Tonight is the second of two SOLD OUT shows at The O2 in London. Queen and Adam killed it last night according to the tweets and videos. Let’s see if they mix anything up tonight.
Show should start around 8:15 PM GMT.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Thanks to Melissa (@creativemind1281) for tonight’s great poster. She’s a graphic designer from Newfoundland. Check out her design and photography here.

World Clock: Queen + AL – The O2, London, UK – 8:00 PM GMT

Twitter list:

Dinner: Possible audio streams: aintbroken, ki55andtell, jeanjenie

Set List: One Vision, Stone Cold Crazy, Another One Bites The Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, In The Lap Of The Gods, Seven Seas of Rhye, Killer Queen, I Want To Break Free, Don’t Stop Me Now, Somebody To Love, Love Of My Life, ’39, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Drum Battle, Under Pressure, Save Me, Who Wants To Live Forever, Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, I Want It All, Radio Gaga, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen

4 Your Entertainment -“Adam Lambert and Queen Rock London’s O2”
London Evening Standard – ‘An all-guns-blazing rock machine’
Top Hat Monster (Fan recap with photos)

From @ughlambert
@ughlambert - flying
From Steve Borkowski – Facebook
Steve Borkowski - KQ
From @TX63Music
@TX63Music - STARS
Martin Wackenier – Flickr
Kirstie Fuller – Flickr
alsib – Flickr
@adamlambert_pic Imagebam – Collection of pro photos
Talented Artists of the Glamily (T.A.O.G) – Collection of photos
Adam Lambert Fan Club – Collection of photos


‘One Vision’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – K155andTELL

‘Stone Cold Crazy’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Another One Bites The Dust’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘LOTG-SSOR-KQ-IWTBF’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Seven Seas of Rhye – KQ’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – Normz Nye

‘Killer Queen’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘I Want To Break Free’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – Elizabeth Leddy

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – Artistsupporter

‘Somebody To Love’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Love Of My Life, ’39’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Drum Battle’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘UP’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Save Me’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – K155andTELL

‘SM – WWTLF’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Guitar Solo’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Tie Your Mother Down’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – K155andTELL

‘I Want It All’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Radio Gaga’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – Artistsupporter

‘WWRY – WATC’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – Artistsupporter

‘WWRY – WATC’ (London, UK) 1/18/15 – riddle601b

Link to Google spreadsheet of concert videos by mmadamimadamm


323 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (London, UK) 1/18/15

  1. sparkle says:

    Sweet Superb Scruff and Superabundant Sex Appeal Dreams, ALL!!

  2. ultimathule says:
  3. ultimathule says:

    RGG – Artistsupporter (have riddle’s on top)

  4. ultimathule says:

    Adam said put you phone up

  5. ultimathule says:

    When God invented PERFECTION !!!!!

    Great red pants pic –

  6. ultimathule says:
  7. AL says:

    Professional photographers…

    TX63 Music Photos ‏@TX63Music

    A sea full of mobile phone lights at @TheO2 near the end of a right royal show from @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert !!

    Larger photo

  8. ultimathule says:

    BoRhap – riddle601b

    (different one on top)

  9. ultimathule says:

    Pic looks like a night sky full of stars, AL

  10. AL says:
  11. ultimathule says:

    pic on right from “camera grab” vid –

  12. ultimathule says:

    He’s so naughty – and then he laughs – devil –

  13. AL says:

    Pic looks like a night sky full of stars, AL

    I’m seeing stars too and am heading to bed now. I have an early start to a busy day tomorrow. We’ll try to hook up early evening. Search for a few of your favorite photos to put up top in the meantime. Plenty to choose from so it will be a difficuly choice!
    And do you know what song Roger sang tonight? “Days of our Lives” or “A Kind of Magic”? I haven’t see a set list and was not around for the first half of the concert.

    G’nite! More later Monday!

  14. ultimathule says:


  15. AL says:

    Gimme All Your Love…

    And that’s it for me and this time I mean it! Sleepy Yawn

  16. Toni B says:

    Adam was very naughty, frisky and horny tonight…and I suspect lonely(probably gets caught up in his own thoughts a lot – maybe a perfectionist)He’s on the road – hotels, bars,people. He’s taut and ready to explode with adrenalin and hormones. Tonight was surreal but I hope he’s pacing himself for the long tour ahead. Truth be told,I would like nothing more than to hold him still…just hold him

  17. Axxxel says:

    especially for cher: DSMN… naughty ? I would say sexy !!

  18. rs says:

    Why oh why oh why am I only going to ONE concert? Question

  19. cher says:

    rs One is better than none!!
    Thanks for all you do for us Al and now Ulti too!

  20. cher says:

    Thank you thank you axxxel!! I saw that part!! I am smiling like crazy now and it’s 416am here!! Made my night/day whatever! He’s such a ham!
    Tonib..glad to see you posting!

  21. rs says:

    Of course I know that cher, but what to do, I am addicted. After the summer it lessened a bit, but now with these vids, it is back in full force. Each one I see makes me want MORE! LIVE!

  22. Toni B says:

    @Cher I’m loving it! I love this place you’ve all created here, it’s fantastic!!! for an Adamoholics like me!!! Razz Wink Grin

  23. Toni B says:

    @milwlovesadam – This is from me- Toni B (an avid fan)

    Adam Lambert can’t be of this world, the “glittery alien from the planet fierce” must be a vampire, for no mere man could be so beautiful, so talented and so unflaggingly sexy. All I could do is stare at him while his voice vibrated thru my body…I’m smitten, I’m bewitched, I’m enchanted and possessed by the man called Adam Lambert.

    I guess I’m a”Glambert” a relatively new one- Fall 2013. Don’t remember the details, all I know is when I first heard him sing, I was mesmerized and when I saw him perform…I was transfixed and I’ve been in love with all things Adam ever since! Big Smile

  24. nkd says:

    AL, Roger sang
    “Days of Our Lives”.

    rs, I certainly get that you’re wanting more shows, but like cher said, one is better than none.
    I would love a ticket right by the right side screamer so I could just “chin hands” watch him sing the beginning of Save Me and melt. In Love

  25. rs says:

    Sorry cher Frown Was that tactless of me, complaining that I will only see one show, when you are hurting Pain and had to cancel your plans to see the show in Italy? So sorry sweetie. Sometimes my obsession takes over and I don’t think. That is the nature of addiction, I guess, even if it is against the nature of Glamberts.

  26. cher says:

    rs and tonib We are all addicted! And happy to be. I would love to go to many more too. I knew London would be epic but thought I would have my mother this month. Thank goodness my sister changed her mind and didn’t bring her at Xmas or it would have been terrible to have had to send her back a few days later when I got injured. Life has a funny way of working out for some things sometimes.

    DH is leaving on a preplanned vacay with guy friends this week. Hopefully my aunt is coming to stay with me or else I’m gonna be packed off to his cousin’s house and out of my comfort zone.
    It’s fair to him because it was planned that he go with his friends for a break this month and then I would go with my friends to Milan when he got back. Not his fault I was clumsy/blind and fell. Just as well though his good friend where he’s heading to died of an assumed heart attack this past Friday and since the guy was kinda estranged from his family in North America, DH and other friends have to go clear out his rented place and make final arrangements. Would you believe I had to locate his family members thru Facebook? Thank goodness for Facebook. So it won’t really be a vacay for DH. Lots of red tape and stuff to do. He’s already grumbling about it. Hopefully one of the adult children will go down and help.

  27. cher says:

    Hi nekkid!! Save Me has grown on me so much. I’ll go melt with you when they come this way again. Adam might even throw it in a concert during Era3 you know. We can beg. That boy doing ballads…gosh…the emotion…that voice….tears.. Just wow. They have to do Latin America maybe next year and maybe more US shows? You never know.
    Guess it depends on the success of ERA3 and the promo he gets and how many places he has to tour on his own. He’s getting so popular now who knows? Sky’s the limit.

    Tonib…keep those comments coming. I didn’t know you could wax poetic so well. Grin

    rs even though the foot is aching at the moment you weren’t tactless at all. I totally agree with you. Even if I were still going to Milan, I’d be saying the same thing. Only one you fool?? ROTFL Going all that way for only one concert? What were you thinking? and stuff like that. Teeth Then I just have to look at my bandaged foot and be happy I hadn’t made plans for more concerts. Big Frown
    I am not really sad and depressed, just more frustrated than anything else. Almost fell off the bed just now leaning over to type on my laptop. Whoops. Not good. Grin
    Had to grab DH to Save Me from falling pun intended! Seriously though. Whew!

  28. rs says:

    Just heard from LadyNorth. She sends her best to ALL. Sun is shining in London Sun and she is on her way out. She will recap the two epic concerts when she gets home. So glad that she got to go Dance Clap Jump

  29. Ron says:

    Review Yes–music-review-an-allgunsblazing-rock-machine-9987034.html

    ETA: The referencing of Brian and Roger’s age is starting to get old though – no pun intended.

  30. luval says:

    That review was odd. And I agree with you, Ron

    New picture from fun last night I guess

  31. ultimathule says:
  32. ultimathule says:

    (actual paper pic)

    Bought The Daily Telegraph. But why only 4 stars?

  33. ultimathule says:
  34. ultimathule says:

    Fuckin phenomenal !!

  35. ultimathule says:

    TALCvids @TALCvids
    TY! RT @alternaterra:
    Adamwiki has been updated with the latest YT playlist for QAL O2 night 2,_England,_United_Kingdom_%28Queen_%2B_Adam_Lambert%29

  36. ultimathule says:

    The phenomenal @adamlambert wears @Versace for @QueenWillRock at the @TheO2 – Pretty hot! What do you think?

  37. ultimathule says:
  38. ultimathule says:

    WWTLF – Normz Nye

    (Has others as well)

  39. ultimathule says:

    4 minutes ago
    Teamwork! @Drbrianmay @queenwillrock

  40. rs says:

    Just saw the end of CLTCL….He’s NUTS! ROTFL And he knows it! Laugh And I love it Clap

  41. luval says:

    Liam Hamer ‏@LiamHamer ·3 hrs3 hours ago
    I’ve never in my life gone to 2 dates from the same act’s tour. Until now. @QueenWillRock @adamlambert Manchester on Wednesday = booked!

  42. luval says:

    This is from Juneau/Xena’s site. (imagine if you never heard Adam sing or perform)

  43. cher says:

    ulti that’s fantastic set of pics from Martin. He has more on his

  44. riskylady says:

    Here’s a much clearer version of DSMN by our lovely streamer, with all the Details… Yum!

  45. AL says:

    Some more vids from riddle601b
    With selfie stick –
    Drum Solo –
    “Days of our Lives” –
    Guitar solo –

  46. glambotgram says:
  47. AL says:

    ulti that’s fantastic set of pics from Martin. He has more on his

    It seems only Facebook users can see his photos there. Or maybe it’s just me? Frown
    I’m not on Facebook and the link goes to his main page and am asked to login or register (and that ain’t gonna’ happen!). Hopefully he will add all the photos to his Flickr. It seems those are accessible to everyone.

  48. cher says:
  49. glambotgram says:
  50. glambotgram says:

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