August saw Adam finish filming the show Clash Of The Cover Bands which is set to air in October on E! He also did some charity work and then a little vacation to wrap the month up. In September, he will be performing for Global Citizen Live and then will most likely be rehearsing for the Vegas shows later in October. That will be a busy month as the animated series A Tale Dark And Grimm will air too.

Enjoy the chat!

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Top photo: Global Citizen Live promo pic. Row 2 photos: Adam on vacation, Disco Blue, an oldie but goodie from 2018 and Adam GPS . Row 3: More vacay pics. Bottom photo from @glitterbotstoo from the 2014 QAL concert in Chicago. Click to enlarge!

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And if you want to stimulate your cerebral senses why not check out the puzzle page for a new jigsaw puzzle (Map), crossword (U Got The Look!), word search (Love In Action) and crossword from the archives (Summer Break – 2016)!!

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We The People | Full Episode | The Bill of Rights feat. Adam Lambert | Netflix

QAL – Love Kills (iHeart Radio Theater, Los Angeles, USA, 2014)
QAL – Somebody To Love (Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016)
QAL – I Was Born To Love You (Summer Sonic, Tokyo, 2014)
QAL – TSMGO (Live At The O2, London, UK, 04/07/2018)

Adam Lambert – VELVET (Official Video) (03/20/20)
Adam Lambert – VELVET (Album Playlist) (03/20/20)


262 Responses to September 2021 Chat

  1. luval says:

    NEW VIDEO/ @iamsheadiamond
    ” Thanks @adamlambert
    my love for the invite, you welcomed us into your home & made us feel like family, your speech cut short held the deepest Sentiments,
    Know that i see you hear u love u & will forever be inspired by u!” AW❤️

  2. luval says:

    Today’s story from Claude Kelly reminded me of the day that Claude posted the demo of Adam singing Just A Fool before Xtina got it, and Adam told us about the cancelled tour w Xtina! Would LOVE to listen to Adam singing this song live!! Chills!!

  3. luval says:

    Talent Recap@TalentRecap
    From American Idol to The Voice to Got Talent shows around the world, here is our list of the top 20 best runner-ups in talent show history. Some of them have gone on to be even more successful than the winners of their season,

  4. ultimathule says:

    Claudia 💚💜@Mountainflowr
    For those that requested them. The Velvet masks are in my Etsy shop now. #glambert #adamlambert #lasvegasorbust #adaminvegas

  5. ultimathule says:

    Good Morning #glamberts ❤🌺🌸have a nice Monday🌺

  6. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert at the UJA Summerfest Long Island NY, August 11, 2021

    Private charity event?

  7. luval says:

    With Johnny & Terrance

    Dizzy symbol Terrance’s Sept 12 ig story

  8. luval says:
  9. luval says:

    Troye Sivan at tonight’s 2021 Met Gala carpet

  10. luval says:

    Posting photos of people Adam would be connected with at the Met Gala. Here’s Iman, Bowie’s wife with designer Harry Reed. I think he did makeup for Adam.

  11. luval says:
  12. luval says:

    This is creepy. Frank Ocean with a lime green baby

  13. ultimathule says:

    Kathleen Wimpelberg@Jaksox
    Just because… I can not imagine that #AdamLambert’s never been invited to the #MetGala. Maybe he has but his schedule precluded his attending. He is very definitely quite the queenly fashionista! ✨💛✨

  14. luval says:

    A picture a day (perfection. No makeup, classy outfit,no chunky jewelry, natural smile)

  15. ultimathule says:

    lol – How’d you like to see that guy strolling down the street towards you, luval – wonder what our reactions would be –

  16. luval says:

    And he’d be tall, even without heels. I don’t know what I’d do. Just say hello I guess. (lame)

  17. ultimathule says:

    natalia_kuchelkova @kuchelkova
    #AdamLambert Instagram story

  18. luval says:

    American Idol:The 10 Most Unfair Eliminations, According To Reddit
    6. Adam Lambert
    Reddit user maxedout24 writes simply”Adam Lambert…” when asked about the shocking eliminations. Today,Lambert is creatively collaborating with Queen as their new frontman

  19. luval says:
  20. mmm222 says:

    Regarding the picture a day from 9/14: GASP! That is perfection!

  21. milwlovesadam says:

    Me too mmm

    Just perfect

  22. sparkle says:

    Me three!

  23. ultimathule says:

    Perfect pic for over the fireplace –

  24. luval says:

    Epic concert. A picture a day

  25. ultimathule says:

    If you have facebook, Can you please go and like Adam’s photo on G lobal? No likes right now . Thank you! ❤️

  26. luval says:

    VIDEO|Jade Thirlwall from @LittleMix
    says that she went to Adam’s house party when she was in LA:

    “[Adam’s house] is very eccentric, I would say, it’s very @AdamLambert
    . It’s very beautiful. Lots of dramatic lighting, lots of candles, a lovely pool…”

  27. luval says:
  28. luval says:

    The 4th studio album from #AdamLambert is a dark and brooding masterpiece. Criminally ignored and underrated as a solo artist, this album sets the bar high and demonstrates just what he is capable of. If you haven’t checked #Velvet out yet, consider giving it a spin. #Glambert

  29. ultimathule says:

    Good night lovelies Wishing you a good night sleep

  30. luval says:

    NEWS/ #GlobalCitizenLive in Los Angeles where @adamlambert
    is performing on Sept 25th !
    “Show will start at 7:30 p.m./ end around 11 p.m. Make sure you’re on time!Headliner Stevie Wonder opens the show.We’re not releasing set times or the order of artists.

  31. luval says:

    Electronic Music News@weareGTA
    We held a brunch to bring lgbtq creatives together and discuss issues within the music business past and present, hosted by our founder adamlambert

  32. luval says:
  33. AL says:

    More brunch stuff…

    Creatives Brunch

    Big thanks to all the creatives who attended and to @musicares for being a part of the conversation.

    Feel Something Foundation
    Sep 16
    We held a brunch to bring lgbtq creatives together and discuss issues within the music business past and present, hosted by our founder @adamlambert

  34. luval says:

    I just don’t get him anymore (sigh) Thinking Struggle

  35. luval says:

    Phoebe Glambert@PhoebeGlambert2
    How have I never seen this clip?

  36. riskylady says:

    Isn’t this just an auction to raise funds for a project to increase awareness about the violence against trans people, (which is truly horrific)? Looks like an art thing.
    A worthy cause, and not an easy one to tackle. Adam’s strength of character is admirable IMHO.

  37. ultimathule says:

    Never get tired of this brilliant, joyful performance –

  38. luval says:

    INTERVIEW/Roger Taylor : Touring as Queen & @adamlambert
    have once again become 1 of the highest grossing live acts in the world
    “Running into Adam was the luckiest thing. He’s funny & brilliant & brings a whole new modern dimension to the material”

  39. luval says:

    IOWF headliners through the years:
    Isle of Wight Festival 2016 – Queen + Adam Lambert
    Fronted by the phenomenally talented and charismatic Adam Lambert – a man Brian May has insisted Freddie Mercury would approve of “big time” – Queen made their IOWF 2016

  40. luval says:

    Rema Vineyard@remavineyard
    You know when you you’re a Glambert walking around and come to a dead stop because you hear something very familiar and realize it’s the beautiful voice of @adamlambert
    !! Well this happened at a mall today!! @nilerodgers

  41. luval says:

    4nRaybnO_normal.jpg⁦‪@DougPetcashKTVB‬⁩Damn it’s Adam Lambert 100% – got the goose bumps and he’s now the lead singer for Queen!! Yeah Queen the band that’s 40+ years old9/18/21, 7:25 AM
    spacer.png Dunsa123456⁦‪@dunsa123456‬⁩

  42. luval says:
  43. luval says:

    Hmm, Adam’s band seems to be in FL. Must be a private gig?! I hate private gigs, we never get much from them in news. Guess that’s why they’re private!

  44. luval says:

    is a fantastic man with an amazing voice. Let the whole world hear about him Earth globe americasEarth globe europe-africaEarth globe asia-australia!!! Good morning, #glamberts . A lot of health for everyone and have a nice Saturday Sun with faceHibiscusTropical drink
    pics of the day #AdamLambert

  45. luval says:

    soundchecking “Stranger You Are” for an invite-only event near Miami today!

  46. luval says:

    Angel_nDisguise @Angel_nDisguise
    sexzchef IG story – venue for the private event in Florida

  47. luval says:

    I love Adam Ross. A very underrated guitarist.

    The Adam Lambert Connection@TALCvids
    From Cam Grey’s IG stories

  48. luval says:

    Escorpio 🇬🇧 🇺🇸@ScorpioBert
    Tonights Private Event featuring
    Adam Lambert: Zen Elite Equestrian Center Grand Opening Concert

  49. riskylady says:

    Adam is literally 6 MINUTES from my house! We live just south of Stirling Road, and about 2 blocks east of the center, which btw is located on former boss’s property. Sadly, don’t have a horse – granddaughter sold hers 2 yrs ago. It was stabled THERE. ):

  50. luval says:


    VIDEOS 1 minute! / @adamlambert
    is on stage right now in Florida performing Queen “Don’t stop me now!” marcellenadal

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