Queen and Adam continue their Australian tour with the first of two back-to-back shows at the Allphones Arena in Sydney. This arena was built for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and with a capacity of 21,000 is the largest permanent indoor venue in Australia.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

World Clock: Queen + AL – Allphones Arena, Sydney, AU – 8:00 PM AEST

Twitter list:

Dinner: audio stream

Set List: Procession, Now I’m Here, Stone Cold Crazy, Another One Bites The Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, In The Lap Of The Gods, Seven Seas of Rhye, Killer Queen, Somebody To Love, I Want It All, Love Of My Life, ’39, A Kind of Magic, Bass Solo, Drum Battle, Under Pressure, Dragon Attack, Who Wants To Live Forever, Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, I Want To Break Free, Radio Gaga, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen

Daily Telegraph review
4 Your Excitement review
Yahoo News review
Sydney Morning Herald review (somewhat negative)

Professional photos – Peter Coates – Inside Edge Photography
Photo gallery from Q105 radio station

Full concert – downloadable file
Full concert youtube (audio only)
recorded parts 2 & 3 (missing part 1)

Sydney #1 Playlist – Jadelle11

‘Now I’m Here’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – supershinhwa

‘Stone Cold Crazy’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Another One Bites the Dust’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – boris petrovski

‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘In The Lap Of The Gods/Seven Seas of Rhye,/Killer Queen’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – CASK

‘Killer Queen’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Somebody to Love’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘I Want It All’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Mez Newen

‘Love of My Life’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘`39’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘A Kind of Magic’ (partial) (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Mez Newen

‘Bass Solo/Drum Battle’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Under Pressure’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Dragon Attack’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Kitty Baroque

‘Guitar Solo’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Tie Your Mother Down’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘I Want to Break Free’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – theoneeyebandit

‘Radio GaGa’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (partial) (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Mez Newen

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘We Will Rock You’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘We Are The Champions’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Colin Hay

‘We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions/God Save the Queen’ (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14 – Mez Newen


193 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (Sydney, AU) 8/26/14

  1. asmallworld says:

    Ms. notdoingsowell barging in

    ulti, can you fill me in?

  2. ultimathule says:

    If I’m reading Dr. Bri’s tweet correctly, could the surprise tonight be Gaga?

  3. asmallworld says:

    Oh. THAT Ms. notdoingsowell.
    Ugh. Neutral

    I really hope they don’t. Tonight doesn’t need to be about doing any favors…

    Those fans deserve better.

    I also think that it could royally tick off some Queen fans.

  4. asmallworld says:

    I suppose if she does end up performing…. it would be under the auspices of paying homage to Freddie. Being that he is an inspiration to her, she may sing one of his songs.

    Regardless, this show is not about shock & weird.
    (sorry if I sound offending to any gaga fans. I truly do respect her gifting & talents)

    This something different all together. QAL is elegant, classic & regal.
    Gaga is, well . . . . very different from that. Two totally different approaches to music. Would be an odd mix, imo.

    Honestly hard to imagine Gaga looking ‘normal’.
    But anyway, my view is not about costumes . . . It’s about a very different persona.

    Okay. I’ve had my say.

  5. cher says:

    Re: Gaga….maybe she’ll be onstage for Radio Gaga since that’s where she supposedly took her moniker from? Frown

  6. ultimathule says:

    AOBTD (theoneeyebandit)

    This is absolutely fabulous –

  7. asmallworld says:

    cher says:
    08/27/2014 at 1:31 am

    Re: Gaga….maybe she’ll be onstage for Radio Gaga since that’s where she supposedly took her moniker from? Frown

    You know, cher I had totally forgotten about that.
    And who knows? If she crashes the party, the audience may totally eat it up.
    One would hope for their sake, anyway.

  8. ultimathule says:

    Metal Glambert ♂ @MetalEmpress
    I hope if Adam does duet with her, he doesn’t hold back. Show her who’s Queen!

    Sums it up for me – then it’d be fine –

  9. ultimathule says:
  10. asmallworld says:

    ultimathule says:
    08/27/2014 at 1:33 am

    AOBTD (theoneeyebandit)

    This is absolutely fabulous –

    Ohhh Myyy. The Boy’s dancing… And his moves. GrinIn Love

    SUPREME . . .

  11. ultimathule says:

    UP (teagirl009)

    This is terrific, too –

  12. ultimathule says:

    27 minutes ago
    Possessed in Sydney!

  13. asmallworld says:

    One more thought:
    With all the PopArt bizarreness… there may be intent to “normalize” her a bit? Thinking

  14. ultimathule says:
  15. ultimathule says:

    6 hours ago · Allphones Arena
    Queen was fantastic, Adam Lambert was ridiculously amazing.

  16. asmallworld says:

    ulti, cher…. Really, if Adam’s Sherwin pants get any tighter… he might just
    cut off his circulation…

    (love how he likes to live dangerously. hehehe. DroolRazzGrin)

  17. ultimathule says:

    Jeff Rollo @biggyrat64
    @DrBrianMay Awesome gig in Sydney last night! Adam Lambert proved a great choice as frontman. Wish I could have met you tho. Fan 40 years!

  18. ultimathule says:
  19. ultimathule says:
  20. ultimathule says:

    7 hours ago · Allphones Arena
    he is a million times more perfect in person, he really is incredible (and extremely attractive omg)

  21. asmallworld says:


  22. ultimathule says:

    7 hours ago
    Ok I admit I was a non believer! Could he fill Freddie’s shoes? I’m pleased to report that @adamlambert did an amazing job! He is talented, witty and sooo good looking (ok I know his preferences don’t lie with my gender!). I enjoyed this show much more than I thought I would and relished the chance to rock along just like my old rock chick days!

  23. ultimathule says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a stream of any kind for tonight?

  24. eywflyer says:

    Tonight’s Sydney show #2 thread will be automatically posted at 4 AM EDT (6 PM in Sydney).

    I have not seen any info on dinner for tonight.

    Since the show will be on from midnight to 2 AM here in Hawaii, I’ll probably be asleep. Will get the thread updated on Wednesday.

  25. ultimathule says:

    26 minutes ago
    Off to a royal affair

    (Why do I feel like Maleficent is on her way – lol)

  26. ultimathule says:
  27. HK fan says:

    So Gagas definitely going…….can’t imagine her sitting in the audience with all the hordes like Adam does when he goes to a concert….and I can’t imagine that she won’t get up and sing if she’s there.

  28. asmallworld says:

    (Why do I feel like Maleficent is on her way – lol)

    Thank goodness she’s not sporting her black curly Brian May look-alike wig.
    That would be just ridiculous.
    Or kinda comical. (thing looks like a fro)

    I can’t decide … LOL

  29. ultimathule says:

    I can fully admit Gaga’s talent/drive/smarts, but still have no interest in her whatsoever.

  30. ultimathule says:

    shoshanna stone @shoshannastone… love this @adamlambert @QueenWillRock

    Shosh approved –

  31. ultimathule says:

    STL (theoneeyebandit) – cuts off before end –

  32. asmallworld says:

    After all these incredible pics & videos. . .
    I really don’t see any difference between apparent “activity” in
    his snug black stretchys … his Under plenty of Pressure pants . . .

    … and the Great Whites.

    So he may as well wear ’em, dangit!

    I wonder what is there not to like? Does he look at himself in the whites and think,
    “Do these make my butt look big?” lol

  33. asmallworld says:

    ultimathule says:
    08/27/2014 at 3:25 am

    shoshanna stone @shoshannastone… love this @adamlambert @QueenWillRock

    Wow, the photos in this are Humongous! In Love

  34. eywflyer says:
  35. eywflyer says:

    Got most of the videos filled in. Still missing Lap of the Gods, Seven Seas of Rhye and the guitar solo. Only have partials for AOBTD, A Kind of Magic, WWTLF and CLTCL.

  36. asifclueless says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Live In Sydney 1, Australia (26-08-2014) [FULL CONCERT]

    Audio only but great. Easy for me to catch up.

    I’m far behind since the Asian Tour. A lot to catch up.

  37. asifclueless says:

    QAL – Sydney Night 1 -8 – 26 – 2014 – FierceMama
    On soundcloud for downloading

  38. asifclueless says:

    New up-loaded videos from Colin Hay’s channel.
    Very good quality.

    Queen and Adam Lambert
    Allphones Arena, Sydney (Day1)
    26th August 2014

  39. ultimathule says:
  40. ultimathule says:
  41. AL says:
  42. ultimathule says:
  43. ultimathule says:

    These pics may have been noted before, but just in case –

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