Queen + Adam return to the Big Apple but this time perform at Barclays Center.
Showtime: 8:00 pm EDT (11:00 pm PDT)

Poster by @AWerfhorst.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Concert Details (From AdamLambertMedia): World Clock, Show Time, Streamers, Twitter List, Venue Info

Set List: We Will Rock You (teaser), Hammer to Fall, Stone Cold Crazy, Another One Bites The Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, Killer Queen, Two Fux, Don’t Stop Me Now, Bicycle Race, I’m In Love With My Car, Get Down/Make Love, I Want It All, Love Of My Life, Somebody To Love, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Drum Battle, Under Pressure, I Want to Break Free, Take My Breath Away/Who Wants To Live Forever, Guitar Solo, Radio Gaga, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen


Photos: Adam Lambert Fan club Facebook
Lilybop Smugmug
tuke18 SmugMug

Soundcloud/nica575 (partial from KQ)


‘WWRY/Hammer To Fall’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Stone Cold Crazy’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘AOBTD’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘FBG’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Killer Queen/Two Fux’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Speech/Two Fux’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – cwm1224afl

‘Don’t Stop Me Now/BR’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘I’m In Love With My Car’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Get Down, Make Love/IWIA’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Love Of My Life’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Somebody To Love’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Somebody To Love’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – cwm1224afl

‘Somebody To Love’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – Ostin Torre

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – cwm1224afl

‘DB/Under Pressure’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Under Pressure’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – cwm1224afl

‘I Want to Break Free’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘WWTLF’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – TALCvids

‘Guitar Solo (partial)’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – Ostin Torre

‘Radio Gaga’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – Ostin Torre

‘BoRhap’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – cwm1224afl

‘WWRY/WATC/GSTQ’ (New York, NY) 7/28/17 – cwm1224afl

Link to mmadamimadamm’s list of New York concert videos


150 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (New York, NY) 7/28/17

  1. sparkle says:

    Thanks, mils! Are you coming to Philly? I hope so!

  2. ultimathule says:

    💔WWTLF is heartwrenchingly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️@adamlambert @DrBrianMay at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY 7/28/17


  3. ultimathule says:

    Last nite’s @QueenWillRock w @AdamLambert was huge fun: hits/70s glam/pomp—& @DrBrianMay proves guitar hero lives! A+


  4. ultimathule says:

    The @QueenWillRock +@adamlambert concert @barclayscenter was EVERYTHING I imagined and more #ripfreddiemercury #RIPDavidBowie


  5. ultimathule says:

    My god you guys were unbelievable my and my husband were in awe AMAZING @adamlambert


  6. ultimathule says:

    Marie @Marieppf
    I totally enjoyed the biker guy in front of me yelling “I love you Adam” lol

  7. ultimathule says:
  8. mmm222 says:

    Adamized, cwm, nkd, riskylady and I are now on the train to Philadelphia to continue our QAL concert orgy. Sadly, we had to part with our lovely sidekicks, mils and luval.

    Last night’s concert in Brooklyn was sensational from the first note. The acoustics were excellent and the crowd was wild. But Adam, oh gawd, he was unreal! The energy, the vocal acrobatics, and that sparkle in his eyes. He knew he was killing it and loving every minute!

    Train is at our station. More later!

  9. luval says:

    As you can tell we’re on our way or back home (me). Have quite a bit to do but will try to catch up on twitter.

    Gelly‏ @14gelly 3h3 hours ago

    I u/l instagram stories from Adam’s friends who were at the show last night in 1 video. Names are under the video

  10. luval says:
  11. luval says:

    Jacob Elyachar‏ @JacobElyachar 5h5 hours ago

    .@QueenWillRock + @adamlambert put on an epic show last night at @barclayscenter! http://jakes-take.com/2017/07/queen-adam-lambert-wow-barclays-center/ … #HappySaturday

  12. luval says:
  13. luval says:

    Gelly‏ @14gelly 12h12 hours ago

    He’s SO PRETTY in all those backstage pics
    stealingfire Adam is the Killer Queen https://www.instagram.com/p/BXHh0l1ACGa/

  14. luval says:

    starlyyte‏ @starlyyte

    Queen + @adamlambert ‘Somebody To Love’ Brooklyn #QALBrooklyn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHnxB1XqZB4&feature=youtu.be … via @TALCvids << must listen, a vocal masterclass!!

  15. luval says:

    Minnie‏ @HMSHarry

    Check out the boots and the red piano in their full glory. @adamlambert @SpikeLiveMusic #qal2017 #QALBrooklyn #adamlambert


  16. luval says:


    Gelly‏ @14gelly 14h14 hours ago


    dougkreeger👸🏻 of the night. #queen #adamlambert @adamlambert

  17. luval says:
  18. luval says:

    Sorry if I’ve just posted things that were already posted!

  19. ultimathule says:
  20. ultimathule says:

    Managed to get a pic of my handshake with Adam last night in Brooklyn …. yaaaay 😊😊😊


    One red nail –

  21. ultimathule says:

    Adam liked: jgerm00 Fucking smashed it @adamlambert 🌈💦


  22. ultimathule says:

    🤴🏻👸🏼 had the best time last night seeing @adamlambert perform with QUEEN 👑 such an amazing show ❣️ dress from @fashionnova … use code AQUARIA at checkout for a discount 💋 wearing @patmcgrathreal #lust004 in Bloodwine 💥 #AgeOfAquaria


    I’m likin’ the look on his face –

  23. luval says:

    The Lambrits‏ @LambritsUK 4m4 minutes ago

    More from Adam IG https://instagram.com/p/BXJPVNbgE_y/

  24. luval says:

    Veronica Likes‏ @VeronicaLikesIt 9h9 hours ago
    Replying to @DrBrianMay

    A quote from my son after last night’s show: “I have been ruined for all other concerts. I will never see a concert better than this!”

  25. mmm222 says:

    A few more comments on the show:

    Part of the reason that the audience was so wild was the aromatic smoke wafting about early in the evening. Half of the arena was high on primary or secondary smoke.

    Part way through the show I was so overwhelmed by Adam’s voice and vocal acrobatics that all I wanted to do was stand there and let it all wash over me. I didn’t want to have any other sensory input or thought other watching him and fully appreciating every note. It was unbelievable!

    And lastly, best outfit of the night… A woman was wearing a T-shirt that said, “I don’t need therapy. All I need is to listen to Adam Lambert’s voice.” Amen to that!

  26. ultimathule says:

    Second that AMEN, mmm222

  27. ultimathule says:

    izzy_zandz @izzy_zandz
    Whenever @adamlambert gets into his no limits vocal zone his fingers involuntarily ‘wiri’, trembling with the life force of music.

  28. ultimathule says:
  29. ultimathule says:


    (around 0:24)


    (Have said it before and will say it again – much as I love his own music, thank you beloved Queen for allowing us to hear Adam’s voice in all its glory – )

  30. ultimathule says:

    More from Leo Freire –

    Finally, please enjoy these moments from the @QueenWillRock show tonight x


    Leo Freire @leofreiremusic
    @adamlambert …His accuracy and consistency throughout the show were inspiring and certainly matched or topped Freddie’s best live moments👌

    Leo Freire @leofreiremusic
    @adamlambert maybe delivered the best live vocal performance I have ever seen at @QueenWillRock tonight from a technical point of view 😮👌🎵

    Leo Freire @leofreiremusic
    …which surprises and humbles me that at this age and after hundreds of shows I still felt that much raw emotion from a concert 🙏🤘🎵

    Leo Freire @leofreiremusic
    @QueenWillRock at @barclayscenter tonight was a quasi-religious experience and possibly one of the top 5 shows I’ve EVER seen

    Leo Freire @leofreiremusic
    Im very grateful to have now seen live my 🔝 3 fav artists ever: @michaeljackson , @gunsnroses , and @QueenWillRock tonight. Thank u universe

  31. milwlovesadam says:


    Cannot believe the last few days even happened. …wow…need to let it sink in….recap will happen after a little real life….and some fantasy….and maybe a few more listens to STL….cannot believe how lucky and grateful I am to have been there….

  32. ultimathule says:

    How did I end up in the front row for Queen with Adam Lambert last night? It’s a bit of a story … It starts with my friend Joy, who was my mother’s college friend who became a close aunt to me and my sister. She’s a huge fan of Adam and Queen, and this is the third concert on this Queen tour which she saw. Since it was the last for her, she got tickets in the first section. And then we were randomly bumped up to the first row. (I thought Joy was a little crazy, but then heard the ladies behind us in row 2 talk about seeing 8 shows on this tour – so it turns out that Joy is comparatively reasonable.) Really amazing performance – Adam, Brian May, and Roger Taylor are actually really really good at this …

    Anyone we know?
    “but then heard the ladies behind us in row 2 talk about seeing 8 shows on this tour”


  33. luval says:

    Gelly‏ @14gelly 7h7 hours ago

    Look at that photo. It’s a beautiful thing! Bri’s face says it all ❤️ https://alikat1323.smugmug.com/AdamLambert/Queen-Adam-Lambert/QAL-NY-NA17/i-9QMMZHg/A

  34. luval says:

    So cute when Adam flubs the words to DSMN at about 2:00

  35. ultimathule says:
  36. riskylady says:
  37. riskylady says:
  38. firstimerob says:

    What a show one of the best ever! Brought my son who really isn’t of fan of Queen or Adam and has just tolerated my Adam fan girling. He was so surprised how dorky Adam can be made him so likable. He even mentioned his giggles, laughing. The light show is very impressive indoors. Of course Adams voice just killing it. My son loved Get Down Make Love,me too wish it was longer tho.

    Before the concert had a great dinner with 8 of us from this blog most I meet in San Diego. Great getting to meet in person. Thank you mmm for putting the dinner together.

  39. ultimathule says:

    these boys … on fire tonight #QALBrooklyn @adamlambert @OfficialRMT @brianmaycom thx for another spectacular show💫


  40. ultimathule says:

    kimber✨ @kimbertiiimber
    Adam Lambert & QUEEN! If you haven’t seen this show, go! Magic.💜 @adamlambert #adamlambert #queen #glamberts #nyc

    Adam Lambert Queen Barclays Brooklyn 7.28.17 – 30 min compilation
    kimber kimbertimber


  41. ultimathule says:

    How to get me to a classic rock concert? Adam Lambert. 😋(#wearethechampions video at the end 👑)


  42. ultimathule says:

    “Queen Draws Roars of Approval at Barclays Center”


  43. luval says:
  44. ultimathule says:
  45. ultimathule says:
  46. ultimathule says:
  47. ultimathule says:

    REVIEW –

    Review: Adam Lambert and Queen irresistible at New York’s Barclays Center SPECIAL


  48. ultimathule says:
  49. ultimathule says:

    Opening, WWRY, Hammer to Fall – July 28, 2017 Queen Adam Lambert Barclays, Brooklyn NY


    Great vid – not listed yet –

  50. ultimathule says:

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