Welcome ALL to 2021! Looking forward to a better new year after an unusual 2020 to say the least. And there is plenty that is happening this year: Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical, A Bowie Celebration, Cinderella – Original Cast Recording, possible return of THE EU/UK Rhapsody tour, Starstruck as a judge and a role in an animated Netflix series. With all the pop-up appearances that Adam did in 2020 in support of many charities, it is quite likely that we will see plenty of his charitable side as well.

Top photos from Adam’s thank you to fans, Angelo Teves Facebook post from Cove Manilla in 2016 and Adam’s personalized message to @aml4me. Middle photos from the Cyndi Lauper holiday event, the Joseph Sinclair photoshoot and Ratatouille preview courtesy of @SylviavanM1. Bottom photo from @glitterbotstoo from the 2014 QAL concert in Chicago. Click to enlarge!

Enjoy the chat!

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And if you want to stimulate your cerebral senses why not check out the puzzle page for a new jigsaw puzzle (Thanks!), crossword (Hindsight is 2020), word search (20/21) and crossword from the archives (Radio GaGa)!!

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QAL – Somebody To Love (Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016)

QAL – I Was Born To Love You (Summer Sonic, Tokyo, 2014)
QAL – TSMGO (Live At The O2, London, UK, 04/07/2018)

Adam Lambert – VELVET (Official Video) (03/20/20)
Adam Lambert – VELVET (Album Playlist) (03/20/20)


565 Responses to January 2021 Chat

  1. luval says:

    Almost the best tour.

    my heart is a ghost town…

  2. luval says:

    Adam Lambert, Venus Williams Scheduled To Appear On January 26 ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’

  3. luval says:

    Smooth Radio@SmoothRadio
    drummer @OfficialRMT
    rarely sings on stage, but when he does…

  4. ultimathule says:

    Adam looked so gorgeous on Kelly today he answered lots of questions and did several segments. Loved it!

  5. HK fan says:

    I’ve always loved the long coats too Luval….thats why I preferred the final Mad World over the first rendition..because of the long coat and that look to camera…

  6. luval says:

    HK fan…lol I had a couple of long coats and game them to the Salvation Army because I thought the look would never come back!

  7. luval says:

    Ok…here’s Adam’s IG


  8. luval says:

    ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert

    Coming soon..Queen + Adam Lambert ‘Live Around The World’ the Concert Film
    This compilation of concert highlights chosen personally by Brian, Roger & Adam, will be available digitally to download or rent for the very first time!
    Friday 29th January, 2021

    (another birthday gift if you want to call it that)

  9. luval says:

    Photos from that IG. Could be February noms.


  10. luval says:

    NEW VIDEO FROM @adamlambert
    asking us “Should I do a makeup tutorial?”
    Looking gorgeous

  11. luval says:

    Isaiah Firebrace talking about having @adamlambert
    as a mentor on X Factor Australia

  12. luval says:

    The Standard Hotel in LA is closing after 22 years
    We have seen Adam partying countless times there
    He left a comment. “omg too many memories to count. Thank you for such great nights”
    Posting a few photos from times we’ve seen him there


  13. luval says:

    ok…’stare-off’ with @adamlambert
    continues…barely…i’m still in the game.
    after i dropped my feathers, he flinched…but he came back at me with THIS!
    Astonished face
    it was hard, but i’m still hangin’ in there!!


    Duckbert is funny

  14. luval says:
  15. luval says:

    EARLY LOOK / @adamlambert
    Virtual Appearance on @KellyClarksonTV


  16. luval says:

    So there will be an interview with Ryan Seacrest.


  17. ultimathule says:
  18. luval says:
  19. luval says:
  20. luval says:

    Before Glastonbury was cancelled, the organisers behind Reading & Leeds and Isle Of Wight, other gig bosses and medical experts spoke to us about when live music could return in 2021 and what it might look like


  21. ultimathule says:

    Angel_nDisguise 💚@Angel_nDisguise
    PLEASE NOTE… AU events were listed as Jan 25th, but not sure if it’s 1/25 date for the shows in AEDT time zone AU, or if it’s 1/25 date for PST/EST time zones in the US. So I set times/clocks for 1/25 in AU so we don’t miss anything. But they may end up being the next day.😳⁉️

    Quote Tweet
    Angel_nDisguise 💚@Angel_nDisguise
    1/24 (1/25 in AU AEDT)
    1:30-5pm ET | T-o-d-a-y
    2-6pm ET | Kyle & J-a-c-k-i-e O
    2-5pm ET | N-e-w-s Breakfast

    1/26 | 2-3pm ET | Kelly
    1/27 | 8am-2pm ET | Ryan


  22. ultimathule says:

    Carlos Vela (Glambert & Swiftie)@CarlosVelath
    Can’t wait!!!
    Next Friday OMG!!!
    Adam Lambert LIVE FROM THE ROXY 🎙 #LIVESTREAMCONCERT #AdamLambert #BestSinger #StreamVELVET@adamlambert@nocapshows


  23. luval says:
  24. luval says:
  25. luval says:

    About the exclusive signed merch since I get a lot of questions.If you haven’t done ur personal soundcheck for the concert yet.Go to the link they mailed you for the concert, u will see this. Click “Watch” place ur code, it will get you there.Under the soundcheck u see the merch

  26. luval says:
  27. luval says:

    Sunrise Australia. Nice interview

    Almost one year on from his incredible Fire Fight Australia bushfire relief performance, global superstar @AdamLambert
    is returning to the stage for a special virtual concert
    Get your tickets: http://7news.link/AdamLambert

  28. luval says:
  29. luval says:

    VIDEO/ @adamlambert
    on @BreakfastNews
    / Australia /
    Adam talked bt the livestream concerts for his bday, Adam At The Roxy, January 29! Also about Queen & writing a musical!
    “This is my special way to celebrate w my fans and give them the concert experience they didn’t get

  30. luval says:

    Here is the FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW / Adam on K y l e and J a c k i e O, NO TAGS OF ADAM OR THE SHOW PLEASE
    Adam: Oh dude, the quarantine fifteen is totally real, I am just gonna embrace my curves


  31. luval says:
  32. luval says:

    NEW VIDEO/ @adamlambert
    on TikTok!!
    Wow wow!

  33. luval says:
  34. luval says:

    ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert
    Coming soon…from our No.1 album, Live Around The World Concert Film is set for digital release on January 29!

    (I wish they’d release The Show Must Go On: the Queen & Adam Lambert story. I’d love a DVD of that)

  35. luval says:

    PHOTO|Bill Kaulitz on Instagram Stories:”Thanks @AdamLambert
    for my pants


  36. ultimathule says:

    ICYMI: UK music legends have co-signed an open letter to the UK government saying it had broken a promise to negotiate visa-free travel for musicians to perform within the European Union https://reut.rs/3qvcgsW


  37. ultimathule says:

    Just watched @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert documentary, 10 minutes in and booked to see them. Always loved Queen, but maaaaan i never thought Adam Lambert would be so goooooood!!!

  38. ultimathule says:

    Wow they played “Superpower” during castings of German version of Idol. Nice to hear @adamlambert, nice surprise.

  39. ultimathule says:

    Terrance D. Spencer@LoveMrSpencer
    Who you wit?!!!!

    Ooooh @LoveMrSpencer Terrance Spencer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Be Bernie –


  40. luval says:

    These Bernie memes are crazy. I actually have a pair of those mittens I bought at an arts and crafts fair several years ago from that woman. They are great and I’ve never worn them. I usually grab a pair of crappy gloves if I have to shovel.

  41. luval says:
  42. glambotgram says:

    These Bernie memes are crazy. I actually have a pair of those mittens I bought at an arts and crafts fair several years ago from that woman. They are great and I’ve never worn them. I usually grab a pair of crappy gloves if I have to shovel.

    So funny,luval, when I saw him before the memes even started I hardly noticed the mittens, I was just struck by the slouch and the sour look on his face, like he really hated being there.

    Then I saw the Seth Myers interview and he said how happy he was to be there. LOL sure didn’t look it

  43. milwlovesadam says:

    I was laughing at the parka immediately. He’s so frugal.
    All the fashion and there’s Bernie in his same old parka.

  44. luval says:

    Wow…Adam’s new project…and the hair…fabulous!


    This is a huge job.

  45. luval says:

    Thought I knew what curating was.

    gerund or present participle: curating

    select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).
    “both exhibitions are curated by the museum’s director”
    select the performers or performances that will feature in (an arts event or program).
    “in past years the festival has been curated by the likes of David Bowie”
    select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.
    “nearly every major news organization is using Twitter’s new lists feature to curate tweets about the earthquake”

  46. luval says:

    2 NEW EVENTS COMING LEADING TO STONEWALL DAY! / Celebrate Stonewall Day W @adamlambert
    ‘s @FSFoundation_

    Leading up to Stonewall Day in June, Lambert will also host two Stonewall Day Unplugged events on February 18 and April 22!! Two 20 min Livestreams!


  47. luval says:

    GUYS I deleted my second tweet about the big event and the line up w the President ect cause they EDITED the article, it was about LAST YEAR’s line up. The article now says “This year’s lineup will be announced closer to the event date” Still a HUGE event!

  48. luval says:

    #AdamLambert is the perfect choice to curate #StonewallDay 2021. Adam is an incredibly talented LGBTIQ artist, an avid philanthropist and articulate narrator with an engaging personality, who has previously delivered speeches with sincerity, compassion and conviction. Respect.

  49. luval says:

    Not 100% sure if lineup is correct

    , on behalf of @FSFoundation_
    , will curate the #StonewallDay 2021 on June 6! He will also host Stonewall Day Unplugged on Feb 18 & April 22
    The lineup includes President Biden, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato & other stars!

  50. luval says:

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