It’s the first of 3 shows in London. Tonight the guys play the SSE Arena Wembley before moving over to the O2 for the other 2 shows.
Showtime: 8:00pm BST (3:00pm EDT)

Poster by @foxvegas.

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Concert Details (From AdamLambertMedia):
World Clock, Show Time, Streamers, Twitter List, Venue Info

Set List: Tear It Up, Seven Seas of Rhye, Tie Your Mother Down, Play the Game, Fat Bottomed Girls, Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Bicycle Race, I’m In Love With My Car, Another One Bites the Dust, Lucy, I Want It All, Love Of My Life, Somebody To Love, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Drum Battle, Under Pressure, I Want to Break Free, Take My Breath Away/Who Wants To Live Forever, Guitar Solo, The Show Must Go On, Radio Gaga, Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Call & Response. Encore: We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, God Save The Queen





‘Tear It Up/SSOR/TYMD’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – janna

‘Seven Seas of Rhye’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘Play The Game’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘FBG’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘Killer Queen’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Juan Saavedra

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘AOBTD’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘Lucy/Riffs/IWIA’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – janna

‘Love Of My Life’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘Somebody To Love’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – janna

‘Drum Battle’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

‘Under Pressure’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Juan Saavedra

‘UP/I Want to Break Free’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – janna

‘Take My Breath Away/WWTLF’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Andrea

‘The Show Must Go On’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Moimoisuomirock

‘Radio Gaga’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Juan Saavedra

‘BoRhap’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Juan Saavedra

‘FreddieC&R/WWRY/WATC’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Juan Saaverda

‘We Are The Champions’ (London, UK) 7/1/18 – Ekmo GL

Link to mmadamimadamm’s list of London concert videos


85 Responses to LIVE: Queen + Adam Lambert (London, UK) 7/1/18

  1. ultimathule says:

    Show one done, two more to go! Thanks for an amazing concert, so much energy and happiness @adamlambert @QueenWillRock

  2. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert Wembley 7/1/18 My pic

  3. ultimathule says:

    Still buzzing from @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert in Wembley Arena. #QALWembley

  4. ultimathule says:

    theatheniangirl’s IGS #QALWembley

  5. ultimathule says:

    10 pics in carousel #QALWembley suzzy1209.

    What a night … Queen and Adam Lambert live at The SSE Wembley Arena

  6. luval says:
  7. luval says:

    Helen Bovill
    ‏ @HBovill
    3m3 minutes ago

    Adam Lambert up close. Just an amazing singer and entertainer! I love hearing people talking about him after the show – I’ve never heard anything negative said about him.

  8. luval says:

    Maybe I posted this

    Alice Fearn
    ‏Verified account @alice_fearn

    There are really no words to describe what I witnessed watching @adamlambert & @QueenWillRock tonight. The artistry, the production, the guitar solos, the outfits, THAT VOICE and the dedications to Freddie throughout make it the perfect concert. I am in awe! Wow 👏🏼👏🏼

  9. ultimathule says:

    Love these pics –

    Brian May and Adam Lambert #QALWembley part6

  10. luval says:

    Miss Cailín;
    ‏ @MissCailin_
    2h2 hours ago

    Life update: I’ve suddenly developed a big ass crush on @adamlambert and I’m not mad

  11. ultimathule says:

    He’s doing the fandango🕺🎶🕺 😅😅 @adamlambert #QALWembley

  12. luval says:


    ‏ @citygirl36
    3m3 minutes ago

    ‘The Must Go On’ was fkn phenomenal tonight at @ssearena @adamlambert @QueenWillRock I don’t know how you do it Adam. Just when I think you can’t possibly go any higher or push it any further…you do. In awe.

  13. ultimathule says:

    👑 #QALWembley theatheniangirl ig stories

  14. luval says:

    Love the looks on the faces of the ladies (and a couple of guys?) in the background

  15. luval says:
  16. ultimathule says:

    LOOOVE that pic, luval!

  17. luval says:

    ‏ @14gelly
    51s52 seconds ago

    “mikemartin1990 A-dam good guy! Top night
    @adamlambert @QueenWillRock

  18. luval says:

    I love audience pictures…whole arena or from the audience.

    eta: and truck pictures. lol

  19. luval says:


    Escorpio Wink
    ‏ @ScorpioBert
    6m6 minutes ago

    aww, listen to them chanting “Adam”

  20. ultimathule says:

    georgie🐝 @mercyy4mendes
    Adam Lambert’s vocals are out of this fucking world holy shit

  21. luval says:
  22. ultimathule says:

    I WANT IT ALL #QALWembley

    Great pic –

  23. ultimathule says:
  24. ultimathule says:

    @adamlambert #QAL #QALWembley fabulous thankyou! #adamlambert

    good one –

  25. riskylady says:

    This opening video by Juan Saavedra is excellent too, SO CLOSE!

    His STL that luval posted above at 8:51 is better too, close up and their faces are priceless. Great sound.

  26. ultimathule says:

    Simon Apps @simonapps
    Last time I saw Queen perform at Wembley Arena it was 1984 and Freddie was still with us. Loved how @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert honoured his memory this evening. A stunning performance that he would have been proud of.

  27. ultimathule says:

    ✨👑✨ Cape on Cape Off photos by Andrea @allthatispink
    #QALWembley @adamlambert #wembleyarena

  28. luval says:
  29. luval says:

    ‏ @tinapglambert
    5h5 hours ago

    CAN YOU HEAR ME SOBBING?!?😭😭😭 JESUS CHRIST WHAT A PERFORMANCE!!! @adamlambert @QueenWillRock last night in Wembley! A big thank you for the video Janna/TY !!!👏🏼❤️😘❤️😭👏🏼

  30. luval says:

    ‏ @kinkykiedis
    3h3 hours ago

    Met some fantastic people last night who couldn’t stop praising Adam. Even the security guys where I was sat were gobsmacked. One guy had tears in his eyes how much he enjoyed it. Then on my way to get some food I met another fan who was so happy they’d found Adam & tour again 😍

  31. riskylady says:

    Lucy, riffs, I Want It All by Janna

  32. luval says:

    Brian May Guitars
    ‏ @BrianMayGuitars
    5m5 minutes ago

    Smiles all round as 3 generations of @QueenWillRock fanatics (in official costume!) meet @DrBrianMay at Wembley Arena. “Brian was over the moon at our attire… Having the @BrianMayGuitars shirts was the icing on the cake to an amazing night + we’re very grateful” Dave Fordham.

  33. luval says:
  34. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert at The SSE Arena, WembleyAlbumsQueen + Adam Lambert at The SSE Arena, Wembley
    20 Photos
    Photos by Aron Klein

  35. ultimathule says:

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