Hi everyone!   I realize some of you don’t like the eyes pictures but I think this one is beautiful.  I think of looking ahead to the Festival, new single, next album and tour when I look at this picture.  This month all of us will have a huge treat to look forward to with Adam performing at the St. Agathe en Feux Festival and my good friend Suz526’s videos on 7/29!   Please keep us all updated on the plans of the rather sizeable group of you who will be attending this concert as those of us who can’t make it to Canada will live vicariously through you for this one!

Thursday evening July 7th update: thanks to angelowal, we now have a translated link to FAQs for the Festival!


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  1. turquoisewaters says:

    It looks like everyone is getting on their way now. Happy travels, all! Adam and Sauli seem to have decided to hike to Quebec. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/812/53541992.jpg/ Reapply sunblock frequently! I hope they’ll make it on time.

  2. nkd says:

    turquoisewaters, I love that picture! Those boys better pick up the pace, they’ve got 3 days!

    Ron, no passport today? Frown
    Will you be leaving before mail delivery tomorrow?
    I’m glad you have your receipt ready, but what a hassle! We should go take care of that Thursday, if possible! See you tomorrow! I can’t believe I just said that!!! Smile

    I certainly cannot say it better than Cher and kradamour, but for all of you here, unable to attend the festivities, you will be in our thoughts and our hearts, and in every bite of poutine, whether eaten with a fork, fingers, or a spork!
    Love you all! Smile

  3. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    You guys have a wonderful time!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Smile. Be safe!

  4. cwm says:

    I hope that all of you who are going have a fabulous time!! I know you will! Thanks in advance for thinking of us and bringing us as much of the experience as you can. I can’t tell you how many times I have second-guessed my decision not to go. I just wish it was closer. I’ll definitely be there in spirit with you, and here in virtual companionship with those of us online. Smile

    BTW, Sauli’s blog post is adorable this week. Here’s the original with pictures:


    And here’s the translation:


    I love the story about the raccoons. Those raccoons are so pesky — we get them in our backyard, too — and I totally believe the part about the raccoons swimming in their pool and getting it muddy. LOL Great pic of the squirrel, too.

    I love these little glimpses into Sauli’s and Adam’s lives. Smile

  5. Ron says:

    Hi turquoisewaters! A very belated Welcome Home and thanks for sharing the croissants! Wink

    nkd says:

    Ron, no passport today?
    Will you be leaving before mail delivery tomorrow?

    Hi nkd! No Passport today. I haven’t had direct contact with jlurksacto so I’m not sure when he expects to be in Toronto tomorrow. I’ll try to reach him on the phone this evening. I can’t know this now but if he arrives at 10am I’m not going to wait for the 11am mail delivery. If he’s here after 11am, then there’s another day for it to arrive.

    We’ll see. Not worried.

  6. TexasWannaHoldEm says:

    Thanks for posting Sauli’s blog, cwm! He seems like such a sweet guy.

  7. ultimathule says:

    For those interested, an article in today’s WashPost by Chris Richards (music critic) discusses how “In an era of iTunes and Amazon, Spotify and Pandora, album sales don’t tell you what they used to. With so many routes to our eardrums, how do we measure the actual popularity of pop music? It’s something various companies are scrambling to figure out.” Worth reading – says that RCA/Jive uses Next Big Sound’s data to help shape the company’s marketing approach. Future of determining popularity is definitely changing with loss of album sales.

  8. turquoisewaters says:

    Ron: waving back at you.
    nkd: thanks for remembering us. I always wanted to be in a bite of poutine. Haha.
    May you all have a wonderful time! Somehow I’m getting all excited myself, and I’ll just be in front of the computer. It has been a long time without Adam concerts. I want to hear him sing! Hopefully even something new!

    cwm: thanks for the welcome back. I am still not at all caught up, so sorry I overlooked your comment.

  9. ultimathule says:

    God Speed All – wish I were with you.

  10. asifclueless says:

    Hi ALL !!!

    I’m soo excited for all of you concert goers.

    Have a great time !!!

    We will be here partying with you. Grin

  11. asifclueless says:
  12. Suz526 says:

    Email from cher – they’re in Montreal and it’s raining . . .

  13. luval says:

    Did you see Sauli’s first blog (I think)?


    Just watched that VH1 video. Just wished Danielle hadn’t said the “what American stands for” thing. Adam IS what America stands for.Considerate, polite, humble, loyal to his friends and family, generous, thankful…I could go on and on of course. But we know what she meant. It just made me cringe. Maybe it was creative editing.

  14. asifclueless says:

    Hi Suz !!! ~~wave~~ Grin

    You were popular at one fansite (atop) when they learned that you’re going to QC. People flailed and squeeed Grin

    We know we will get good quality videos and fast and furious.

    Hope no rain on concert day.

  15. asifclueless says:

    Adam Lambert BTM Peek

    YouTube version in case some can’t get the other one.


  16. Suz526 says:

    Hi asif!!! Counting the hours , , , Rolando’s out of rehab, Vito and Gaston are both packed – we’re ready to go!!!

  17. Oksana2000 says:

    Suz526 says:
    07/26/2011 at 6:07 pm
    Email from cher – they’re in Montreal and it’s raining . . .

    Not to worry. Adam has special deal with God and it NEVER rains during his concert. I remember the one, when 10 seconds AFTER he finished the encore it started to rain, And another one, when it was raining day before and day after, but it magically cleared when Adam took the stage.

  18. ultimathule says:

    Yes, BB looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure there’ll be moments we don’t like (such as the over-dramatic music), but, on the whole, looking at and listening to this beautiful man – one would be hard put to resist him. Many more fans after this program would be my guess.

  19. fwachdr says:

    I’m out of lurking to wish you all a fantastic trip to Quebec. This is so incredibly exciting for those of us at home to be able to follow your travels and see/hear about the concert!!!

  20. Kradamour says:

    Froggie! So good to see your post! I owe you an email – I’m trying! Rolls Eyes but RL is a bear this week and I am far from packed and leaving at dawn (okay, 7 am but for me that is DAWN).
    Glad you will be able to follow the event (but it would have been so much fun to share it with you – next time!) I hope that the glambabies will leave you time to enjoy the concert thread!

  21. glambotgram says:

    To everyone leaving or already on the road, have a great trip and a wonderful “meet and greet” with the 29+ people showing up for dinner. So happy for all that are going. I know we will get great stories, videos, and recaps. I am dreaming of the day we can all make it to a concert. If possible give Adam a sniff and a squeeze for us. Above all HAVE FUN!

  22. luval says:

    glambotgram…was it you that asked me about sniffing Adam in Paris?

  23. Calgary says:

    Thanks, asif we can’t get VH1 here in Calgary, so the YT version was great.

    I hope there will be some way for us to see the whole BTM show after it airs.

  24. glambotgram says:

    luval I don’t remember asking you but I may have. I seem to be obsessed with sniffing Adam. I even dreamed one night that he was at a party at my house and when he left I was chasing him down my sidewalk screaming “Wait I forgot to sniff your neck” LOL

  25. luval says:

    glambotgram…here’s part of my recap:

    When the line was nearing us, Marmom07 says “don’t forget the sniff test”. Geez I had forgotten about this. Thanks Marmom07. And there he was. Tall. Dressed in jeans tucked in boots, tweed jacket with a tshirt underneath. Oh glorious hair! Gives you a hug. And I don’t know how I did it…I was so enthralled…but I sniffed real quick while hugging…at the neck right where the jacket collar is slightly open. Cologne? NO! I smelled body odor! Wonderful sweet skin. Like a human! (lol) Not soap, not shower gel just healthy warm, steaming (I think…maybe I am imagining this…)wonderful skin. It was just a second, but I’ll never forget it. Pheromones. Sexual pheromones. This man exudes them and probably has no idea he does. I am not making this up, believe me.
    It was so fast.Adam looked me straight in the eyes as we were discussing (haha..seconds) the Item I had him sign. Those eyes…light blue, piercing…he demands you look in his eyes as he quickly talks.
    Then Neil’s yelling breaks the spell…hurry up…keep moving…we’re running late.

  26. glambotgram says:

    luval Ahhh Heaven in a recap. Thank you that made my night.

  27. luval says:

    You are welcome, glambotgram!

  28. little dutchess says:

    Out of lurking to say –See you in Ste Agathe on THursday nite. Flying out Wed, morning 7am to Manchester, NH. Visiting family in NH. Then will drive from NH to Ste Agathe on THursday and hope to arrive in time to change and look presentable for Dinner at the Spa. Husband (the Duke!!) and I looking forward to meeting this interesting group of fans that nite. Everyone else-I know will enjoy videos from Suz. Only wish the concert wasn’t GA; I don’t do large crowds well. Wish me luck!

  29. luval says:

    little dutchess…you are not alone regarding GA! Fingers crossed here too.

  30. Miss Chaos says:

    Gosh, have fun everyone, and be safe, and please no rain. Have a fun dinner, and think of us sitting at home waiting for some word, or story about your journey, and of course the main attraction him self, Sir Adam!!!! I hope we get some videos real fast. Will there be a Twitter to follow? And what time will he go on stage for PST?? I want to be glued to my computer along with all the others at home. This is an exciting experience. Praying or hoping for 1 or 2 new songs. Dare he sing PUU or CLYG? Or something new that might be on the album? I just feel it in my bones, we will be surprised.

  31. Northern Spirit says:

    Ron, so sorry to hear you didn’t get your passport yet. WTH?!

    I start stage one of my trip tomorrow, and will leave bright and early Thursday for Ste. Agate with Milkyway, KDD43 and TLKC. We should pull into Watel around 3pm. Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

    Is anyone streaming the concert? I hope those who can’t go manage to connect to something while waiting for Suz526 to get her videos up on YT. We’ll be thinking of you all, wishing you were there.

    See you soon!

  32. Northern Spirit says:

    Little Duchess and Luval, I’m with you about the GA. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. I’ll go to the concert the night before to scope out the venue and see if I’ll stand in the general area or go for the stands for Adam’s concert.

  33. JOJOSIE says:

    All this trip talk is getting me excited. Makes me remember how I felt when Goatie offered to take a 78 yr old fan to see Adam for the first time. After seeing him five times last year you’d think the thrill would be gone, but as you all know Adam fans don’t think that way. I hope you all arrive safely and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. I hope to meet some of you on Adams next tour. MILS, I’ll be at the whine party and in your honor I’ll bring pineapple. It seems to be easier to get here than in Hawaii. j/k

  34. Ron says:

    I really take to heart all of the good wishes people are sending about the concert! Everyone is so thoughtful!

    I just spoke with jlurksacto for the first time since he began his drive from California. He’s in Canada :!: in London, Ontario which is about 100 miles from Toronto. Final arrangements have been made to pick me up between 9:30am – 10:00am tomorrow then on to Montreal to meet Cher and nkd. YAY!

    jlurksacto had a very nice “Adam Moment” at the border crossing but I’ll let him tell you about it. Wink

  35. adamland says:

    Have safe journeys everyone who is going to St. Agathe and also loads of fun!!!

  36. eywflyer says:

    Good evening, posting the first Costa Mesa recap early since I’ll be on the road all day on Wednesday Smile


    Looking forward to a great couple of days with the dinner and concert!

  37. Kradamour says:

    Northern Spirit, I’m planning to go to see Eric LaPointe also. We can reconnoiter together if you like!
    I should be packing. Actually, I should be packed.
    Everyone tweet Adam to Pick U(s) up in Ste Agathe! I am hoping hard for that!
    Off to finish packing…
    Lurkers, please come out on Friday night to flail with everyone! So many of us will be at the concert that reinforcements will be needed for the party here on the blog! I know that you will be offered a drink and a hug by everyone here! You won’t be sorry you came! Smile

  38. ultimathule says:

    Will be checking in, Kradamour. So looking forward to hearing his voice again. Love to all.

  39. milwlovesadam says:

    Okay, so, true geek that I am, and to add more whine to my agenda, what time should we be at our keyboards on Friday to participate in this extravaganza?

    PS. I’m Central Time.

    Jo- I’ll brew up some pineapple tea from Hawaii. I just listened to the Silent Soaked from Hawaii. Just had to. After waxing poetic about it last night the way I did.

    Love the BTM teaser. Nothing new, but, still the antici—pation is killing me.

  40. asifclueless says:

    It was so fast.Adam looked me straight in the eyes as we were discussing (haha..seconds) the Item I had him sign. Those eyes…light blue, piercing…he demands you look in his eyes as he quickly talks.
    Then Neil’s yelling breaks the spell…hurry up…keep moving…we’re running late.

    luval …You should thank Neil for saving your life. I would be dead if I were that close to him and had him look straight in the eyes.

    I was chasing him down my sidewalk screaming “Wait I forgot to sniff your neck” LOL

    glambotgram LOL …funny Grin

  41. turquoisewaters says:

    eywflyer: Can I just throw in a big thank you for posting those GN recaps? I love to go back and rediscover gems on slow days.
    Not to mention of course that without Suz526, there would have been a lot less to post. Glad you both can go to St Agathe. And of course the one and only kradamour, who (from what I remember) single-handedly dreamed this concert into existence.

  42. Calgary says:

    It’s a good thing some of us are staying home – so the folks who went to see Adam have a hungry audience for whom they can wax poetic ad infinitum about their experience. Take note, concert goers – we need endless reports, starting with your drive to Ste Agathe and ending with your description of Adam’s neck!

  43. cher says:

    Hi everyone. riskylady and I arrived about midday and it was warm and sunny. Then we went walking about 3pm and it started to pour rain!! We had to take a taxi back to the hotel just 1 block away! Frown The temperature got much cooler with the rain. Then by the time we went to pick up floridagirl and margie32127 at the airport ( didn’t get lost too much) about 5pm it was warm and sunny again and stayed nice all evening. We ate a good dinner outdoors, but my companions passed on poutine tonight Frown Tomorrow we’re definitely having some for lunch. Well, all but riskylady who refuses to try it. Shall we say “Squawk, squawk” ? Smile

  44. asifclueless says:

    Thanks …cher … for the update.

    Enjoy every word.

    I’m a starving audience, Okey? Wink

  45. cher says:

    Apparently no one is gonna get any sleep in this Montreal hotel room tonight. Frown The bed floridagirl and riskylady are sharing seems to be a giant whoopee cushion! Every movement generates a loud noise like you know what. It’s a scary thing. There goes another sleepless night. Frown j/k
    There are so many restaurants in downtown Montreal!! Blocks of them, all types and kinds. Lots of choices for eating. wow!!
    Looking forward to seeing ladybugs again and meeting Nekkid and her daughter for the first time. Then cgesq and two friends will be arriving shortly after. Obviously those two reprobates named jlurksacto and Ron soon after! Behave yourselves and drive carefully! Smile
    eta – Can u tell we’re not staying at the Ritz? Smile

  46. rs says:

    Thanks for the updates cher. Keep them coming. Like asifclueless says, we are a starving audience and telling us about the food, meeting each other, and of course, seeing Adam (not necessarily in that order, lol) is “almost” as good as being there.

  47. adamized says:

    Been up for a bit already. Too excited to sleep and must pack. So excited about road trip with Kradamour, Ceddies, and Luval! The journey should be more than half the fun.

    It sounds like Sauli is going on a trip this week. Do you think we can safely presume that he will be in St Agathe with us? Did anyone let Adam and the band know they were invited to join us for dinner? Of course there would be room for Sauli as well. Always room for one more.

    Love the recaps of the recaps. We are finally able to make some new memories the next few days and for the next several months. I am visualizing new music and am not giving up hope to here CLYG live.

  48. cwm says:

    Sounds like the travelers are starting to be on the move! Safe journeys!

    For those of you curious about Sauli, here is a translation of an old interview that was in a gay Finnish magazine back in 2008, shortly after his Big Brother win. It gives a bit of his history and background, and additional insights into what he’s like.


  49. Ron says:

    RE; QUEBEC @ADAMLAMBERT CONCERT: IMPORTANT: the venue is giving out numbers. You don’t have to camp out ( they won’t let you) so me and @It’s_JustCarter have #1/#2 and if you go to the box office with your ticket they write down the number and give you a ticket. Also! NO VIP AREA! it’s just us fans upclose! Then you come back on Friday at 5. Doors open at 6.

    Good Morning!

    I JUST woke up and have had only a sip of coffee. Sleepy. The above was emailed to me but I don’t know this person so I can’t be sure of its validity.

    Sounds like a very organized system if it’s true. No need to hide in the bushes and make a mad dash for the line-up at 5pm. Just go to the line with an assigned number and find your place in it.

    Cloudless, blue, blue sky in Toronto this morning with temperature at 63F. I’m going to bring this weather with me! (gotta get a bigger suitcase). Smile

    ETA: After a second sip of coffee, this sounds like something from Twitter and not to be taken seriously. I’m going to the box-office first thing after unpacking to settle my non-ticket issue. I’ll find out then if this is how they’re going to do things. Would be great if it’s true.

  50. Ron says:

    TLKC just emailed me to tell me that she heard from a friend that the above ticket system is valid. Hope so!!

    I’m off!! Can’t believe it! Seems like only last week I posted, “Just think, only 84 more days to go”. How did the time go by so quickly?

    Have a GREAT party here!! I’m SO hoping there’s “dinner” waiting for you!!

    ‘Bye for now.

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