New York, New York what a wonderful town! And tonight Adam is playing the Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen, the perfect setting for some “Evil in the Night”!
Alex Newell kicks things off again at 8 PM with Adam following around 9 PM EST.

Poster by @FoxVegas.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

World Clock: Terminal 5 (New York, NY) – 8:00 PM EST

Dinner: nica575 – Mixlr

Set List: Evil in The Night/FYE, Ghost Town, Runnin/Chokehold/Sleepwalker, Underground/Rumors, WWFM, Lucy, After Hours, Mad World, Another Lonely Night, The Light/The Original High/NCOE, Let’s Dance, LMD/Shady/Fever, These Boys, IIHY, Trespassing/AOBTD


Trish Harrington/FB B.


“Intro/Evil In The Night/FYE” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“Ghost Town” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALcvids

“Runnin/Chokehold/Sleepwalker” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – NoSilver NoGold

“Underground/Rumors” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“WWFM” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – Ostin Torre

“Lucy” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“After Hours” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“Mad World” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – Ostin Torre

“Talk/Another Lonely Night” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“The Light/The Original High/NCOE” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“Let’s Dance” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – Ostin Torre

“LMD/Shady/Fever” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“These Boys/Band Intro” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“IIHY” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids

“Trespassing/AOBTD” (New York, NY) 3/3/16 – TALCvids


174 Responses to LIVE: Terminal 5 (New York, NY) 3/3/16

  1. asifclueless says:

    ulti .. like this person says .. ‘… ‘ Grin

    IslandGirl ‏@islandgirljams 3m3 minutes ago

    his joy is a joy, ya know?

  2. ultimathule says:

    So true, asif

  3. asifclueless says:


    He is back … again.

  4. ultimathule says:

    Working –

    So glad caught the end – just wonderful –

  5. ultimathule says:

    My ears are ringing again – lol –

  6. asifclueless says:

    Craig Burke ‏@BookHopper 4m4 minutes ago Manhattan, NY

    I went in exhausted, but @adamlambert won me over. He’s ridiculously talented. So much fun!

  7. ultimathule says:

    Guys walking next to me: “that was the best concert I’ve ever been to in my entire life!” I AGREE @adamlambert #nyc

  8. asifclueless says:

    A ‏@jam2885 2m2 minutes ago

    Guys walking next to me: “that was the best concert I’ve ever been to in my entire life!” I AGREE @adamlambert #nyc

  9. ultimathule says:
  10. ultimathule says:
  11. asifclueless says:

    Dave ‎@DAAV33
    @adamlambert says good night! And says: “Go get laid” ? but I only want him!!!!!


  12. asifclueless says:

    luv2laugh77 ‏@luv2laugh77 4m4 minutes ago

    WOOOW!!I feel like I just saw Adam’s #TohUSTour for the very first time!!! I could see EVERYTHING from head to boots!! Got it all on vid o/

  13. ultimathule says:
  14. asifclueless says:

    Tyler Oakley Info ‏@TylerOakleyInfo 14m14 minutes ago

    Tyler Oakley on Snapchat | TAKE ME BACK TO IDOL GLAMBERT

  15. asifclueless says:

    Gelly ‏@14gelly

    So much skin again lol, love the twirling

  16. asifclueless says:

    Gia Farruggia ‏@giaface

    Obviously everything @adamlambert did tonight was incredible but his Bowie cover literally lifted me onto a higher plane of existence. ⚡️

  17. asifclueless says:

    Nole ‎@Noleadam

    Hey @adamlambert you, your band and Holly and Terrance slayed NYC. What a show. Perfect. ♥♥♥ Your vocals were so amazing, TY. Well done.

  18. asifclueless says:

    Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers

    Nile Rodgers Retweeted Tracey

    Nope. I’m still recording. But I know @adamlambert killed it because he always does.

    Nile Rodgers added,
    Tracey @kinkykiedis
    @nilerodgers Hope you made it. It was a phenomenal show as usual from Adam. If not there’s always next time ❤ @adamlambert @Terminal5NYC

  19. asifclueless says:

    Tyler Oakley’s snapchat story from Adam Lambert’s concert at Terminal 5 NYC 3/3/16

  20. ultimathule says:

    That was the best @adamlambert concert I’ve ever been to!!!!! You were INSANE Adam! LOVE YOU!!!

  21. ultimathule says:

    Let’s dance!! #adamlambert

  22. asifclueless says:

    Tiffany Aguilera ❁


  23. ultimathule says:

    I love when @adamlambert does real talk at #TheOriginalHighTour! #BAE ??

  24. asifclueless says:
  25. asifclueless says:

    luv2laugh77 @luv2laugh77

    OMG you guys the whole production!!! The stage lighting, the choreography, the dancing, the SET LIST, the energy, and ADAM’s VOCALS!!! ?????

  26. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert talking to audience , I will be your Sugar Daddy, NY, 03.03.2016 The Original High Tour

  27. ultimathule says:

    MoChuisle @mmochroi
    @adamlambert in concert at Terminal 5 in NYC ? Noam Galai/Getty Images

  28. ultimathule says:

    @adamlambert your show was amazingggggg!

    Stewart Taylor NYC Pop R&B singer/songwriter/dancer.

  29. ultimathule says:
  30. ultimathule says:
  31. ultimathule says:

    Mr Serious tonight

  32. ultimathule says:

    This is GREAT –

    SLOW MO @adamlambert perfected da Olympic grade combination spin ⛸⛸ Src IG nosilvernogold TYTY @14gelly ?#terminal5

  33. ultimathule says:

    Gelly @14gelly
    Beautiful photos here

  34. ultimathule says:

    warm. warmer. disco.

  35. ultimathule says:

    What an amazing concert @adamlambert #theoriginalhigh #adamlambert #NYC #OMGaggia on our way to Nr. 8 to celebrate

  36. ultimathule says:
  37. ultimathule says:

    My actual queens though. Adam you BLEW ME AWAY TONIGHT!!! I want your golden voice ?

  38. asifclueless says:

    ulti … the periscoper JULIO -juliogaggia you posted above is a cutie. Grin

  39. ultimathule says:
  40. ultimathule says:

    Alex Newell and Adam Lambert were phenomenal tonight ?

  41. ultimathule says:

    Marie @Marieppf
    @14gelly he kept looking up at that section (reserved for friends & fam). it was right near us. they were having a blast!

  42. ultimathule says:

    When Terrance stole Adam’s mic stand WITH the mic and Adam ran after it #lol #adamlambert #terminal5

  43. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert @ Terminal 5 NY

    Great b&w pic –

  44. ultimathule says:

    I got all distracted when he walked over lol. #VidFail whoops lol. HIS VOCALS THO!!!! SLAAYYYY!

  45. ultimathule says:

    brandi @Phoenixlives_
    I had so much fun omg. I’m so happy I finally saw him live this is something I wanted for to do for so long. So many damn years and finally

  46. asifclueless says:

    Adam Lambert Runnin/Chokehold/Sleepwalker Medley Terminal 5 2016
    NoSilver NoGold

  47. ultimathule says:

    Backstage ! It was nice to meet you, Adam! ?? фотка ужс конечно?

  48. ultimathule says:

    Roger May @_TIDS_
    most of the IG videos from the show tonight from guys are of ANL…..interesting

  49. ultimathule says:

    Amazing show @adamlambert

  50. ultimathule says:

    Jim @Jim_Jim_Leahy
    @adamlambert put on an amazing show at @Terminal5NYC … Me and every gay man and lady in the city were screaming for him

    Amanda Sales @Scamandalous
    Two guys are fully slow-dancing to “Mad World” like it’s the junior prom.

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