A quiet August leads into a busier fall schedule. We did get to see Adam on “Drag Race Down Under” and he even snuck in a private party performance for the PCF fundraiser. September will be a prep month as Adam selects new outfits (and maybe new songs?) for the QAL shows that start in Baltimore in October.

Adam Performances and Events (Google Doc)

Enjoy the chat!

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Photos: Top Row: Adam at the Playhouse. Bottom photo from @glitterbotstoo from the 2014 QAL concert in Chicago. Click to enlarge!

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Adam Lambert Slays Tina Turner’s “I Can’t Stand The Rain” – American Idol 2023 (04/30/23)

Adam Lambert – Getting Older (Video) (02/24/23)

Adam Lambert – Holding Out for a Hero (Official Video) (01/09/23)


154 Responses to September 2023 Chat

  1. Ron says:

    Hi mmm222!

    So nice to “hear” from you! It was a special treat for me to meet you the last time that you were here. It would be more than a happy pleasure to see you again but your busy concert-going plate looks very full lest a Toronto date make it spill over onto the floor. Smile

    While I won’t be going to the Queen/Adam concert, I’m very excited to be in the 5th row, dead-center seat, Orchestra to see Patti LuPone on November 17th. With thanks to luval who mentioned it to me. I somehow have the morbid feeling that her concert will most likely be the last one that I attend. If that happens to be the case, I decided to go out in a flash. Literally. Head to toe sequins, all gold and black, with an ankle length coat and cane to match. ROTFL Laughing, but true.

  2. ultimathule says:
  3. rs says:

    Hi Ron, looking forward to seeing you again soon. Sorry you and TLKC won’t be at the concert but at least we will see you both at dinner. Enjoy the Patty Lupone concert. You will certainly make a splash and I am sure that tons of photos of you will be posted. Laugh

  4. luval says:

    ALAlwayz High Drama
    #AdamLambert’s mentioned in the new Amazon Prime movie that’s #1 in the U.S. “Sitting In Bars With Cake”

  5. riskylady says:

    Ron, the restaurant TLKC suggested sounds fine to me. If anyone disagrees, let us know.
    I’ll ask cher too, she’s coming to Toronto.

  6. luval says:

    Queen + Adam #Glamberts
    Please DM tor two seats for NYC 2nd show.
    Fri · Oct 13, 2023 · 8:00 PM
    Madison Square Garden
    Floor Sec A, Row 17, Seat 5 – 6 @ Face Value

  7. luval says:

    New photo/
    at Rocco’s WeHo last Sunday! Cheers


  8. luval says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert Article
    October issue of’Rocking On’magazine
    ‘The relationship that began in 2009 when Brian May& Roger Taylor fell in love with the singing ability of Adam Lambert, was based on the fact that the music he created was extremely rare’

  9. luval says:


    24th Annual Woodstock Film Festival (Sept. 27-Oct. 1)
    “Fairyland” by Andrew Durham, U.S. — N.Y. Premiere
    Thu, Sep 28th, 7:00 PM Woodstock Playhouse
    Fri, Sep 29th,11:15 AM Upstate Films (Saugerties): Orpheum Theatre 2
    #AdamLambert #Glamberts


  10. luval says:

    In 2017 RCA re-released Trespassing in Australia as a Gold Series Album. This means that the back of the CD is gold, and it is a rare find. Best place to find it is Discogs.


  11. Ron says:

    Okay, okay!! Please!!! Everyone stop twisting my arm about the Patti LuPone concert sequin coat. Sheesh. I give up. ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL


  12. glambotgram says:

    HI Ron Good to hear from you. That coat is Gorgeous, you will be a big hit at the concert. I bet Miss Patti LuPone will be noticing you!!

  13. ultimathule says:

    ADAM LAMBERT DAILY@AdamL_Daily????|
    @AdamLambert, Oliver, Trossey and Stephen posing in front of “THE mirror” last month ????



  14. Ron says:

    Hi glambotgram, it’s good to hear from you too! I’ll tell you though, to this day, I am kicking myself for not going with you and nkd after we met at Starbucks! I went home to rest for the concert knowing that we’d be standing throughout all of it. It was difficult for me then and would be impossible for me today.

    But, geesh, how many times would we have had the chance to be together and spend the whole rest of the day with each other? I absolutely regret not making whatever amount of effort it would have taken me to be with you.

    This is my long way of apologizing for my regrettable missed opportunity that day.

    Thank you for the compliment about the coat. My goal is to just blend in. Silly

  15. milwlovesadam says:
  16. milwlovesadam says:

    Oh Ron, you and that coat are fabulous beyond words!

    You are so adored here!

    The Patti Lupone show should be just wonderful!!

  17. glambotgram says:

    I absolutely regret not making whatever amount of effort it would have taken me to be with you.

    This is my long way of apologizing for my regrettable missed opportunity that day.

    No Regrets Ron, we all do what we can do a the time. I could not manage it today either. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with everyone in Toronto.

  18. ultimathule says:

    ???????? AdamEyesd@AdamEyesd
    Good night, amazing close up
    Marilyn Packham@MarilynPackham
    Good night Glamberts, sweet dreams and get ready for the new week ahead ????????????????


  19. ultimathule says:
  20. ultimathule says:

    ???????? Charlene GUIGNARD – Marco FABBRI ⛸️⛸️
    Rhythm Dance at the international competition “Lombardy Trophy 2023” Bergamo, Italy
    ???? Adam Lambert – Holding Out for a Hero


  21. luval says:

    ALAlwayz High Drama
    NEW QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT 2023 TOUR MERCHPics of the new 2023 Rhapsody Tour merch! No prices listed yet, but so exciting!!! #queen #adamlambert #QAL #therhapsodytour (My edit, Queen pics)

  22. ultimathule says:

    Adam and Oliver stories, September 11


  23. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert’s IG story : “Block and Delete” / “The gents are saaaaaangin” 2023-09-11


  24. luval says:

    is ft as a guest appearance on the S 2 of The Who Was Show on Netflix ! A live-action sketch comedy show combining live-action and animation to explore the lives of famous historical figures!”

  25. luval says:

    Ice skating

    ???????? Charlene GUIGNARD – Marco FABBRI
    Rhythm Dance at the international competition “Lombardy Trophy 2023” Bergamo, Italy
    Adam Lambert – Holding Out for a Hero


  26. luval says:

    From Sunday Mail UK
    Craig Weir ‘s new book who plays bagpipes
    His high point was performing We Will Rock You to 13,000 fans of Queen &
    at the Hydro in Glasgow. He said: “I still get a shiver down my spine when I think about it.”Brian May told him Freddie Mercury… Show more


  27. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert – Holding Out For A Hero Live Performance at Summertime Ball |REACTION| First Listen


  28. luval says:

    And I always thought fan art was awful AI is horrifying.

  29. ultimathule says:

    Vote: which artists do you want to see at Rock in Rio 2024? The next edition of the festival takes place on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of September
    Queen + Adam Lambert


  30. luval says:


    singing Happy Birthday to his friend Zander tonight!
    via jeff.for

  31. luval says:

    looking stunning with
    wow the outfit the make up

  32. luval says:

    tonight via tjdawson81 “Words can’t describe how freaking happy I am for your incredible success” aww

  33. luval says:

    ALAlwayz High Drama

    How Adam Lambert Amassed His $45 Million Net Worth Since American Idol – TheThings

  34. luval says:
  35. ultimathule says:

    Oliver on a morning walk w Pharaoh/Adam & Oliver drawing at Drink N Draw/Adam story, September 13


  36. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert attends Patrick Church party/Adam w Manila Luzon/after party “Happy Bday Zander”,Sep 14


  37. ultimathule says:

    New video of @adamlambert and @manilaluzon dancing at the party! ????????
    From Manila stories


  38. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert’s IG story/ IG : at his friend’s Bday party last night (9/16) / “????????????” Oliver 2023-09-17


  39. luval says:
  40. luval says:

    JUST IN – Elon Musk says Twitter will become paid : “We will move to an economic model of a small monthly payment to use X”.

    I will never ever pay to use X

  41. ultimathule says:

    ???????????? @olivergliese


  42. ultimathule says:

    Oliver on a plane, September 17


  43. ultimathule says:

    Queen and Adam Lambert tour map! The band is going to rehearse at Rock Lititz for the NA tour 2023!


  44. luval says:


    Oliver’s IG story:
    ~ Ah…. he’s in NYC.
    Wonder why.

  45. sparkle says:

    Probably in NYC for a last bit of fun before rehearsals start. Opening night is only 2 weeks away from tomorrow!

  46. luval says:

    From August 26 at Silo Brooklyn – A new photo of
    clubbing with Terrance in New York !


  47. ultimathule says:

    ????????☔️ yes glam cape for you @adamlambert


    ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert
    Did I ever tell you that I CAN’T STAND THE RAIN? ☔️ @AmericanIdol

  48. ultimathule says:

    ????|@AdamLambert on how he takes care of his mental health ???? #ImListeningLIVE

    “I got medicated because the anxiety was just too intense. — I was getting panic attacks where I felt like I was gonna pass out. — I’ve probably been dealing with anxiety my whole life…”


  49. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert with Oliver and friends partying at The West Hollywood EDITION on September 14th


  50. luval says:

    From UNCUT a New long and amazing interview
    talks QAL N.A tour 2023, Brian & Roger & the whole band/ how they rehearse before the tour/picking the songs/the bands pre-show rituals/Adam’s post show rituals/#HighDrama & so much more!
    Full interview https://imgur.com/a/Q22d4lf
    Link to order 172 pages of Adam & Queen!


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