    It’s so nice when two or more of us can be together!

  8. dcglam says:

    Hey, do y’all think that maybe we need to send Adam a reminder that tomorrow is November??? You know….. just in case he has been so busy that it slipped his mind.

  9. turquoisewaters thanks! my avi is actually from when Adam was on X-Factor in Finland! He just looks so handsome there.

    How is everyone’s Halloween going? Hope all is well!

    November is just around the corner, hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the single. Hoping we get it early or even mid November. I’ve heard rumors about Adam maybe debuting the single on the AMA’s but not sure how accurate that is!

    Ron I went back and read the comment you posted after my first post. I do remember you. Wish we could have talked more! I’m hoping that if he goes back to Canada, I can go and meet all of you guys again. Ste. Agathe reunion of sorts!

  10. dcglam says:

    Wow, stunning avi, glamberthaf28!
    It seems that it will probably be Adam Levine who is performing this year on the AMAs. Ha — name mixup to make things interesting as always! Wink

  11. dcglam thanks!
    Yeah I kinda figured that the rumor of the AMA’s was just a rumor. Gotta love those name mixups though lol!

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us Glamberts this coming month!

  12. nkd says:

    ultimathule says:
    10/31/2011 at 6:29 pm
    Dare I ask why he’s running around with no pants? (Or is it something I’m supposed to know, but not talk about.)

    We don’t know why he’s not wearing pants, but we like it! Razz
    But since you asked, {Woohoohoo} I’ll post the picture again, with much pleasure! Grin


  13. nkd says:

    Yes, Ron and luval, we need pictures! Lots of pictures! Smile

  14. Oksana2000 says:
  15. HK fan says:

    Just watched that Riff Cherry vid, so cute…
    I heard the AMA rumours a couple of weeks ago, and assumed it was Adam Levine, but then again I suppose we could keep our hopes up just a smidgen as no one from Adams camp has actually denied the rumour…

  16. nkd says:
  17. Thanks nkd

    Love those pouty lips!!! and even with yellow eyes that man still looks gorgeous!! <3<3

  18. Miss Chaos says:

    Adam’s new avi pic! SPOOKY!

    Whats spooky is that damn hair! (ducks)

    Blah to Beiber with his spiked hair, hes on ET. Next he’ll dye it black! Why the hell is he getting so much press! For spiked hair, its not fair. Adam could at least be on for shaving his beautiful hair!

  19. Oksana2000 says:

    Miss Chaos, Biebs is getting so much press, cause his new CD comes out tomorrow.
    I wish it was Adam’s…

  20. nkd says:

    O Music Awards are on now

  21. eywflyer says:

    November chat thread is up, enjoy!


  22. luval says:

    oops wrong thread

  23. turquoisewaters says:

    pics from Kat Perry’s party:http://adamlamberttv.blogspot.com/2011/11/adam-lambert-and-sauli-koskinen-at-katy.html
    poncho, lace-up pants : Native Americans have never been this glamorous!

  24. eywflyer says:

    Good morning y’all – well it’s not the best morning ever as I woke up to find tech problems, yikes!

    ETA: was able to figure out the problem with the November chat thread comments – everything seems to be working again now!

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