After a very busy month of July which featured 11 concerts (5 with Queen and 6 solo – including the epic Fantasy Springs event pictured above), August begins with a short period of rest for Adam. However, as he tweeted a couple of days ago, we can expect the third single from Trespassing to be announced sometime early this month. Later in the month, Adam will head to Japan and Australia for album promo and a few concerts as well. We are also anxiously waiting to learn if Adam will be a judge or have some other regular role in the upcoming season of American Idol. In the meantime, enjoy the chat!


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  1. apal123 says:

    I never post at MJ’s but read there every day. If Adam is an Idol judge, I will sign up or in or however just so I can like comments. The comments that really tick me off are the tanking album ones coming from people whose favs have even worse numbers. The idea that Idol promotes Adam more and ignores their snowflake is somewhat delusional.

  2. firstimerob says:

    apal23 I hit the like comment button at MJ’s all the time and it works, I think, because it changes the number, I am not signed in.

  3. jlurksacto says:

    If he had it, he would have told us.

    Maybe you have this backwards? “If he didn’t have it, he would have told us.”

  4. HK fan says:

    apal123 you can hit the like button as many times as you like without signing up.

  5. AL says:

    As August comes to a close, it’s time to move on to a new month and a new thread.

    See you in September! It should be a very interesting month!

  6. nkd says:

    Happy belated Birthday to Ellessay on the 30th! An apology for being late, I hope you had a wonderful day! Heart Cake Present

  7. k_in_cal says:

    He was completely unfiltered and incapable of dissembling. If he had it, he would have told us.

    I don’t know about that…he did a pretty good job of keeping Queen (EMA’s) quiet.

  8. TLKC says:

    Well, what the heck do I know either? LOL! Just speculating. I didn’t mean to suggest that he was unprofessional to respond as he did. It was a perfectly fine answer. I just can’t imagine that he would be anything but elated if he already knew.

  9. k_in_cal says:

    I just can’t imagine that he would be anything but elated if he already knew.

    He’s def elated about something. Has been since FS Big Smile

  10. TLKC says:

    So you guys think Adam knows already and he’s in? I hope so! I am not as sure but I hope it’s my anxiety doing the talking.

  11. k_in_cal says:


    I have no idea if he’s in, but I think he knows.

  12. jlurksacto says:

    No, no one would know what I think concerning Adam and Idol.

  13. riskylady says:

    Remember, Adam was the guy who, when asked about Sonisphere, said, “Dunno. What was the name of that festival again? Nope, never heard of it.” I believe the announcement was made two days later LOL.
    It’s possible Fuller was aware of all the promo Adam did in England, not just Queen. And, he did some very nice promo,
    Royal Albert Hall, Graham Norton, BBC Breakfast, the show with the kids….maybe all that plus the previous Idol stints led to him being considered. No other Idol gets the buzz like Adam, even in the States. They may sell more, but they don’t buzz more. Even Kelly {{yawn}} with Duets tanked.
    Idol was on fire when Adam was competing.

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