And now it’s on to Leeds for the 5th show of this tour. Queen and Adam should hit the First Direct Arena around 8:15 PM GMT.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Thanks to @FoxVegas for tonight’s great poster. She’s another Canadian designer but from north of Edmonton, Alberta.

World Clock: Queen + AL – First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK – 8:00 PM UTC

Twitter list:

Dinner: jeanjenie, if WIFI: scorpiobert

Set List: One Vision, Stone Cold Crazy, Another One Bites The Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, In The Lap Of The Gods, Seven Seas of Rhye, Killer Queen, I Want To Break Free, Don’t Stop Me Now, Somebody To Love, Love Of My Life, ’39, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Drum Battle, Under Pressure, Save Me, Who Wants To Live Forever, Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, I Want It All, Radio Gaga, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen

Mark Gilroy Music
Contact Music
Wow 24/7

From fdarenatony Instagram
fdarenatony - Adam and Brian
From tmorritt32 Instagram
tmorritt32 Instagram - crowd
@adamlambert_pic (pro pics)
Adam Lambert Fan club
Talented Artists of the Glamily (T.A.O.G)
DianaKat – SmugMug


‘One Vision’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Stone Cold Crazy’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Another One Bites The Dust’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘LOTG – SSOR – KQ – IWTBF’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Somebody To Love’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Love Of My Life, ’39’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Drum Battle’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Under Pressure’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Save Me’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Guitar Solo’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Tie Your Mother Down’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘I Want It All’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Radio Gaga’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

‘WWRY – WATC’ (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15 – riddle601b

Link to Google spreadsheet of concert videos by mmadamimadamm


149 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (Leeds, UK) 1/20/15

  1. ultimathule says:

    Brian’s Selfie Stick in Leeds, UK 2015-01-20

  2. ultimathule says:
  3. asifclueless says:

    It seems like Riddle got champagne shower! Grin

    Good for her. She deserved it. Heart

  4. turquoisewaters says:

    Adam plays the drums with one drum stick (NOT!!!! he has no rhythm!)

    He must have some rhythm or he could not sing and dance like he does. But his “drumming” is really a complete fail. Rufus should give him a couple of lessons. Laugh
    On the other hand: the “all you love tonight” singalong was fun and did not seem dragged out.

  5. sparkle says:

    turquoise – I was thinking the same thing about Adam’s rhythm – he must have some because his timing is usually impeccable!

  6. sparkle says:

    Thank heaven (or riddle) for all the videos – it mostly makes up for the lack of a stream.

  7. sparkle says:

    Sweet ABC Dreams, ALL!!
    (A-Amazing, B-Brilliant and C-Crazy Good!)
    Lucky Leeds!!

  8. AL says:

    I can’t imagine looking out of the window where I work and seeing these:

    Here’s a photo from someone who lives across from the venue.
    7 trucks luval! Car Car Car Car Car Car Car

  9. AL says:
  10. AL says:

    Can you feel it kickin’ in?!

  11. HK fan says:

    I know someone that went to the Leeds show….from her FB

    Wow, wow, wow!! The BEST concert I have ever been to! Had my doubts about Adam Lambert filling Freddie’s boots but he was fantastic. Brian and Roger – outstanding!

  12. Toni B says:

    Riddle601b had the most amazing view…um,of those copper leather pants during UP!!! That “view” kept distracting me… In Love

  13. nkd says:

    That “view” kept distracting me…

    LOL! Time to count the threads! Wink

    While at the Toronto2 concert cher‘s sister was mesmerized by those same pants. She said she was counting the threads on his pockets. Grin

  14. Toni B says:

    @nkd ROFLMFAO!!! Guess I’d better start counting threads too cuz those pants are something else! Razz

  15. cher says:

    Yep nekkid and tonib I thought something was wrong with her. She looked like she was gonna swoon. Well… she had every right to. He was right in front of us. Rather…his brown pants..butt…nice fanny..all of it..right there. Think it’s riskylady’s fave pants too. Her smile was as wide as the Grand Canyon!! She was beside my sister. Grin

  16. Toni B says:

    So this happened to me with WWTLF – Adam’s interpretation of that song so captured my heart it became the song I needed to hear throughout the North American run and each subsequent venue after that.
    “Save Me” has now joined WWTLF as one of those songs.
    Question to you ALL – so far, from the 5 UK venues which one of SM do you like – mine? LondonO2 day 1 Smile

  17. nkd says:

    Same here Toni B. WWTLF is breathtaking.
    Adam’s voice in Save Me is bliss. I can’t get enough of it, and I too like the London 1 so far. Still waiting on better vids of Leeds though.

  18. luval says:

    To clarify what I said last night. Of course I know he has rhythm!!!!!! Lol. Was talking about him playing the drum with the one drumstick! Guess I didn’t think it would be interpreted as HE had no rhythm. I didn’t use my words correctly.

  19. luval says:
  20. luval says:

    Adam tweeted this Instagram.

    And this one too

  21. luval says:
  22. HK fan says:

    My friend was in the front row somewhere by the thrust I think and got a high 5 from Adam…….

  23. HK fan says:

    Fans singing leaving the Leeds concert, sounding slightly tipsy!

  24. luval says:

    So so many Queen Fan Club members going to multiple shows.

    Dave Flynn ‏@FlynnyDave ·2 hrs2 hours ago
    @kevruscoe @OIQFC I’m obviously one of Queen’s younger followers. I’m off to Manchester,just 30 years after 1st saw them on the Works tour

  25. LadyNorth says:

    Hi everyone! A London survivor catching up. Returned home yesterday evening but was so tired that I had to skip Leeds. Slept over 10 hours last night. Just watched the whole show by Riddle. Jeez that Killer Queen was a great shot! I will recap about London soon. It was soooo good, especially Sunday. The videos can’t replicate what Save me sounded live! His voice was so soft, tender and beautiful ❤

  26. luval says:

    Larger photo of the review I posted earlier

    eta: I see this is an O2 arena review. But I guess it fits every show!

    AL, if you see this and want to move it over to the O2 thread (not sure which show), go right ahead. I’m at work and limited in what I can do.

  27. luval says:

    another Queen Fan Club member

    Dave Mason ‏@mercurycaz ·14 mins14 minutes ago
    Still at work should be outside M/C Arena can’t wait for tonight still as excited as the first time in the 70’s Long live Queen @OIQFC

  28. ultimathule says:
  29. ultimathule says:
  30. luval says:

    I think I finally figured out they call trucks lorries in the UK.

  31. luval says:


    @OIQFC: Right, off to see this new band everyone has been talking about, just to see if they are any good, see you in Manchester

  32. AL says:

    Thread for today’s concert in Manchester is up! let’s hope the streamers can get a signal today!

  33. riskylady says:

    Leeds review:
    from ContactMusic.

  34. rs says:

    Very good review, except for this sentence:

    Taylor later sang a touching rendition of ‘These Are the Days of Our Lives’ whilst images of the band, excluding the now retired John Deacon, flashed up on screens around the stage

    There were pictures of John there. Shouldn’t it read “including” the now retired….?

  35. ultimathule says:

    Has that ContactMusic review been removed, riskylady?

  36. ultimathule says:

    Linderella Wink @ScorpioBert
    RT @terra_zephead: Here’s Adamwiki updated with Leeds YT playlist and setlist:,_England,_United_Kingdom_%28Queen_%2B_Adam_Lambert%29

  37. ultimathule says:
  38. turquoisewaters says:

    luval: I don’t think anybody around here doubts Adam’s rhythm.

  39. ultimathule says:

    Linderella Wink @ScorpioBert
    .@adamlambert @QueenWillRock my pictures from Leeds

  40. ultimathule says:
  41. cwm says:

    Wow, there’s something about this pic that that takes my breath away and evokes all kinds of feelings. It’s kind of haunting in its composition and focus, and it really captures the moment and Adam at the center of it all.

    AL and/or ulti – can we please post this at the top of the thread?

  42. cwm says:

    Another truly amazing photo from the Leeds show – looks like this one was taken by someone affiliated with the FD Arena. Also worthy of consideration for posting up top!

  43. cwm says:

    Awww thanks AL (or perhaps it was ulti!) for posting the pics up top!! You da best! Heart

  44. ultimathule says:
  45. cher says:

    Apparently this guy had been tweeting mean things early in the concert so make sure you read the comments below

  46. ultimathule says:
  47. ultimathule says:
  48. LadyNorth says:

    Worth watching full HD Killer Queen. She had even better spot than riddle Grin

  49. cher says:

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