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Tonight Queen and Adam hit the stage at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. A large group of ALLers will be there to enjoy the proceedings.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!
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World Clock: Queen + AL – Madison Square Garden, New York, NY – 7:30 PM EDT

Twitter list:

Dinner: here and here

Set List: Intro, Now I’m Here, Stone Cold Crazy, Another One Bites The Dust, Fat Bottomed Girls, In The Lap Of The Gods, Seven Seas of Rhye, Killer Queen, Somebody To Love, I Want It All, Love Of My Life, ’39, These Are the Days of Our Lives, Under Pressure, Love Kills, Who Wants To Live Forever, Guitar Solo, Tie Your Mother Down, Radio Gaga, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, The Show Must Go On, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen

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mmm222 (Must be logged in to view them)

Videos: New York Playlist – Jadelle11
‘Intro, Now I’m Here’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – adamfan4ever339

‘Stone Cold Crazy’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘AOBTD’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘LOTG, SSOR, Killer Queen’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Somebody To Love’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘I Want It All’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Love Of My Life’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘’39’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – thefilmqueen

‘These Are The Days of Our Lives’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – thefilmqueen

‘Bass Solo’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – thefilmqueen

‘Drum Battle’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – thefilmqueen

‘Under Pressure’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – thefilmqueen

‘Love Kills’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Guitar Solo’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – thefilmqueen

‘Tie Your Mother Down’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Gimme Your Love, Radio Gaga’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – fiercealien (Nicky)

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘The Show Must Go On’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – Adam’s Jersey Girl

‘WWRY, WATC’ (New York, NY) 7/17/14 – fiercealien (Nicky)


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  1. sparkle says:

    Sweet Slaying, Spraying Dreams, ALL!!
    (thanks mmm)

  2. ultimathule says:
  3. riskylady says:
  4. ultimathule says:
  5. ultimathule says:

    All Your Love (riddle601b)

    More on channel

  6. ultimathule says:

    ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert
    Just posted a photo

  7. ultimathule says:
  8. ultimathule says:
  9. ultimathule says:
  10. Nicky says:

    I Want It All HD MSG 07-17-2014

  11. ultimathule says:
  12. ultimathule says:
  13. Nicky says:

    Gimme Your Love & Radio Gaga

  14. Nicky says:

    Who Wants To Live Forever HD MSG 07-17-2014

  15. Nicky says:

    Love Kills HD MSG 07-17-2014

  16. ultimathule says:

    JeremyNewman @JeremyNewman
    I was, I was, ROCKED. Thank you for a glorious rock show @DrBrianMay @adamlambert #QueenMSG

    JeremyNewman @JeremyNewman
    #QueenMSG That show was the 1st in a LONG time that was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. If they are anywhere near you gosee @DrBrianMay & @adamlambert

  17. ultimathule says:

    Video clips (Linda Leseman)

  18. ultimathule says:
  19. cher says:

    Hi all. Just wanted to add also that the MSG show rocked!! The Garden had a great crowd and our guys got a whole lotta love. My friend and I had side of stage seats that faced the right side back of stage. I complained to guest services and a nice gentleman said I was to go to a relo (relocator) person wearing a certain uniform and they would move me. Well, in my area it was an older lady and she said no, only the 1st two rows of my section not me. I told her my friend and I were all the way from Miami and this was our first show at MSG and we were disappointed with our view. Couldn’t even see the side of the big Q. I was more sad for my friend (my bff that provided my cover story for visiting NYC) for whom it would be her first and only show (unless maybe the UK? Laugh ) I must have looked so sad that the lady told me they would have to seat the people who had major issues first and then they would see what they had left, that I was to come back after the show started and go from there. So I went back to my seat and waited for the show to start. Well, since we were seeing behind the big curtain, we could see Dr Bri fine tuning his guitars, the other boys setting up their stuff and checking their instruments and finally, Adam walking up from the back right up the little ramp to the top in front of the Q and take his position, then he started stretching his arms out to the sides and up, getting loose and stretching out his legs a bit. Smile Then the music started, the curtain dropped and the show began. I then got up, walked back out to the same lady’s station and she saw me coming, held out her hand with two tickets and a smile and she said to me, “Go get your friend and get these seats”. I really didn’t even look at the tickets to see where, I just smiled at her, told her I loved MSG even though I’m a Miami Heat fan and waved goodbye at her. Walking back to the theatre I looked at the tickets and they said Floor Section B can’t remember what row ( I still have the tix somewhere) and ran to get my friend and off we went far away and down. Sadly I was to meet dcglam for the first time during Adam’s break because we were near each other but then when we were sent to the floor in another area and I was told I couldn’t get back up because now my tickets were different. Cry Another time dcglam. Anyway, we ended up 7th row center in front of the thrust and those were excellent seats, no one very tall in front of us
    and gosh there were a lot of men, Queen fans in these rows. The entire two rows in front of me were all men. They were having a great time and singing and clapping and seemed to have a lot of fun, hugging and high fiving each other a lot. I think Bri and Adam do take note of the crowd makeup where they perform and adjust their actions accordingly. I noticed Adam was more playful in Toronto, a lot more eye fluttering and teasing and at MSG, during Killer Queen, Bri did not sit beside Adam on the sofa. My opinion was that there were so many men directly in front of them out there that they toned down a bit. Notice Adam spit to the sides, left and right, but not in the center? Too many men there. Grin
    I had several (dh’s) family members at MSG (all sworn to secrecy lol) , 3 cousins in their early 20s who knew nothing about Adam, one barely saw him on idol, the others never, the parents of one who never watched idol but who came with open minds and a girlfriend from Miami who never watched idol either but who came because I told her it was an awesome show. Also my dh’s niece and her hubby who live in Long Island, who had seen Adam on idol but nothing of him since. They ALL loved it! Said it was a great show and that Adam’s voice was incredible. Of course I heard from Dh’s niece that Adam is so good looking and that she and a woman sitting beside her were bonding over their shallowness staring at him. Said he should be procreating multiple gorgeous kids. Laugh Grin
    All in all, a very good show and we had a fun preshow dinner at the Tick Tock Diner. Thanks riskylady for arranging that. We drove the waitresses crazy but we were having a blast and were very noisy. We met two ladies from New Zealand who we invited to sit with our group and also invited them to our blog here. Hope northernspirit got their contact info.

  20. Kiwi says:

    I know who those ladies were Cher

  21. cher says:

    Axxxel says:
    07/18/2014 at 5:56 am
    @Cher and @jlurksacto … Finally I know how the famous Cher looks like !! Thank you once again Cher for being so kind before my visit to see Adam in Singapore and setting me up with Hakuna Matata and the efforts you both made so that I can get Adam’s acoustic songs… Hope you enjoyed your show well @ MSG

    Hi axxxel!! Reading backwards and just saw your post! Well, as you can see by jlurks’ expose, you weren’t missing anything much by finally seeing what I look like. Grin MSG was fantastic! It felt so epic being in there! Can u imagine how Adam felt and Bri was so emotional being back there as well. Our peeps who were in Philly the night before said Adam held back a bit vocally so they were expecting him to let loose at MSG which he certainly did. MSG holds over 18,000 people and it was pretty packed to the rafters. Grin Really good show and they were shown much love.
    Yep, as rs said, we finally met Hakuna matata that afternoon for the first time and it was great. Also met MonicaLinder, her hubby, Cynthia101 and cgesq’s hubby for the first time also. Hakuna hadn’t seen Adam since Singapore with you and she was so happy to meet us and loved the show. I will tell her hi for you. She has the same email from those days. Hope they’ll come somewhere near you so that you can see the awesomeness of this show for yourself. Hugs to you. cher

  22. cher says:

    Kiwi says:
    07/19/2014 at 6:27 am
    I know who those ladies were Cher

    Awesome Kiwi! Lynn? Please invite them here. She said she wasn’t on twitter. Were you able to get your New Zealand tix? She said her niece was going to buy hers since the presale was during the MSG concert. How many people does that venue hold?

  23. cher says:

    Since I’m postho-ing without sleep as usual, I might as well continue. Thank goodness this hotel’s internet works pretty well. Am still in NYC until Sunday. My bff and I spent the day with M and P. P will be uploading the full MSG concert in 3-6 parts by sunday he said. We walked and walked for hours today, went to Chinatown and Times Square and took the subway twice, got lost a bit then got to Central Park and took a horse buggy ride around it. Very nice evening, perfect weather and temperature. Dino the horse was a bit smelly esp depending on which way the wind was blowing and you should have seen M’s face when that happened and she kept holding her nose. Too funny. She was closest to the horse’s arse. Grin We ate too much today. They started with breakfast with riskylady and riskyhubby before they left for home, then chinatown lunch with us and snacks in between then Thai for dinner and then 3 desserts. NY cheesecake, a berry scone and red velvet cake, all very very good. Need to diet when I get home. I’ve literally been living out of a suitcase since July 2nd. Have only been home for 2 nights since then. I will never catch up on my paperwork when I get back Sunday night. forget about sleep. What’s that? Then I have to leave the following Saturday again to go pick up my mom in Toronto to bring her to my home for a month to give my sisters there a break. She has some Alzheimers and a bit of dementia but otherwise her health is good. So since I’ll be there next weekend, I’ll just have to catch the last Queenbert show won’t I? ROTFL

  24. adamized says:

    Cher love your list of friends and food and of course the smelly buggy ride. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer fed the horse a huge can of beef-o-roni right before taking out George’s perspective in-laws for a ride around the park.

    Happy that you get to go to the last show (for now) while doing your sisters and mom a good act.

    mmm and I had to leave NY by 2 yesterday but were able to squeeze in a lovely and very filling breakfast at The Malibu Diner (would recommend it) with luval and her friend. Lots of wonderful stories amid the calories. We then took a walk with northern spirit to Madison Square Park. It was a perfect spot. NS amazed us by eating a felafel so neatly that not a drop was wasted as she told us a bit about herself and family. It is always a pleasure to have time with part of the glamily in a smaller setting.

    Before I do my slight recap of the MSG show I want to give kudos to my traveling companions, mmm; nkd; and cwm who made the Philly show a true night to remember. The location of our seats at the tip and slight right of the thrust can never be beat. Then to have such lovely exuberant company throughout the show made it feel like we were more participants than audience. I was physically and mentally depleted at the end. I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like for Adam and Queen. Probably feels like the end of running a marathon.

    MSG in contrast was a much more relaxing high for me. My sister from NJ took the train in and we had dinner with our niece before the show closer to the Broadway area. We then strolled to MSG and got to our seats well before the show. Our vantage point was to the left of Cher’s original seats and at an angle where we could see part of the Q. I had my binoculars and was able to catch all the expressions on Adam’s face no matter where he stood. I was nervous for him and was a bit worried when he called out to the audience so early in the show and got an underwhelming response. I shouldn’t have worried because before too long he had every one eating out of his lovely hand. He had a huge smile plastered on his face the entire night and his voice was at it’s strongest and loveliest. The review from the NYT’s is a travesty but as others have said it really doesn’t matter. The audience knows when they experience something special.

    TG we have such wonderful fans to capture these performances. A true gift for the ages.

  25. milwlovesadam says:

    I am loving the recaps everyone. So much.

    So glad you all had such a wonderful time together in Philly and NY, the show is one thing, the time together is another special part of this whole experience.

    I really don’t think any of us expected all of this when we became fans of the man and ventured on-line.

    And, Cher, your story with M in the back of the horse and buggy makes me laugh out loud, knowing her now, OMG, you must have been nearly falling out of that carriage with laughter. Too funny!!

  26. milwlovesadam says:

    Left a message on the planning thread for Toronto.

  27. mieps says:

    Ha, ha, Ademized, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read about the horse. I can imagine what M looked like Wink
    Good to hear you had a great time! (Of course I didn’t expect any less.) It’s great to hear how everybody manages to meet up and have a great time.
    And, Cher, good to see you and Linda are looking forward to London! I don’t think I’ll be able to go to Europe this time Frown

    Bit jealous of the Toronto group who will have another show in their back yard. I’m sure you’ll have another blast!

  28. ultimathule says:

    Great pic of Brian and Adam – (think Philly)

  29. ultimathule says:
  30. ultimathule says:

    EM.ES @Sroczka79
    GRRRRRR VIA @Kyo_jp

  31. ultimathule says:


    “The Show Must Go On”

  32. milwlovesadam says:

    Adam in red –

    Wipes drool from chin Okay, now, it’s a bit early in the morning to be drooling into my smoothie.

    Jeez, ulti, ‘ya could give a gal some advance warning. Gimme a break.

    Fans self

    Thanks Blush Drool In Love Devil Devil Devil

  33. ultimathule says:

    ’tis a beauty, mils – lol

  34. ultimathule says:

    Brooke Wendle @brookesauce75
    @adamlambert w/Queen! A must see!

    Eli Lieb @elilieb
    @adamlambert MAJOR! Proud of you for kicking so much ass!

  35. ultimathule says:

    Beautiful in black and white – with a touch of red –

  36. ultimathule says:

    Melinda @melirose89
    @adamlambert missing Madison Sq Garden so much! it was such a magical experience! i wish i could relive it 100 times over! <3

  37. ultimathule says:

    The Lambrits @LambritsUK
    RT @thefilmqueen: All of my MSG QAL vids have been uploaded to…, I’ll add a a playlist in a couple hours.

  38. cher says:

    From the Queen fan’s Philly review:
    The shocking part was that it was a lot of younger people there to see Adam. There is no way a lot of these people were Queen fans. They were Adam fans. It was amazing to see their reaction when he would sing and come close to them. I had no idea his fans would make up that much of the crowd. I know he is tremendously talented, but for people to come see him sing songs that were almost all older than him was kind of amazing.

    I think the younger people he was referring to included our squealing fangirls nekkid, cwm, mmm222 and adamized don’t you? ROTFL ROTFL
    Naughty naughty girls!! Those recaps still have me cracking up as well as the shenanigans at the airport while waiting for cwm. Grin

  39. ultimathule says:

    pic from 2 weeks ago – but look at that upper chest – no wonder he can sing with the power he does –

  40. ultimathule says:
  41. ultimathule says:
  42. milwlovesadam says:
  43. ultimathule says:
  44. ultimathule says:

    That’s the “I gotcha, babe” look, mils – lol

    And #4 – so graceful – beautiful positioning – like a dancer –

  45. ultimathule says:

    Best line –

    “Obviously he is no Freddie Mercury, and that’s OK. The minute you stop looking for Freddie is the minute the fun really starts.”

  46. nkd says:

    We are glancing at or drooling over our photos from the shows. Adam is beaming! What a wonderful ride this has been.

  47. milwlovesadam says:

    Best review yet, all tour long. The author actually did his due vigilance, and did his research right. No errors here!! And, he really respected our guy.

  48. ultimathule says:
  49. ultimathule says:
  50. ultimathule says:

    Short review – “game changer”

    (reviewer saw Chicago performance)

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