Adam appears tonight at the We Are Family FoundationCelebration Gala 2.0″ benefit, to include dinner, auction and a concert, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Adam will receive the “Unity Award” and perform alongside Nile Rodgers & CHIC with several special guests including Sam Sparro and Taylor Dayne. Doors open at 6 PM EST, the dinner and auction will begin around 730 PM, and the concert is slated to begin around 915 PM (see world clock below for times in your area).

Dinner tickets are sold out but some concert-only tickets remain as of 6 PM.

Some of our dear friends from this site including mmm222, adamized, nkd, and kradamour will be in attendance tonight. Hope y’all have a great time at the show!

World Clock: Adam Lambert – We Are Family Foundation benefit

Twitter list:

Dinner: here and here

Set list: Let’s Dance (with Sam Sparro & Nile Rodgers), Shady (with Sam/Nile and Free Your Mind breakdown), WWFM (with Nile), Trespassing (with Nile),

Short Lyndsey Parker article highlighting Shady performance
Huffington Post article in which Adam is asked about any marriage plans
Brief Socialitelife article with photo gallery
MTV Buzzworthy blog (with nice photo)
World’s Biggest Birthday Card (for Adam on Nile’s blog)

Professional photo set from wireimage
Set of over 200 photos on
Another huge photo set (some of Adam along with others at the gala)
Nice photo collage from @Glamberter (via cwm)
Some great photos from @tuke18:
Adam, Sam and Nile jamming (via @tuke18)
Adam, Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers (via @nilerodgers)
Adam accepting the Unity Award (via @tuke18)
Big smile from Adam accepting his award (via @tuke18)
Adam on the red carpet (via @iammisterd)
Adam and Niles on the red carpet (via @WeCare)

Red carpet interview New York, NY 1/31/13 – hollywoodlife09

Adam accepts Unity Award (intro by Sam Sparro) New York, NY 1/31/13 – TALCvids

“Let’s Dance” (with Sam Sparro & Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – TALCvids

“Let’s Dance” (with Sam Sparro & Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – EMandKAY2010

“Shady” (with Sam Sparro & Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – TALCvids

“Shady” (with Sam Sparro & Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – EMandKAY2010

“Whataya Want From Me” (with Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – TALCvids

“Whataya Want From Me” (with Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – EMandKAY2010

“Trespassing” (with Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – TALCvids

“Trespassing” (with Nile Rodgers) New York, NY 1/31/13 – EMandKAY2010

Full Concert New York, NY 1/31/13 – Jessica Bennett


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  1. turquoisewaters says:

    I’m on team “it’s nothing” (knobby fabric etc), but I feel like I should be in the corner just for considering. Plus it’s waaaay absolutely none of my business at all. (Sorry for this construction, krad!)

  2. mmm222 says:

    mils, I have to agree with you on your snap theory. The other options don’t make sense. If he found nipple rings uncomfortable, imagine how unpleasant it would be to have a piercing in such an “active” area.

  3. JOJOSIE says:

    I was over here reading last night and decided to return tonight to see what the naughty (aka fun) girls were up to. I do not think it’s a piercing. Those pants have major construction. Lots of zipper,seams and even some lining in places. I wondered when he spent some time with his back to the audience that he might be trying to adjust things. If so the band and singers probably were entertained. I had a hard time looking at anything but his face as he was just glowing during that show.

  4. nkd says:

    I don’t know what it is, if anything, but I don’t think it’s a snap. Boy is not wearing boxers with snaps! C’mon, he’s not 90! Grin
    And snaps would be flat, not a little ball shape.

  5. ultimathule says:

    I’m fallin’ on the floor here – “not 90!” – hahahahaha – maybe they’re just extra big freckles.

  6. riskylady says:

    Oh, and about the pain issue, per my research, nipples are much more sensitive and painful than the “other.” Can’t tell you more without getting graphic, so just trust me on that (or conduct your own research). Being old and the mother of 4 sons, I am quite jaded now so nothing shocks me anymore LOL. And, I haven’t seen any Viagra ads (yet). Evil Grin

  7. Kradamour says:

    My research mirrors yours, riskylady.
    Gotta say I saw some amazing photos while doing my research.
    It is unbelievable how much metal can be inserted into, um, certain parts and how creative (and likely dangerous and NOT a good idea for the future) that can be.
    I think I am on team ring, though. Quite a few of them do have a small ball attached.

  8. nkd says:

    I’d say I can’t believe we are discussing and researching this, but I totally can! Silly

  9. mmm222 says:

    Well, maybe it’s not a snap, but some other part of the clothing as Jojosie suggested. I don’t know anything about male genital piercings, but I have seen some real doozies on my female patients. Yikes! They look so uncomfortable!

  10. Kradamour says:


  11. nkd says:

    I’d love to know what’s behind the dot Kradamour!

  12. Kradamour says:

    hehe I didn’t think about the fact that with this subject matter, a dot could be suspicious! It was just a note to mmm222 that I had sent her an email. Should have left the post. On second thought, kinda cool that the dot could be interpreted a lot of ways on this thread!

  13. riskylady says:

    Well, I hope we get fotos and videos from the Korea concert. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any tweet or YouTube concert from any Korean fan, so it’s a big question mark. We will be needing documentation to continue our research, don’t they know that over there?????
    Krad, yeah, those fotos are Shock Pain Rolls Eyes Eek! Eek! !!

  14. riskylady says:

    Duh! I meant YouTube COMMENT, not concert.

  15. Kradamour says:

    Watch this space!
    Installment #2 of my recap will be revealed tomorrow!
    (assuming that anyone still cares lol!)

  16. fwachdr says:

    Kradamour, Yes, we care!!!

  17. firstimerob says:


  18. asifclueless says:

    YES … Kradamour … PLEASE.

    I love your writing.


  19. turquoisewaters says:

    I’m periodically checking back here to see if there are any new research results published or if Krad’s magnum opus materialized. Don’t let me down.

  20. Kradamour says:

    WAFF: part 2 of ?
    Music Note “I was a free man in Paris, unfettered and alive…” Music Note

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! The alarm clock! I roll over and swear in French and English, like I do every morning. Wait. There is a dog on my bed. This is not my bed. Or at least it is not my dog. Daisy! OMG I am at adamized’s house! We are going to see Adam TONIGHT! Whoa better get up! We have a train to catch! Woot!

    Okay where are my slippers…wash face, brush teeth, comb hair, pack things to put in the trunk of my car and not take to NYC, pack up my toiletries to put in the NYC bag…train ticket, concert ticket…OMG we are really doing this! Gonna see nekkid, gonna see mmm222…Adamized, did Daisy have her walk already? Yes, of course, adamized has been up for hours… we have wonderful steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast and Adamized wisely packs some munchy bars for the train and we are off! I used to take the train to NYC when I was a buyer 30 years ago, can’t wait! And in fact the train is right on time, and we clamber aboard and settle in and negotiate the window seat LOL and are having a wonderful time when the gentleman in the seat ahead of us turns and says gently “Do you know that this is the quiet car?”. Oh, no, we are so sorry, we had no idea, please forgive us! And we are chastened and settle down to be quiet and wait for our opportunity to make a mad dash for another car…at Penn Station the opportunity reveals itself and off we go…slip into the new seats and isn’t it odd that all of a sudden we have no desire to chatter mindlessly any longer? Hehe… after a bit, I make a foray to the café car because I am all about the food…they do a lovely miniature cheese platter for about $5 and the lady in the café car is charming. When I return to Adamized, the conductor is just arriving to check our tickets again (uh, oh, we didn’t take our little punched thing from the overhead with us when we made our prison break!) and the conductor clucks a little bit – but his conductor companion, when we explain why we left, mutters that the quiet car is “unnatural” and doesn’t belong on a train, too funny!

    I love the train, always have. The ride is comfortable, the company is delightful, and I brought a bizarre conversation card game called “Hypertheticals: 50 questions for insane conversations” and Adamized and I take the questions way too seriously. (“You are in an unfortunate situation in which you are forced to consider cannibalism in order to stay alive. Would you rather eat babies or elderly people?”) (“ You are offered a Brain Pill that will make you 10% more intelligent, but you will seem 20% less intelligent to everyone else. Do you take the pill?”) (We eat the babies, natch, they are tastier.) (But smaller portions…hmmm…not as obvious as we thought…) and we mostly agree which is a given because we almost share a birthday and the Virgo brain is thoughtful and evolved lol…

    Hmmm…there is an onboard magazine, just like the airlines…oh, and here is the train version of the SkyMall catalog…And there is wifi on the train and look at this, the Amtrak site allows you to track the train’s progress on a little map like the transatlantic airplanes! This is so cool! And OMG we are almost at NY Penn Station!

    And now we are there and we clamber off and there are about a thousand exits from Penn Station. I had forgotten this…okay, here is the exit we want, closest to the hotel because it is COLD outside! And we find our hotel and we try to check in but alas no rooms are ready yet and they don’t want to let us check in anyway because the rooms are in nekkid’s name and what are we to nekkid, the clerk wants to know. Um…wait! Adamized has nekkid’s email on her phone with the details of the hotel! The desk clerk is willing to play the game and goes to check with his manager. Yes! We can check in, thanks to the wonder of the iPhone! Oh, but still not ready. Sigh. We ask if we can check our bags and of course we can, and leave them with a charming man all alone in an abandoned restaurant foyer, wtf? No matter, we are happy and wander across the street (well actually across Herald Square) to Macy’s.

    Oh, no! What happened?! Sometime during the last 30 years the store was renovated! What IS this place? Where are the mahogany cases of wallets and gloves? The dark and distinguished lighting? It looks like the fricking Galeries Lafayette! Oh, well, okay…we mosey a bit but a Coach bag in NYC is basically a Coach bag in Norfolk is a Coach bag in Baltimore, and none of them are the Coach of the 70s so it doesn’t even matter.

    Let’s have lunch! What? The tea room is gone? Okay there is still a bar/sandwich shop and we are there and it is delightful and we share a steak sandwich and fries, it is HUGE and definitely too much for one person. Just right. The hotel was going to call us and they haven’t and they lied so we decide to go back and when we walk in the door THERE IS NEKKID! Hugs! Yay! She looks so tired…no sleep and then a plane ride but there is a concert TONIGHT and she will feel energized by the very thought. Is mmm222 here yet? No, not yet but soon! And we all go upstairs and fall into our two rooms (the Empire State bulidng is right outside the window and THE WINDOWS OPEN could anything be better?) and I fall into bed and into a sound sleep for an hour because I am just that tired and I want to be wide awake to see every detail of our boy that night!

    The alarm rings (damn, that is the second time in one day, only for Adam would I do this…) and adamized expresses surprise that I was actually sound asleep…hell, yes…) and we take out our “chic and hip attire” as indicated on the website. Adamized is a lot classier than me, she has black slacks and a black top and a beautiful burnout velvet wrap in muted jewel colors. She always looks just right. Me, I have a black tulle skirt with silver glitter on it and a black turtleneck and a black reptile-embossed leather biker jacket with black tights and boots and a bunch of silver jewelry. I would never in a million years wear this getup in Norfolk, but in NYC I don’t know anyone and I decide to go for “chic and hip” and probably just look ridiculous but whatever.
    We join the ladies downstairs and mmm222 is seriously chic in Talbots, a long black skirt and killer drop earrings that brush her shoulders. Nekkid joins us in the black theme and we go off in search of a quick dinner…not that we can eat too much, we are too excited!

    (To be continued! I thought I would actually get to the concert tonight but I guess not!)

  21. Ceddies says:

    Wow, Kradamour, I’m loving your recaps–and everyone else’s. This one is just great. I can visualize everything as you go along. You’re being so descriptive that I will probably finish your next activities in my dreams when I go to sleep tonite.

    So, I’m off to dream now. \o/

  22. nkd says:

    Great part 2 Kradamour!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next! Wink

  23. HK fan says:

    omg, laughing out loud at all the GB talk…..will have to go back and revisit the videos when I have more time.

    Loving the recaps…can’t wait for part 3.

  24. adamized says:

    It seems like I am lucky enough to be a character in an amazing short story. An added benefit of traveling with Kradamour! Can’t wait till the next installment. Hi Ceddies!

    BTW, I’m sure you all know that Krad looked anything but ridiculous in her outfit. It was a real shame that no one but us got to enjoy it.

  25. asifclueless says:

    Thanks … krads … The recaps are so good. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    I’ll do the Oliver Twists here …

    “I want more …MAM!!!”

    Rose Waiting

  26. mmm222 says:

    Krads, I’m totally loving your recap. I can’t wait for the next installment! I’m reliving the whole adventure. After reading the news this morning, I’m very grateful that we didn’t get hit with that massive snowstorm while we were there. It would have limited our foray into the city the day after concert, which I expect will be covered in detail in a future installment.

  27. Kradamour says:

    WAFF: Part 3 of ?

    So we ladies sauntered out the hotel door to the street and contemplated dinner. We were looking for maintenance food tonight, nothing elaborate, just something to get us through the concert without grumbling tummies! (Grumbling tummies are neither hip nor chic…) and we had agreed to just keep an eye out for something that looked appropriate.

    There were only a few blocks between the hotel and the venue, and we passed an appealing coffee shop and marked it for breakfast the next morning, but we were getting closer to the venue and getting worried (well, I was getting worried, I was the one of us who was most focused on the food) when all of a sudden we saw just the place for us! Pizza and salads, very authentic-looking, and delicious smells…so we went in and some of us got pizza and some got the wonderful salad and some got both! The salad was beyond awesome: they started with a base of either caesarRomaine, or spring mix, and put a bunch of it in a large bowl, the better for mixing. Then any five items went in – and the choices were amazing! About 30 options! I had walnuts, cranberries, feta cheese, green peppers and something else – then a choice of ten dressings – then all mixed up together in the big bowl and served on a plate. Everything so fresh and amazing! And unlike salads where items are just put on top of the greens, this was so easy to eat and each item was perfectly enrobed with just the right amount of dressing! I added a walnut muffin to the tray and went to find my peeps (I was last in line.)

    Oh, no! We are not on the same wavelength! All those stools at a counter at the window to look outside at the people passing by while we eat, and where are my peeps? At a table in the back of the restaurant! (I use the term restaurant loosely, it was not really a restaurant but not sure what term to use.) I grumble in what I hope is a good-natured way, and they totally blow me off, so whatever, and we have a wonderful dinner together while we keep an eye on the time.

    And now it IS time! We collect our things and hit the street and walk briskly in the COLD for the last block or so to the venue. Gotta say it looks a little shabby. There are already peeps in line! So much for the fearsome warning that NO ONE would be allowed to line up until 7h30…no worries, and everyone is pleasant and happy to be there. Someone comes along and checks our tickets and puts an X on the ticket, then another peep comes along and passes out a wristband only if you have the X on your ticket. But concertgoers were passing tickets all around to the bracelet peep, and there were definitely ways to get a bracelet without a ticket, but everyone there was honest and they took pity on us and let us go in at 8 rather than the preplanned 8h15, because it was cold. We were told to go in quietly, that the awards ceremony was just beginning – cool! We will be able to see it all!

    Well, not really, because it takes FOREVER to go up the twenty flights of stairs to our balcony where we really need oxygen tanks, the air is that thin. (I exaggerate, but we went up a buttload of steps!)

    So we settle in, and we are in the third row of the balcony near the center. Not close to the stage, but a clear view of the stage and the floor with the dinner tables and Adamized has foresightedly brought her binoculars! And she and mmm222 and nekkid watch Adam eat, he is at a front table with Sam Sparro next to him. There are teenagers on the stage talking about the amazing things that they do in various places for the betterment of humankind. Yes, amazing; so amazing that I actually wonder how honest they are being and whether there may not be some inflation going on? How much fact-checking of the applications happened? Never mind about the rest of that part of the ceremony. I am reserving judgment.

    So then there was the craptastic auction. I posted about that above so I won’t say anything else here except to say that there was definitely money left on the table, IMHO.

    We could look down at virtually every table from our perch in the sky, and I was struck by the fact that there were few if any A-listers. The peeps who were singled out were the Real Housewives of NY, and a model who is hot but not Heidi Klum. Montel has sort of had his day. Rosie Perez was at least nominally the mistress of ceremonies…okay, but she isn’t ALL all that. I point this out because it fits into something I will say later.

    Adam had been whisked away earlier, so he missed the craptastic auction, and now Sam takes the stage and the microphone and says wonderful things about Adam. I encourage everyone to listen to the youtube of that introduction very carefully…I think the points that Sam chose to make (and he is no fool, and he is Adam’s friend) are very interesting, given that the audience likely included some industry suits.

    And Adam takes the stage and joins Sam and gives us a shout-out (Yay! Whoo! Squee!) and some on the floor crane their necks to see who is up there, wondering what a glambert might look like, and I can’t help but feel a little bit like we are part of a freak show but whatever, it is all for a good cause and that cause would be Adam.

    He receives the unusual glass statue (a globe on a stick? What?) and somehow makes it look like a phallic symbol lol. And he makes an articulate and interesting little speech, but the assembled masses aren’t really paying attention. It seems to me that there has been a curious lack of electricity in the air for the whole event so far.

    It is CLEARLY time for Adam to perform and get the party going!

    To be continued…

  28. nkd says:

    Woot Kradamour! Yes

  29. aely says:

    Mattie Stepanek was the child you are referring to and he was an incredible kid. He did LOTS of great things in his short life and his mother, Jenny, is carrying out his wishes by continuing his work. Three Dot Dash is just one.
    Here is a link:

    Love the recaps!

  30. dcglam says:

    nkd… From your recap I can feel your emotions during your two-day stay in NYC, especially during the unique performance of Shady. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride. In Love

  31. dcglam says:

    You know I am a big fan of your style of writing, Kradamour. Love all the details mixed with humor — perfect combination. Keep ’em coming! Wink

  32. Kradamour says:

    WAFF recap part 4 of ?

    So Adam has received the award and made a nice little speech, and now that all the preliminary issues have finally been wrapped up we can finally have what we came for: Adam! And Sam Sparro! And Nile Rodgers! SHADY!

    Wait.a.minute. That ain’t Shady. What is that?
    Let’s Dance! And apparently there is some Bowie connection but whatever. (sorry, luval!) Actually there was a long introduction, Nile had to talk, he is very talky. But he is saying the right things: Sam Sparro is wonderful, Black and Gold, etc. etc. and Sam comes up behind and gives him a hug, so cute!
    But I can’t help but think that Nile has to do a Nile song first before moving into Adam’s music.
    Whatever. Or maybe it is just showmanship to build up to the peak performance.
    So we are ready to rock…Adam is doing his little shimmy, fired up, ready to go…and WTF Nile has to talk some more! Bowie’s drummer! Way to cut off the excitement…Adam is game but he stops the shimmy and sort of circles, it seems that he isn’t crazy about the break in the energy. Okay now we are ready…no! we aren’t! We have to introduce some random backup singer…okay now…no! now we have to introduce some keyboardist who is an original Chic member…damn, are we never going to actually have some music? Way to choke the energy, Nile…
    After a FULL THREE AND A HALF MINUTES OF TALK (longer than the song, just saying) Nile finally asks Adam and Sam if they are ready…Adam’s body language (mils, do not read anything into that, cherie) makes clear that he has BEEN ready…just before that he has done little pointing actions and looks like one of my students who just wants me to shut up with the explanations and let them take the exam already…
    Finally! Nile asks again if they are ready…(eye roll)…and Adam and Sam start bouncing in time on either side of Nile and hmmm what is that? Adam reaching for his crotch but sortof catching himself in the act…seems a little odd at this point in the proceedings at the very beginning…so I watch the hand and the crotch and this is the leitmotif of the performance: Adam sort of reaching for his crotch and then stopping his hand. And then again. Curious.

    Adam looks so amazing. Chic and hip? Check. Ooooh. Jacket moves so well. Pants fit so well, if somewhat snug in the crotch area…the drape at the chest is awesome. Hair is to die for. Chic and hip and classy. So proud of our boy!

    Finally! Let’s Dance! and this is not bad, but somehow I don’t love Nile’s playing style for this song. It’s dragging for me. Or maybe I just don’t care about the song very much. Or maybe I am thinking of the Idol Tour and frankly this isn’t as good (for me). Or maybe I am just cranky AND I WANT TO HEAR SHADY, DAMMIT!

    But you know something? I am chastened at the thought that a lot of peeps would give a lot to be sitting in my seat. That is Adam F. Lambert on that stage, and I should just get a grip and live in the moment. So I do. And ooh, here comes a wail! The crowd is starting to take notice! Adam is messing with the earpiece – but I suspect that our sound in the balcony is some of the best in the house.
    Sam has quite a little tummy inside his white t-shirt and it is bouncing just a bit, kinda cute…he is singing into a hand-held microphone and Adam is dancing with his mike stand, but nothing inappropriate is going on there lol…suddenly I think that Nile looks ridiculous in a suit on that stage with that guitar making that music, but whatever. Suddenly Adam frees the mic and Sam comes over to him and they dance, so cute, while Nile does the guitar thing.
    The end…and Adam yells “Give it up!” and pumps the air, he is such a team player!
    In Love

    Finally finally finally Nile asks the crowd if they are feeling a little shady…Hell yeah! Bring it on! A little bit of a somewhat awkward intro…but that‘s okay, I think Adam is just the littlest bit nervous…and WOOOOOT here it is!!!

    Oooooh, Adam’s getting his gay on…a little swish here, a little wrist action there…and the crowd is loving it! And Adam is messing with the ear piece and when Sam takes the lead Adam turns his back and motions something or other that seems to be related to the sound issues…that boy never gets no satisfaction with the sound lol…
    Big Frown
    Sam is so adorable, jumping around like a little kid, I just love him! So glad I bought his album…getting to the end, oh, no, this was just a blink of an eye…

    but wait! Nile is picking up the guitar line! We aren’t done! Hooray for Nile! Sam starts some freestyle vocals and Adam slides in and it goes on for exactly the right amount of time…Free Your Mind Don’t Be So Shallow…loving this, back to Shady, and Adam struts his wail to the center of the stage and DED.
    THAT is what I came for.
    Adam does a quick handclasp thing with Sam and goes over to hug Nile and ooh Adam is feeling fine and he says (with a little strut) “It’s as hot as balls up here” with just the right emphasis on balls lol… but doesn’t neglect to tell the crowd to give it up for Sam Sparro…complains again about the heat and follows the comment by picking up a cup of hot tea with the teabag hanging out and walks to the front of the stage to raise it lol…boy clearly can’t stand still he is in the moment!! and we ladies are exchanging glances and smiling and all is right in Adam world tonight. Sigh.

    Hmmm…now what? Nile plays a few notes…What Do You Want From Me? I am so over that song that I never liked very much under the best circumstances…but wait! Nile’s guitar sounds kinda cool for this, and Adam introduces the song and it gets a positive response…then he adorably tells Nile that Nile is what he wants for him…and we’re off! This is definitely my favorite version of WWFM, Nile gave it some oomph and even though I don’t love it, I am resigned to the fact that it was a grammy nom and we have to include it. And it really isn’t bad tonight, but definitely a comedown from Shady.

    And then Adam says “shall we do one more?”…heck yes. And the band starts Trespassing and this also isn’t my favorite song but damn it sounds good with Nile’s guitar and his band. Enjoying this!
    (Note to Adam: get Nile to tour with you to help out with the more lugubrious songs!)
    Adam is wailing, Nile is nile-ing, and it is really an amazing performance. Def one of the best Trespassings ever…and Adam leaves the stage to Nile’s Trespassing guitar riff…and gotta say, he seems a little reluctant to leave, as would anyone.

    We ladies squee a little bit and then settle in to see what is next.
    Well, a bunch of stuff. Not sure what all. I was never a Chic fan, don’t know most of this stuff, and random peeps come up and get introduced and participate and perform things. Sister Sledge, some guys in shiny suits, etc. etc. I mostly think about what I have just seen and wait for the end, and only stay because Adam might come back for a final number. It is pretty tedious (for me) and the seat isn’t very comfortable.

    And that is what I am thinking about. This has been a pretty low-budget night. The Hammerstein Ballroom is decidedly shabby. The carpet on the stairs is torn and taped, the brasses aren’t polished, the seats are sprung. This place has been ridden hard and put away wet.

    I reflect on the fact that the audience is sparse on A-listers. (Maybe none.) That the auction bidding was less than generous. That the performers aren’t A-listers either. Sister Sledge? Is she still around? Apparently. Not quite a has-been but definitely not hot and now. Other than Adam, this has been an oldies show.

    So I start to think about just how relevant Nile is today. Since I got back home, I’ve researched that. I don’t think I would call him a has-been by any means, but he hasn’t produced anything new for quite a while. His claim to fame these days seems to be the WAF Foundation. This year (2013, very recently) he has been working with Linkin Park and Daft Punk, with the apparent intent of retaking something of his former place in the music world. The release of his autobiography was probably part of that effort to get back on the radar screen of the hot and mighty.

    So I wonder if Adam realizes that Nile probably benefits just as much as he does (maybe more) from their collaboration? or if he is a bit star-struck? Adam’s musical heroes are the Niles and the Bowies and the Marleys of this world. He might be surprised by the thought that right now, Nile might need an Adam as much as he needs a Nile.
    Contributions to the WAFF declined last year from the year before (by almost 20%, as I recall).
    Adam is the newest and hottest thing on Nile’s plate, and the first new thing there in several years.
    I could be totally wrong, of course.
    But I throw it out there for consideration.

    So finally the gala ends, and Sam comes back on stage with the cast of dozens but alas no Adam. This is curious, too. We get up and wend our way down the thousands of stairs (well, downhill is better than uphill lol) to the exits. DAMN it is cold! Adamized and Nekkid mosey on back to the hotel, and mmm222 and I hotfoot it and leave them in the dust (hehe). Mmm222 can MOVE! It def shows that this girl is a hiker. We move along smartly but stop in our tracks at a window full of pastries. Ooooh, we aren’t in Kansas any more! It is well after 11 pm and this place is open (well, most of the city is open, I love NYC…) and we cannot help ourselves from going in…once inside, there is even more! And delicious looking red bean cakes, and a salad/hot food bar that is to die for, and… and …and…! Mmm222 and I decide to take pastries back to our roomies, and choose perfect looking fruit tarts, the kind on a bed of fresh custard and pie shell, the whole covered with a clear glaze. They look fresh and wonderful (if they aren’t fresh, the crust is soggy, and that is the only kind I can ever get in Norfolk alas). We pay for them and continue our mad dash to the hotel and take the elevator to the 22nd floor and find nekkid and Adamized and they are delighted with our pastries and we have a delicious snack and debrief while we all have our phones and tablets out and we read the blog and wish you were all with us and talk about you, so if your ears were burning that evening, this is why!

    And then we realize that we are all exhausted. So with many good-nights! See you tomorrows! adamized and I drag to to our separate room and fall into bed and sleep very very soundly, with visions of lots of things dancing in our heads…

    To be continued! Yes, there is more!

  33. turquoisewaters says:

    Keep writing krad! This is second only to being there myself.

  34. nkd says:

    Thank you Kradamour.
    I’m so glad you two had the extra time to check out the pastries!

  35. adamized says:

    Wow! How fun to wake up to a new chapter. I like that Adam has mad respect for Nile. I also think the feeling is mutual. There may be a bit of entrepreneurial excitement on Mile’s part but that’s understandable. I’m sure he would love to have another huge hit and he recognizes Adam’s vehicle.

  36. firstimerob says:

    KRADAMOUR Thanks so much for all your recaps and more to come yay. What a great group you guys are such fun. I am fascinated by your memory for detail what a gift.

  37. fwachdr says:

    L.O.V.I.N.G. The recap, kradamour, even if I am late to the site!! Your writing is perfect…we can picture everything!!

  38. asifclueless says:

    More … please.


  39. Kradamour says:

    Thank you all for kind words! I am really enjoying reliving the weekend by writing it, and I am glad that I can make it come to life for those who were not there. I so much appreciate others’ recaps that I feel a strong obligation to pay back.
    firstimerob, you are totally correct that we are a great group! Grin We are so so so lucky to have a half dozen of us together in the Baltimore/Washington area; I live in Norfolk but have my inlaws only ten minutes from Adamized, my cousin actually lives on her street. I drive past ulti‘s house to go up there. mmm222 lives just up the road from my husband’s aunt (also only a few minutes from my inlaws), and dcglam is in a DC suburb totally within spitting distance. I feel like I have known these ladies all my life!
    Heart Rose Heart

  40. milwlovesadam says:

    Kradamour, thanks so much for your recaps. You all had such a great time together, and through your eyes we are living it too.

    Some day we all shall meet…

  41. aely says:

    It may mean nothing. Here is a tweet from Johnny Keyser

    @JohnnyKeyser: @OriginalJKey @adamlambert @angiekmiller /: didn’t get a picture.. I didn’t want to bother him..

  42. aely says:

    Wrong thread. Sorry! I will move it.

  43. Kradamour says:

    wrong thread…

  44. AL says:

    DivaGalsDaily’s Valerie Greenberg on the We Are Family Foundation Red Carpet

  45. cwm says:

    Check out these awesome six-camera high-quality edits of Shady and Trespassing from the We Are Family Foundation gala!



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