QAL wrap up their 4 dates in Japan at the Nagoya Dome in Nagoya. Capacity is 49,000 so there will be plenty of fans to wish Adam a belated “Happy Birthday.”

Showtime: 7:00pm JST (5:00am EST)

Poster by AL. Bonus points if you can figure out what card company was the inspiration behind this poster design!

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Concert Details (From AdamLambertMedia):
World Clock, Show Time, Streamers, Twitter List, Venue Info

Set List: Innuendo, Now I’m Here, Seven Seas of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive, Hammer To Fall, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Somebody To Love, In The Lap of the Gods…Revisited, I’m In Love With My Car, Bicycle Race, Another One Bites the Dust, I Want It All, Teo Torriatte, Love Of My Life, ’39, Doing All Right, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Under Pressure, Dragon Attack, I Was Born To Love You, I Want To Break Free, Take My Breath Away/Who Wants To Live Forever, Last Horizon/Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, The Show Must Go On, Radio Ga Ga, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: Freddie Call & Response, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen/Heroes




‘Now I’m Here’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘Bicycle Race’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘Riff/I Want It All’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘Teo Torriatte’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘Love Of My Life’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘Doing All Right/CLTCL’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘Under Pressure’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘Band Intro/Dragon Attack’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘IWBTLY’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘I Want To Break Free’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘Take My Breath Away/WWTLF’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘Last Horizon/Guitar Solo (partial)’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

‘The Show Must Go On’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘We Will Rock You’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – Maju_Lt

‘WWRY/WATC’ (Nagoya, Japan) 1/30/20 – riddle601c

Link to mmadamimadamm’s list of Nagoya concert videos


30 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (Nagoya, JP) 01/30/20

  1. ultimathule says:

    I’d say Bicycle, AL – ?

    At any rate, love the design –

  2. glambotgram says:

    Brilliant poster AL LOL. Bicycle of course.
    Already seeing lots of compliments on twitter too.

  3. luval says:

    This poster is my favorite of all time. It’s just outstanding!!!!

  4. luval says:

    Adam getting on the pj heading to Nagoya ROTFL

  5. luval says:

    Just before encore


    VIDEO|The audience in Nagoya singing “Happy Birthday” to @AdamLambert
    before tonight’s encore

  6. ultimathule says:

    Replying to @69001231
    WOW #AdamLambert !😍😍😍

  7. ultimathule says:

    最高傑作 Masterpiece
    Show must go on #QALNagoya

    Almost entire performance –

  8. ultimathule says:

    Doing All Right 〜
    Brian introduced Adam in Japanese.
    I’m sorry my cream is so loud 🙏
    #QAL #QALJapan #QALNagoya #AdamLambert #BrianMay #RogerTaylor

  9. ultimathule says:

    WHAT A VOICE!!!!!!!

  10. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert in Nagoya, Japan
    Bicycle Race 🏍

  11. ultimathule says:

    BLUE @blueblue_my
    Queen + Adam Lambert in Nagoya, Japan
    Somebody to Love ❤️

  12. luval says:

    Jasmine tea
    There were sooooo many #Glamberts in #QALNagoya

  13. luval says:

    omg ilh
    During CLTCL Brian probably broke a string and he had to change guitar and Adam started improvising!
    “He’s getting the other guitar , because he wants to get bluesy now yeahh
    and still singing while Brian is getting ready. A PRO!

  14. luval says:
  15. luval says:

    Very last show in Japan, my seat was A1 block. That’s horrible. Can’t see monitors at all. Why is this SS(secondly expensive) seat!?
    OK, rant over. So, pardon me for my vids are mess.

  16. luval says:
  17. AL says:

    Thanks for the poster love! And yes, Bicycle Card Co. was the inspiration for the design after I had those great photos of Adam on his “bike”.
    I had thought about doing the back of the card too. “Bicycle Race” was released as a ‘Double A-side’ single with “Fat Bottomed Girls”. The cyclist in the photo for FBG is very similar to the bike rider on the back of the standard Bicycle card although facing the other direction! Wink Not sure Bicycle Cards would have approved of the change though! Laugh

  18. riskylady says:

    VIDEO|Close up – @AdamLambert’s INSANE “Tie Your Mother Down” note last

    There’s a dozen things to point out but: he just laughs like it’s nothing, we’re Brian forcing him to come along to the front, they’re cute, and how is Adam so talented 😭

  19. ultimathule says:

    Pics and video clips –


  20. ultimathule says:

    lol – expression on his face at end – naughty boy –

  21. ultimathule says:

    QUEEN + アダム・ランバート RHAPSODY TOUR ナゴヤドーム公演!昨日の!

    #QAL #Queen #AdamLambert

  22. ultimathule says:

    ❤️Don’t Stop Me Now

    Adorable grown ass man! ✔️♠️

    His giggle is EVERYTHING!!! 💋💋❤️❤️

  23. glambotgram says:
  24. luval says:

    Queen and @adamlambert
    Adam on the stairs singing Now I’m Here, going up the stairs and the crowd goes wild!!
    I love these bts videos!

  25. luval says:

    Dr. Brian May
    In the Lap of the Gods last night in Osaka Dome. Thank you dear friends for the love – how was it for you ?!!! Now sadly we must say Sayonara to Japan. It’s been an outstanding tour, packed with surprises. Domo…

  26. luval says:
  27. ultimathule says:

    Great first clip –


  28. ultimathule says:

    When the guitar string broke –

    3人に釘付けで画面が切れてたりするけど…Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  29. ultimathule says:

    Wow🙌🏻I haven’t seen this yet‼️but I’ve heard about the guitar accident‼️so it was like this…and Adam carried on perfectly🥺✨✨✨

  30. ultimathule says:

    30 Jan 2020 Nagoya
    #qal #クイーン #adamlambert


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