Adam and Queen continue their mini-tour with a concert at the “Rock in Wroclaw Festival“, at Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw, Poland. According to the band’s press conference on Thursday, this will be the first performance ever for Queen in Poland. The festival lineup includes Mona and IRA in addition to Queen. The show is scheduled to start at 6 PM Wroclaw time, with Queen expected to take the stage around 930 PM Wroclaw time (830 PM London time, 330 PM Eastern time, 1230 PM Pacific time).

World clock:

Twitter list:!/Sroczka79/queen-and-adam-in-poland

Dinner here: Queen+Adam Lambert Feast

Municipal Stadium – the concert venue:


No changes from the Kiev setlist

Flash (intro), Seven Seas of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive, We Will Rock You, Fat-Bottomed Girls, Don’t Stop Me Now, Under Pressure, I Want It All, Who Wants to Live Forever, It’s a Kind of Magic (Roger), Days of Our Lives (Roger), Love of My Life (Brian), ’39 (Brian/Roger), Dragon Attack, Drum Battle/Guitar Solo, I Want to Break Free, Another One Bites the Dust, Radio Ga Ga, Somebody to Love, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, The Show Must Go On, Bohemian Rhapsody

Encore – Tie Your Mother Down, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions


“We Will Rock You” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Fat-Bottomed Girls” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Don’t Stop Me Now” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Under Pressure” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“I Want It All” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Who Wants to Live Forever” (HD) Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Who Wants to Live Forever” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“It’s a Kind of Magic” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Days of Our Lives” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Dragon Attack” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Guitar Solo” (HD) Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Radio Ga Ga” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Somebody to Love” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“The Show Must Go On” (HD) Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“The Show Must Go On” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“Bohemian Rhapsody” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

“We Are The Champions” Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12

Encore (very bad sound but good wide view of crowd) Wroclaw, Poland 7/7/12


249 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (Wroclaw, Poland) 7/7/12

  1. Ellessay says:

    Was watching a video of Moscow’s Tie Your Mother Down. That’s the first time I’ve seen Adam play an instrument…at least in the first part of the video. I wonder if Roger is giving him tambourine lessons! LOL.

  2. nkd says:

    I don’t think Adam intends to change Queen lyrics, I don’t think he would/should dare. The Queen songbook is rock and roll legacy. To mess with it would be “blasphemous”. IMHO.

    I agree.

    That’s the first time I’ve seen Adam play an instrument…

    Ellessay, don’t you remember the cowbell in Austria? Wink Laugh
    I love that!

  3. Ellessay says:

    Ellessay, don’t you remember the cowbell in Austria?
    I love that!

    I’d forgotten that! But it wasn’t in concert, so maybe it doesn’t count.

  4. AL says:

    More vids from theRealKittyChan
    Radio Gaga –
    The Show Must Go On –
    Her channel for almost all the songs:

  5. ultimathule says:

    Has somebody already put up this “Somebody to Love”? I’ve watched it about ten times and keep dancing around the room – it’s just so great.

  6. ultimathule says:

    Yes, I see AL has in the above post. Gonna go there now and look at the rest.

  7. AL says:

    Magdalena ‏@Sroczka79


    Maybe each one could sing a part of Bohemian Rhapsody? Heh

  8. eywflyer says:

    Updated the post with some intial videos, thanks for posting the links. I’m sure some better ones will emerge later on, please keep bringing the links here. Will update again late this afternoon or this evening with any new videos that appear.

  9. renataademelo says:

    Partial Another One Bites the Bust

  10. milwlovesadam says:

    Good morning!!

    Somebody To Love—- Un–F******cking — Believable!!!!

    Mils has a new life goal. A completely new Bucket List. A new life plan if you will::::

    This list is not about health, money, employment or wishes for children’s futures.

    It is about joy, satisfaction and camaraderie and eargasms, bodygasms and stomping and hand waving and clapping and dancing and singing and crowd bliss…

    It has one wish.

    #1) MUST see QueenBert. Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway. Money =No object. Time= No Object. Place= No object.

  11. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    Has somebody already put up this “Somebody to Love”? I’ve watched it about ten times and keep dancing around the room – it’s just so great.

    ulti, this is the one I keep going back to, over and over again. Just can’t get enough of it! This QueenBert thing is becoming huge. “They” are still great, Adam is superb, but together, they are mind-boggling!!! And Adam just keeps getting better and better. He no longer looks like “company” on stage with them – he’s owning it and singing it like it’s his. mils, you and I share that wish – I’m saving my $$$$ to see QueenBert – it just needs to be after school starts!

  12. glambotgram says:

    Partial Another One Bites the Bust

    renataademelo gotta say this gave me a chuckle this morning. I don’t think it will be Adam biting the Bust. Wink Heart

  13. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    glambotgram, I noticed that too – I think renata made a Freudian slip!! (Wishful thinking by all of us! Beauty )

  14. zzatrms says:

    Queen and Adam ~ Poland
    Total setlist

  15. renataademelo says:

    hahahaha yes it´s true I wanna bite his bust hahahahaha
    Oh Adam what you do to us! To me!

  16. nkd says:

    Beautiful picture of Adam outside his hotel in Wroclaw.

  17. ultimathule says:

    That picture is simply stunning, nkd – like the shorter hair – he looks so young.

  18. mmm222 says:

    I just finished watching the videos from last night. Incredible! Just when I think Adam can’t improve on perfection, he proves me wrong again. He totally owns that stage. He was born to sing this music. All of his experiences of the last 20 years, musical theater, Zodiac Show, AI, and GNT (except maybe Debbie Does Dallas) have led up to this incredible moment.

  19. AL says:

    TSMGO and BoRap (check the crowd reaction after BR, about 9:30)

  20. AL says:

    Opening (watch the overhead spots. I never noticed them moving before)

  21. AL says:

    Close-up vids:
    A Kind of Magic –
    Another One Bites the Bust Dust Wink
    BoRap –

  22. adamized says:

    mmm222 ITA!!! Who knows even the DDD may have made some small contribution. Karma is a bitch sometimes and maybe his having to suffer through that gig gave him a little extra bad to balance out this incredible good.

    nkd thanks for the pretty. I think these are the only pair of sunglasses with the exception of the retro ones he wore to the grammy’s a few years ago that fit his face to a “t”.

    Queenbert has to come to the US! Please!Please!Please!

  23. zzatrms says:

    If Queen doesn’t learn TSP and surprise Adam with it in London, maybe they’ll save it for the USA Tour.

    Also, while in London, maybe he’ll meet William and Harry and they’ll introduce him to their Grandmother.


  24. AL says:

    More close-up vids:
    I Want It All –
    TSMGO –

  25. AL says:

    Kasia Z. ‏@kate_piano,660877,title,Queen-na-Rock-in-Wroclaw,relacja.html new polish Queenbert report Smile They said that Adam was great, he can sing and he doesn’t want to copy Freddie Smile

    Google translation

  26. AL says:
  27. AL says:

    Magdalena ‏@Sroczka79

    Amazing pics by Dunvael Photography – Queen & Adam Lambert- POLAND 07.07 2012

  28. AL says:
  29. AL says:

    Kamil Siałkowski ‏@KamilSialkowski

    That was fantastic night! @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert concert at Wroclaw Euro2012 stadium!Smile News on front pageSmile

  30. AL says:

    Readers Digest version of concert courtesy of “wroLiveTV”


  31. AL says:
  32. Ellessay says:!

    Another TSMGO, front and center, good sound, good picture. Full stage.

  33. Ceddies says:

    Another TSMGO, front and center, good sound, good picture. Full stage.

    They don’t mind singing along, do they???? Grin Makes me so happy to hear that even though they drown his voice at times. You know he’s gotta love it that they’ve taken to him like that.

    Damn, my eyes are spilling over…

  34. Ceddies says:

    Oksana, thanks for the reviews from your friends (family?). It’s always good to hear from folks who were there.

  35. nkd says:
  36. nkd says:

    I love your second hand recaps Oksana! Thank you so much.

    Watching the videos that show the crowd makes me teary eyed and gives me goosebumps at their reactions. I’m so proud of our BB!

  37. Calgary says:

    I’m late to the party, as usual – that Somebody to Love is SOOOOOO fabulous! I prefer it when Adam sings in his lower registers – way more rock-y!

  38. jlurksacto says:

    Solved my problem. a big DOT

  39. fwachdr says:

    I can’t help but wonder whether any of the Season 8 AI alums are watching Queenbert vids!

  40. Calgary says:

    fwachdr I tweeted Kara and asked if she had seen her rock god in Queenbert concerts!

  41. fwachdr says:

    Calgary, Thank you sooo much! I don’t Twitter, and I would LOVE to know the answer!

  42. adamland says:

    I noticed that some were commenting on the mics and that maybe Adam had a new one. No, the mics are part of the instruments that are shipped. One big reason why Kiev was different is he was singing mainly in his lower register the beginning half, I adjusted my computer for power vocals and I heard him just fine. The other bigger reason was the feed for the stream was not from the speakers like fan videos, it is from the sound tech booth mainly because it was outdoors but also to assure sound quality and not get feedback and reverb. Also during the beginning of the concert Adam had signaled to lower his mic.

    Also he can’t hear the audience singing along, he can see lips moving, but the ear pieces have vocals in one ear and music in the other. That is how he knows when to join in when the others are singing.

  43. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    Thanks adamland – that’s very interesting!

  44. AL says:

    Dragon Attack – close-up video but not great audio – Elmo is alive and well on Adam’s back!
    Who Wants To Live Forever – good video but not great audio –

  45. firstimerob says: I can’t stop watching this. It is the fun Adam and Brian are having with each other. Just love Brian even doing a dance totally getting with Adam’s grove. Adam’s expressions are so adorable especially when Brian tried to get by him to play with the piano guy. I can not get enough of this.

    Thanks so much for all the posts and info, it is a thrill to come here. Can not wait for the recaps from our fellow posters going to London. Lucky guys.

    Posters art work are out of this world talented peeps here.

    Thank you all for this outstanding site, thanks again and again.

  46. firstimerob says:

    I think I put my post in the wrong place.

  47. nkd says:
  48. glambotgram says:
  49. Oksana2000 says:

    I copied this recap from July thread. Better late than never, and this recap belongs HERE

    Good Afternoon!!

    This is going to be second hand recap of Wroclaw concert.
    I just spoke to my friend who is visiting her family in Poland and they happen to live in Wroclaw. She and her two sisters (all 29-ers) got some VIP tickets and went to see Queenbert.
    What can I tell you, we have two more Glamberts!! Ha!
    Before Queen started and other groups were playing, the stadium was 20% full. Then people started coming and the crowd was unbelivable. Almost no room to stand. My friends were trying to leave their comfortable VIP seats and join the crowd but were turned by the security. Yuck!
    Then the show started. These 29-ers were standing, dancing , singing, waving hands and having time of their life. As the rest of the audience.
    The audience was very diverse, from people that grew up with Queen to their grandkids. All singing every song,knowing the lyrics.
    People who never heard of Adam before were very complimentary about him, said that he was very modest, not trying to steal the show but showing respect to Brian and Roger and that he has terrific voice.
    As usual Adam was lucky, because whatever lousy weather was there before it cleared 20 minutes before concert and it was just perfect.
    My friend’s sister said that Adam looks like Elvis!! I wonder where she got that idea from,lol. Anyway , she said that he GORGEOUS!! And the VOICE!!Said that she watched GNT DVD before and it was just so-so for her, but now she understand why people go gaga for Adam.
    The stadium security was very strict, they were checking peeps for liquer cause knowing Polish crowd they didn’t want any scuffles. One could buy a drink in a bar at VIP section, but bringing drinks to GA crowd was verboten..
    As I mentioned before, mayor of Wroclaw provided additional (and free ) transportation from the stadium to Old City Center, where are little restaurants and bars.My friends were so excited after the concert that they stayed until 3AM at some outdoor cafe and were reliving the whole event.
    They said that they were listening to other concert goers that were with them on that bus and everybody was very positive about Adam. I am emphasising this, because I’ve read so much garbage in Polish press before concert (mostly from disgruntled Queen fans) that I’m happy to hear that Adam was embraced by Polish audience.

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