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  1. milwlovesadam says:

    8 hours ahead there.

    Hoping to hear from our friend rs any news of the show!!!

  2. rs says:

    I am having dinner with cgesq before the show. Hoping to see mr also. Excited!!!!!!!

  3. rs says:

    Filling up nicely

  4. riskylady says:


    “ I’m gonna sing this like I’m right next to each one of you” ~ Adam Lambert before singing ‘Closer’ , Tel Aviv

    Also, great pic.

  5. riskylady says:

    @adamlambert tonight ! Sex On Fire
    lidumnieki stories


  6. riskylady says:

    JUN 13: Helper for today!


    9:00pm IDT / 2:00pm EDT
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  7. riskylady says:

    The sound was great, he sounded amazing! 3 gigs in 4 days in 3 countries! I’m glad he kept his commitment in Israel, some artists haven’t.

  8. rs says:

    Just got home after an hour’s delay because of roadworks. The show was fabulous! We went down to the front until security made us move back, but we found a great spot where we could stand and dance. The minute Adam came out, looking gorgeous in that sparkly black suit, I felt like I had just come home. The acoustics in the newly renovated hall, which is the home of the Israel Philharmonic orchestra, are superb and Adam sounded soooo good. There were songs that I don’t really like so much from the album, like Sex on Fire, that I just loved. The audience was mostly young(although I did see a couple of very sparkly middle aged glamberts) and gave Adam lots of love and enthusiasm. My only problem was that the concert was too short! After less than an hour he said thank you and left the stage, only to come back to sing three Queen songs. All together less than an hour and a quarter. cgesq said that we needed another ten or a hundred songs! So we listened to him all the way home! We have said it countless times before, but I will say it again: Adam’s voice live is absolutely the best!

  9. luval says:

    Thanks for the recap rs

  10. luval says:
  11. luval says:

    The Original High tonight in Tel Aviv

    I had the time of my life!!!


  12. luval says:
  13. luval says:
  14. luval says:

    waving the gay pride flag of Israel tonight while singing We Are The Champions!
    Ending the show with Vocals!!
    They let the audience in the front and Adam went right there!
    via nastia_tsvetaeva


  15. luval says:
  16. luval says:

    YES! /
    performed his new hit tonight again! “Believe/ The Muffin Man!” One min video!


  17. riskylady says:

    Lol pants at Summertime Ball and tonight falling off, jacket on Sunday a little large! That weight just melting off. Hope he’s taking care and eating well. Looks soooo good.

  18. milwlovesadam says:

    All the vids from today in Tel Aviv are just terrific!
    He’s in prime form.
    The couture
    The hair
    The makeup
    The accessories

    All his outfits keep getting too big.

    Yes. He’s melting. And. It looks like healthy weight loss.
    Whatever He’s doing….me likey!!!

    He’s just stunning. And inspiring.

  19. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert : at The Culture Palace in Tel Aviv – some video clips and photos


  20. ultimathule says:

    PRO PHOTOS/ @adamlambert performance in Tel Aviv ????????


  21. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert in Tel Aviv/performance clips/M & G/w fans/ leaving the venue, June 13


  22. ultimathule says:

    West Coast Adam Lambert Tel Aviv 13 June 2023


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