Adam flowered in May with appearances on Idol and Ellen and doing several media interviews to promote his “New Eyes” single. With an upcoming concert on GMA at the end of this month, fans will finally be able to see Adam live performing his own music before he heads out with Queen for their Rhapsody tour.

Enjoy the chat!

Photos above credited to Idol, Franz Szony and Rankin. Click to enlarge.

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And if you want to stimulate your cerebral senses why not check out the puzzle page for a new jigsaw puzzle (Those Eyes), crossword (Plush Sounds), word search (May Flowers) and Adamoku/Sudoku (GLAMBERTS)!!

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Adam Lambert – New Eyes (Official Video) (5/15/19)

Adam Lambert – New Eyes (The Ellen Show) (5/31/19)

Adam Lambert – Feel Something (Live Session) (2/27/19)
QAL 2019 Oscar Opening Performance (2/24/19)
Adam Lambert – Feel Something [Official Audio] (2/22/19)
NBC Elvis Special “Blue Suede Shoes” (2/17/19)

Link to more videos…


625 Responses to June 2019 Chat

  1. luval says:


    talks about @QueenWillRock
    his new album #Velvet
    #NewEyes and more

  2. luval says:

    Awwwwww @DrBrianMay

  3. luval says:

    DILAMBERT (@dianik_bg)
    6/21/19, 5:49 PM
    ‘She made it all to the top 36 on Season 8, bonding with Adam Lambert (“he’s just so talented and such a good dude, I just adore him,” she said)’

  4. luval says:

    jo (@jok1213)
    6/23/19, 5:50 AM
    OMG just seen ⁦‪@adamlambert‬⁩ on MTV rocks UK tv advertising inviting you to watch him on MTV pride from the 1st to the 7th July 🎤👑❤️❤️

  5. luval says:

    Ssssh! Ramping up to Tour… #QAL #QALtour2019

  6. luval says:

    Jojo💖💜💙 (P❣nk’s White Ra️bbit🐰🐇) (@JustAGirlFTPink)
    6/22/19, 3:04 PM
    …Can we all take a moment to realize and appreciate just how INSANE and amazing ⁦‪@adamlambert‬⁩ and his vocals is and are? 👀🔥💕
    Please, thnx❤

    NR Allen (@NikkiRAEarly)
    6/22/19, 8:44 PM
    ⁦‪@JustAGirlFTPink‬⁩ ⁦‪@dianik_bg‬⁩ ⁦‪@adamlambert‬⁩ My sister has an extensive background in music and a master’s degree in it. We geek about his range! Curious, I went back and caught some old AI seasons. He really does blow everyone else away when it comes to performance, versatility, music interpretation, and stage presence

  7. luval says:

    GELLY (@14gelly)
    6/21/19, 2:20 AM
    ⁦‪@adamlambert‬⁩ tries rap battling!!…
    via ⁦‪@fitzyandwippa‬⁩

  8. luval says:

    billboard (@billboard)
    6/22/19, 8:00 PM
    Here are 15 #GRAMMYs categories we’d love to see in 2020

    (no Adam mention but interesting)

  9. luval says:

    Thank you!! RT @kirstyives
    : @14gelly
    Just caught this!

  10. ultimathule says:

    Adam’s instagram stories, flying from London to NYC, sneak peek of his QAL outfits, June 22

  11. ultimathule says:

    This rap battle is so much fun – and he’s pretty good, too!

  12. milwlovesadam says:

    What channel is Ru Paul talk show on?
    What day is Ellen?

    Setting DVR.

  13. luval says:


    VIDEO @adamlambert
    “COMIN IN HOT Comin at ya 6.26 feat @ miss_shalae directed by @ milesandaj

    (sound isn’t what I thought it might be)

  14. luval says:

    mils The Ru Paul show is not on any network in my area so I don’t know. Some Fox network I think.

  15. ultimathule says:

    Angel_nDisguise @Angel_nDisguise
    🎉🎶JUN 27 – NEW YORK🎶🎉
    “Intimate performance & conversation”
    TIME: 5:30pm-8:00pm EDT

    Didn’t locate any info about this being recorded or streamed, so if anyone sees more info not on the calendar, please let me know!

  16. glambotgram says:
  17. glambotgram says:

    I found this about the RuPaul Talk Show, it’s only on in select markets.

    RuPaul premieres Monday, June 10 on Fox stations in
    New York (WNYW FOX 5 at 7 p.m. and WWOR My9 at 5 p.m.),
    Los Angeles (KTTV FOX 11 at 6 p.m. and KCOP My13 at 8 p.m.),
    San Francisco: (KTVU FOX 2 at 2 p.m. and KTVU Plus 13 at 3 p.m.),
    Houston (KRIV FOX 26 at 3 p.m.),
    Phoenix (KSAZ FOX 10 at 2 p.m.),
    Minneapolis (WFTC My9 Plus at 8 p.m.), and Charlotte (WJZY FOX 46 at 10 a.m.).

  18. luval says:

    NEW PHOTO @DeltaGoodrem
    Proud of my friends teams! @kellyrowland

    #goodteams #goodtimes @thevoiceau
    with the phenomenal @adamlambert
    performing #NewEyes

  19. luval says:

    So lovely when you get an impromptu Wicked/Aida reunion with @adamlambert
    @ bwendle @ pjchursin Happy Birthday @ stretchyman (link:

  20. luval says:

    in New York tonight with friends.

    “My birthday weekend has come to an end. I’m so happy these crazy people wanted to spend a Sunday dinner with me” (link:

  21. luval says:

    Boy George
    Watching the #whenQueenMetAdamLambert documentary on @Channel9
    in Sydney. Such a positive, uplifting documentary! @adamlambert

  22. luval says:

    “I was feeling in a sexy kinda way . Love is good medicine and it makes you make real good music”

  23. luval says:

    Adam Lambert shares advice for the Top 16
    Special guest Adam Lambert talks about his relationships with our four Coaches and sheds some advice for our Artists.

  24. riskylady says:

    I remember seeing that RuPaul’s show will be also on a YouTube channel. The premiere from last Monday is up, 42 mins, so I’m guessing today’s show with Adam will show up maybe tomorrow. I subscribed, so hopefully will get a notification. Here’s last week’s show.

  25. luval says:

    Australia just got TSMGO documentary. So many lovely comments!

    I’m currently watching the Queen + Adam Lambert documentary Australian premiere and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Adam Lambert’s rendition of Who Wants To Live Forever is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard in my life. @adamlambert

    Brenda McGuirk
    Just saw the Queen and Adam Lambert doco in Australia. You are Awesome

    Watching The Show Must Go On – OMG, I am so pumped for Feb2020 in Sydney @adamlambert
    Big Queen fans in our house and with you out front, cannot wait – your voice is amazing!

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