It’s a hometown welcome for Adam as he and Queen play the SAP Center in San Jose, CA.
Showtime: 8:00pm PDT (11:00pm EDT)

Poster by AL.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Concert Details (From AdamLambertMedia):
World Clock, Show Time, Streamers, Twitter List, Venue Info

Set List: Innuendo, Now I’m Here, Seven Seas of Rhye, Keep Yourself Alive, Hammer To Fall, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, In The Lap of the Gods…Revisited, Somebody To Love, The Show Must Go On, I’m In Love With My Car, Bicycle Race, Fat Bottomed Girls, Machines (Or ‘Back to Humans’), Radio Ga Ga, Love Of My Life, ’39, Doing All Right, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Under Pressure, I Want To Break Free, Take My Breath Away/Who Wants To Live Forever, Last Horizon/Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, Dragon Attack, Another One Bites the Dust, I Want It All, Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Call & Response. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen/Heroes


Photos: DianaKat – SmugMug


‘Intro/Now I’m Here’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Seven Seas of Rhye/KYA/HTF’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – Wild Succulent

‘Hammer to Fall’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Killer Queen/Speech’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘In The Lap Of The Gods/Somebody to Love’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Somebody To Love’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – cwm1224afl

‘The Show Must Go On’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘I’m In Love With My Car’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – atenza544-zeppawillophile

‘Bicycle Race/FBG’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – atenza544-zeppawillophile

‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Machines’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Radio Ga Ga’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘’39’/Doin Alright’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Doing All Right’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – cwm1224afl

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘Under Pressure’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘I Want To Break Free’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

‘WWTLF’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – cwm1224afl

‘Dragon Attack/AOBTD’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – atenza544-zeppawillophile

‘I Want It All’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – atenza544-zeppawillophile

‘BoRhap’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – atenza544-zeppawillophile

‘Freddie C & R’/WWRY/WATC (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – atenza544-zeppawillophile

‘WWRY/WATC/GSTQ’ (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19 – fiercealien

Link to mmadamimadamm’s list of San Jose concert videos


100 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (San Jose, CA) 7/14/19

  1. ultimathule says:

    🌈Lisa💫~ ^v^ @hhh_lisa
    Adam’s voice is out of this world 🙏🏻💗 Thank you for this amazing show, again @adamlambert @DrBrianMay #RogerTaylor You are EVERYTHING! 🎼🎤🎸🥁 #Queen #AdamLambert #TheRhapsodyTour #July14 #SanJose

  2. ultimathule says:

    Lynneville @Lynneville
    AOBTD 1 min


  3. ultimathule says:

    Lynneville @Lynneville
    BoRhap 1 min beginning


  4. ultimathule says:

    Irma G. @Chalpie
    Queen + Adam Lambert #TheRhapsodyTour Beyond fantastic show! #SAPCENTER

  5. ultimathule says:

    🌹MoChuisle♎️ @mmochroi
    3 VIDEOS COMBINED @adamlambert @QueenWillRock @SAPCenter Fat Bottomed Girls🍑

  6. ultimathule says:

    #queenadamlambert #sanjose #adamlambert #queen #whowantstoliveforever 🤯
    (wish I had a better camera than this little ole iPhone 📲) Hey there @javicostapolo 👋

  7. ultimathule says:

    Look at him going down the stairs with confidence and sass

  8. ultimathule says:

    cwm122 @cwm122
    OMG you guys that was INSANE!!! So so so so fun!! The crowd was so into it, singing loud and strong, lots of screaming, so much energy, so much joy #Queen #AdamLambert #QAL #QALSanJose

  9. ultimathule says:

    Tonight was the culmination of 10 days of birthday celebrations for me that took me to London, Rome and San Jose! What a way to end it! @brianmayforreal @rogertaylorofficial @adamlambert crushed it tonight and also played some deep gems!

  10. AL says:

  11. luval says:

    Dr. Brian May

    Me and my Bro’ say THANKS San Jose for a great welcome tonight. Me and my Bro’ might disagree about anything you care to name, but we have learned mutual respect over the years, and somehow when we play together,… (link:…

  12. luval says:

    Already posted? Close up of Doin All Right

    singing “Doin’ All Right” at @SAPCenter

  13. luval says:

    People starting to recognize Javi

    Hi Javi! Smile

  14. luval says:

    His sassy walk down the stairs reminds people of this

  15. luval says:
  16. luval says:

    Judy (@MyEyesBabyEyes)
    7/15/19, 6:33 AM
    #QAL Two plus hours of singing his face off and he doesn’t even break a sweat !! Adam Lambert is a vocal powerhouse !!

  17. luval says:


    The talked review had some really amazing super hq photos . I uploaded them all here, view and download if you want to, so you won’t have to give hits to the site
    Really worth seeing it (link:

  18. riskylady says:

    Brian modified his Instagram about Adam, adding a paragraph addressing those who want impersonator (Martel) and disrespecting Adam. He must have read comments.

  19. luval says:
  20. luval says:
  21. riskylady says:

    ‘39, Doin Alright and intro GFG


    Innuendo and intro

  22. riskylady says:

    OMG OMG OMG We haven’t seen Adam VIBRATE like this in a while!!!! CLTCL and CHEEKY ADAM

  23. riskylady says:

    Adam: Freddie Mercury is a GOD
    Bryan May, 30 minutes later: Adam is a gift from god
    I’m crying

  24. riskylady says:

    Dave Larson @sgtlars
    @SAPCenter was the epicenter for a huge quake tonight. @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert destroyed downtown SanJose! Best concert ever! #freddielives #adamrocksit @DrBrianMay @OfficialRMT #septuagenariansknowhowtorock

    Jason Galvin @Jason_Galvin
    Saw @QueenWillRock tonight. A seminal moment in my life. To see Brian May and Roger Taylor playing the music that has helped me through so many moments in life was beyond words. @adamlambert didn’t need to be Freddie. Nobody is. He knew that. But he was brilliant. Thank you Queen

    Jason Galvin
    Also…I hope I can do something as well as @DrBrianMay plays guitar when I’m his age. The man is a wizard. I really can’t say enough about this show, and the music. In my book, every conversation about the greatest band ever includes Queen. I’ll never forget tonight.

  25. luval says:
  26. luval says:

    VIP party at Queen + Adam Lambert Smile @ SAP Center (link:…

    Looks like it’s a Glambert pre=show party

  27. riskylady says:
  28. glambotgram says:

    Luval Your post at 8:35, Brian makes it sound like he and Roger don’t get along all that well, or really disagree a lot. And he is really pissed at that writer Jim of the article posted. He actually said some really nice things but had to stick his crap in there about a tribute band.

  29. luval says:

    I think Brian and Roger have always had a love/hate relationship but in the Show Must Go On documentary Brian says they get along better than ever now. I’ve always heard or read that Roger was the partier and playboy but Brian was the intellectual. Opposites that finally attract as the years go by.

  30. luval says:

    Roger’s IG. With his closest friend!

  31. glambotgram says:

    Roger’s IG. With his closest friend!

    Haha maybe he is trying to dispute Brian’s post. Grin

  32. riskylady says:

    Our own cwm‘s video of Dragon Attack

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Dragon Attack – San Jose SAP Center – July 14, 2019. So glad that this funky gem is in the set list! Awesome performance! My vid (cwm1224afl on YT)

  33. riskylady says:


    AL, the link above goes to her blog, but not to this list.

  34. AL says:

    AL, the link above goes to her blog, but not to this list.

    I have the link to that list under the BLOGROLL heading on the right.

    QAL 2014/15/16/17/18/19/20 – Google Spreadsheet of Video Links

    The link above is to her actual thread for the concert. She has yet to post any videos though.

  35. riskylady says:

    Oh, ok! She just updated at 10:30 pm! Thanks!

    Great up close Machines (so sexy)

    Also, the whole Doin’ Alright cwm promised me In Love
    THank you, dear whistlin’ roomie!!

  36. sparkle says:

    Loved loved loved his

  37. sparkle says:


  38. sparkle says:


  39. ultimathule says:

    Queen guitarist Brian May rips ‘half-a** critic’ (as in me)
    Brian May not happy with “tribute band” comment

    Jim Harrington continues to dig himself in a hole –

  40. luval says:

    SF Examiner

    A renewed Queen rocks San Jose

  41. ultimathule says:

    QAL San Jose Show @adamlambert @DrBrianMay @QueenWillRock #2

    Beautiful –

  42. ultimathule says:

    Here are a few of my pics from San Jose QAL show! #1 @adamlambert @DrBrianMay @QueenWillRock

  43. ultimathule says:

    I want to ride my bicycle @adamlambert @QueenWillRock @SAP #FantasticConcert

  44. ultimathule says:

    Helen Bovill
    The best of friends – a lovely moment at the end of an amazing show full of style, surprises but most importantly musicianship of the highest order. Queen + Adam are truly a band at the top of their game!

  45. Tothebeat says:

    Although it’s taken a couple of days to return to normal, I wanted to leave a post about the San Jose show that I was fortunate enough to share with cwm and her super-nice family. A note on sitting next to some of them: all three, including cwm, can actually, really sing! And did so with great gusto, in tune and with noteworthy range. I, on the other hand, was only able to handle the “great gusto” part, except when I stopped to listen to them.

    The audience was wonderful, crowd participation just amazing, the sets unbelievable. I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the high tech presentation of the crown scrim/ grid with the wonderfully old fashioned red theater curtains, with its asymmetrical pull ropes – which themselves probably required a certain amount of technical expertise!

    And the actual music, holy moley, the music! It was presented with that precision of sound engineering one would expect from a world class concert. From the opening notes I was transported; it was huge, encompassing, with each instrument (including the voice!) in balance, rather than loud and screechy and muddy. Brian and Roger seem to play with the energy of much younger musicians, but their performance is truly enhanced by the the finesse gained from their age IMO.

    Then there was Adam. I swear he has become not only an even better technical singer, but with that technique supporting his incredible voice, he is even more free to interpret the music so that each of us can truly feel the intent of each song.

    Also, there are the intangibles of the band dynamics. These guys are so comfortable with each other, and having so much fun, that it really communicates a true sense of joy to the crowd. Who doesn’t want to leave the arena steeped in that glow?

    I can only hope every fan gets a chance to experience this! Big Smile

  46. ultimathule says:

    Just a few, of the 135, of my favorite pictures I took on 7.14.19 at the #SAPCenterSanJose …. #RhapsodyTour #AdamLambert #Queen @adamlambert #BrianMay @officialqueenmusic @brianmayforreal

  47. ultimathule says:

    GREAT post, Tothebeat – happy you all had such a wonderful time!

  48. ultimathule says:

    Another “Doin’ Alright/CLTCL” –

  49. Tothebeat says:

    Thanks, ulti, had the best time ever!

    Also just watched the video you posted at 6:19. It was taken from the other side of the stage from our seats and at a level where you could see the whole band. There’s NOTHING like being there, but the videos are such a treat to revisit these performances!

  50. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert: SAP Center San Jose 2019 Full Show Multicam

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