January was all celebrations and parties. It started with the new year and then Adam’s 10th Anniversary on Idol. Then it was a surprise performance on The Late Late Show and another at a private birthday event in Italy before he headed to London to celebrate his own birthday. Following that, it was back to work to spend time with Brian and Roger for a photo shoot and plan the look/setlist for the Bohemian Rhapsody show later this year.

This month it’s the Elvis special and (crossing our fingers) perhaps some NEW MUSIC!

Enjoy the chat!

Main photo is from the private event in Italy.

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And if you want to stimulate your cerebral senses why not check out the puzzle page for a new jigsaw puzzle (1877), crossword (Decade of Discovery), word search (Celebrate!) and Adamoku/Sudoku (GLAMBERTS)!!

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Adam Lambert – Feel Something (Live Session) (2/27/19)

QAL 2019 Oscar Opening Performance [Official ABC Video] (2/24/19)

Adam Lambert – Feel Something [Official Audio] (2/22/19)
NBC Elvis Special “Blue Suede Shoes” (2/17/19)
The Late Late Show with James Corden [Official Video] – “The Show’s Ending Now” (1/20/19)
Kennedy Center Honors – Cher – Believe, Believe2 (12/26/18)
BBC Strictly Come Dancing – Official Video (12/2/18)
Adam Lambert and Ledisi: “As Long as You’re Mine” – NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween (10/29/18)
Queen + Adam – Kaunas, Lithuania – Full Concert [Robert Live] (11/17/17)
‘Faith, OMT, STL’ – Project Angel Food (8/19/17)
Two Fux [Lyric Video] (6/30/17)
QAL on The Late Late Show with James Corden [Official Video] (2/2/17)
Saara Aalto + Adam Lambert | BoRhap DUET – X Factor Official Video (12/10/16)
Hot Patootie ft. Adam Lambert | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – FOX (10/20/16)
‘Evil In The Night’ – The X Factor Australia 2016 (10/31/16) – ALL (with intro)
Broken – Tritonal & Jenaux ft. Adam Lambert – [Official Lyric Video] (8/12/16)
Welcome To The Show – Official Video (7/6/16)
“Hands” – A Song for Orlando – Interscope Records (7/5/16)
Can’t Go Home – Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn ft. Adam Lambert (4/26/16)
Another Lonely Night Video (10/08/15)
Ghost Town Video (4/28/15)

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1,386 Responses to February 2019 Chat

  1. luval says:

    ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Overcame High Drama in the Editing Room to Vie for the Best Picture Oscar (link: https://www.indiewire.com/2019/02/bohemian-rhapsody-overcame-high-drama-in-the-editing-room-to-vie-for-the-best-picture-oscar-1202041050/) indiewire.com/2019/02/bohemi… via @indiewire

  2. luval says:
  3. luval says:

    The current worldwide total for the Queen movie is $833,201,451. And that’s off a reported production budget of $52 million!


    Japan seems to have lead the way to this.

  4. luval says:

    Survivor Sauli’s ig story

  5. ultimathule says:

    RJ son of Thráin, King Under the Mountain @RJ_Sproseph
    WOW I’ve had Adam Levine mixed up with Adam Lambert for YEARS. ADAM LAMBERT IS BETTER.

  6. luval says:

    How Freddie Mercury Stared Down Mortality on Queen’s ‘Innuendo’:

  7. luval says:
  8. luval says:

    SMASHED a new record to become the ‘Biggest film of 2018’ (link: http://shr.gs/g2HdQee) shr.gs/g2HdQee @ItsRamiMalek

  9. luval says:

    Never heard of this awards show but Bohemian Rhapsody won!
    Awards BEST ENSEMBLE @BoRhapMovie
    … strength of whole cast made this $818 million hit most popular biopic in history. Taped Monday night Beverly Wilshire to air PBS “Great Performances” 15 Feb 9pmET (link: http://pbs.org/gperf) pbs.org/gperf and PBS apps
    (link: https://variety.com/2019/scene/awards/green-book-takes-top-prize-at-aarps-movies-for-grownups-awards-1203128671/) variety.com/2019/scene/awa…

  10. luval says:

    , @LucyBoynton1
    & ‘@BoRhapMovie
    Rhapsody’ Cast Win Big at 2019 @AARP
    ‘s Movies for Grownups Awards hit the stage at AARP The Magazine’s Movies For Grownups Awards Monday night 4 Feb Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.(link: http://www.justjared.com/2019/02/05/rami-malek-lucy-boynton-bohemian-rhapsody-cast-win-big-at-aarps-movies-for-grownups-awards/) justjared.com/2019/02/05/ram…

  11. ultimathule says:

    “The Best Uses of Adam Lambert Songs in Movies or TV”


    Recent – but amateurish and not up on Adam’s work –

  12. ultimathule says:

    ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert
    Why can’t I stream Drop Dead Gorgeous anywhere!? Where is the movie!!?

  13. luval says:

    Stuart Mapstone
    probably one of the most random things I have done! The Bohemian Rhapsody tour bus in Las Vegas. Loved it #BohemianRhapsody

  14. luval says:

    And now back to the serious stuff in life … ! Bri (thanks carleenphillipsspiritofnature) (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bti9qtlBHpz/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1cl7rbejts4uz) instagram.com/p/Bti9qtlBHpz/…

  15. luval says:

    When you’re nail stylist knows, that you love #Queen

  16. luval says:

    Houston Glamberts ROCK!!!

  17. luval says:

    Queen Convention
    We have well over 100 Queen fans joining us for the Queen Miracle River Cruise and have just a few cabins left! Don’t miss out on your chance to join us for this very special event where we will have EXCLUSIVE use of the ship – a non-stop 24/7 Queen party! (link: https://www.arenatravel.com/our-holidays/official-queen-fan-club-events/queen-miracle-river-cruise?pid=126) arenatravel.com/our-holidays/o…

  18. luval says:

    Hollywood Reporter

    The British Academy has confirmed that the nomination for outstanding British film will no longer include the director’s name due to new allegations of sexual assault.


  19. luval says:

    Wow very interesting article! How ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Sound Designers John Warhurst & Paul Massey Brought Immediacy To Live Aid Recreation (link: https://deadline.com/2019/02/bohemian-rhapsody-sound-design-john-warhurst-paul-massey-oscars-interview-1202550940/) deadline.com/2019/02/bohemi… via @deadline

  20. luval says:

    Kirstie Alley’s reply to Adam’s question about why he can’t find Drop Dead Gorgeous movie.

    Great question!! Why can’t I do it as a broadway play? Why don’t you produce it and I’ll come to your house and act out the movie live..

  21. luval says:
  22. luval says:

    Lost ! My favourite earrings ! Well, one of them. My dear lady wife, after a stupendously long hard day’s magnificent work, was rewarded by losing one of these earrings tonight. I post… (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btj2uzEBFl7/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=qxgp6d9tbhvb) instagram.com/p/Btj2uzEBFl7/…

  23. luval says:

    The Academy
    Fans were able to get their actual voices added into the movie through a campaign called #PutMeInBohemian.

  24. luval says:

    Talking about Vegas residencies. QAL mention


  25. luval says:
  26. ultimathule says:

    VIDEO|He’s the cutest, we miss his solo shows so much!💙

    #TheOriginalHigh tour fun memories💓💓💓💓💓


  27. luval says:

    It’s been determined that it is him.

    Oh I hope that’s not him lol

  28. luval says:

    asif had mentioned she read on Adamtopia that he was dating a Spanish guy. Supposedly it’s the curly haired young guy with the yellow sweat shirt in this video.


  29. ultimathule says:

    From mjs –

    “Elvis All-Star Tribute: Adam Lambert, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez and More Join NBC Special”


    “I hope everyone does “The King” justice, while still putting their personal spin on the song. Elvis has one of the best voices of all time so walking his “Blue Suede Shoes” won’t be easy (though we’re sure Adam Lambert will nail the iconic number.”

  30. luval says:

    Dr. Brian May
    This is the woman I married !!! Anita inhabits probably the earthiest Miss Hannigan ever – in ANNIE – on tour, coming to a theatre near you imminently ! @annietouruk Bri (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtmHFZfBEYP/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1esrrrt6w1dyf) instagram.com/p/BtmHFZfBEYP/…

  31. luval says:

    Tomorrow !!! Astrofest is here again ! ! I will be there with the excellent David Eicher, projecting 3-D images of the Apollo Moon Landings and more, and speaking Astro-speak ! See you… (link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtmEtGFBTRu/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=zmiwp9i09zut) instagram.com/p/BtmEtGFBTRu/…

  32. HK fan says:

    So, finally got around to watching Bohemian Rhapsody last night…family movie night at home on the sofa….enjoyed itSmile

  33. luval says:

    How ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a weird, unexpected and totally fitting end to 20th Century Fox


  34. luval says:

    ollywood Reporter
    Golden Globe & SAG Winner, Rami Malek discusses the process of nailing Freddie Mercury’s signature swagger for @BoRhapMovie

  35. luval says:

    Think this is an old picture floating around on twitter


  36. luval says:
  37. luval says:

    tina.p.glambert 👑
    T H I S is Adam L A M B E R T motherf**kers!!!!
    (The lead Singer of Queen NOT Maroon5!)
    (my own vid)
    #JustSaying #HalftimeShow

  38. luval says:
  39. luval says:

    Anyone got an extra ticket for QAL Vancouver? Asking for a friend…

  40. luval says:
  41. ultimathule says:

    I always loved this photo, still do


  42. luval says:
  43. luval says:
  44. ultimathule says:


    “The male-grooming business is exploding – and even David Beckham is wearing eyeshadow. Bel Jacobs investigates the boom in men’s cosmetics.”

  45. luval says:

    Adam’s track from Wicked is #18 on the iTunes Soundtracks single chart. But the ones with Ariana & P5 are ahead of it!

  46. luval says:

    Rick Roberts
    Today’s #stupidfact – #Seattle was originally called #NewYork. When people settled there in 1851, that’s what they named it. But they quickly changed the name to Seattle after a Native American chief who helped them out.

  47. luval says:

    “Lindsey Buckingham Suffers Vocal Cord Damage From Emergency Surgery ”


  48. ultimathule says:

    Los Angeles! You are invited to a #BohemianRhapsody super-fan celebration including a performance by Queen Extravaganza and more! Get tickets for the event Feb 12:



  49. ultimathule says:

    mark hargreaves
    Great article in this months @RockCandyMag @QueenieOfNorway @jamesrundle72 @EduBeltranEdu @OIQFC @PotterCj @cooperian56 @afriendofqueen 🎸


  50. ultimathule says:

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