As we wind down the dog days of summer, Adam is keeping things hot in August with a special performance for Fierté Montréal Pride on the 16th. And who knows what else!?!

Photos #1 & #2 from Adam’s Instagram. Photo #3 from @glitterbotstoo from the 2014 QAL concert in Chicago. Click to enlarge!

Enjoy the chat!

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This month’s puzzle page was inspired by a new grateful post and an old suggestion from 2014 because without all you ALL (and Adam) there would be no ALL! Check out the new jigsaw puzzle (Couch Potato or Hot Spud?), crossword (Thanks ALL!), word search (Thanks ALL!) and crossword from the archives (Adam LIVE in July 2015)!!

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Adam Lambert – VELVET (Official Video) (03/20/20)

Adam Lambert – VELVET (Album Playlist) (03/20/20)

Adam Lambert – On the Moon (Official Audio) (03/20/20)
Adam Lambert – Love Dont (Official Audio) (03/20/20)
Adam Lambert – ROSES ft. Nile Rodgers (Official Audio) (02/03/20)
Adam Lambert – Ready To Run (Live Sessions) (12/31/19)
Adam Lambert – Stranger You Are (Live Sessions) (12/20/19)
Adam Lambert – Loverboy (Live Sessions) (11/26/19)
Adam Lambert – Overglow (Live Sessions) (11/04/19)
Adam Lambert – Superpower (Live Sessions) (10/28/19)
Adam Lambert – Closer To You (Live Sessions) (10/14/19)

Adam Lambert – Superpower (Official Music Video) (9/4/19)


134 Responses to August 2020 Chat

  1. luval says:
  2. luval says:

    Slo Mo of Pharaoh and his green tail

  3. luval says:
  4. luval says:

    Spotify update 9 August 2020 @adamlambert

    Total streams: 705,123,855 (+311,522)
    20,203 less streams than on 8 August
    Monthly listeners: 2,619,375 (-2,496)
    Followers: 1,074,098 (+575)

  5. luval says:
  6. luval says:

    NEWS/ iHeartMedia Launches “Why I’m Voting” campaign
    included on Sharing “Why Am I Voting?”Stories Which Will Air On iHeartMedia’s Broadcast Radio Stations, Podcasts, Social Media Platforms

  7. milwlovesadam says:

    I’m really happy Adam is getting his name out in so many ways

  8. luval says:

    VIDEO @adamlambert
    reface app, Labyrinth . Adam as Jareth the Goblin King!!

  9. glambotgram says:

    Looks like Kelly Clarkson is filling in for Simon on AGT.
    Not sure if I can watch, I think she is waaaayyy overexposed.
    It’s like everywhere you look she is on another program or singing on every award show. Not that crazy about her in the first place.

  10. luval says:

    Thanks, glambotgram </strong. I didn’t hear that about Kelly. Agree with you about her. Wish Adam could have filled in.

  11. luval says:

    Bold fail.

  12. luval says:
  13. luval says:

    29 Movie Cameos That Were So Good They Were Worth The Price Of Admission
    ” @adamlambert
    in #BohemianRhapsody .
    Lambert’s appearance is apropos considering he is Queen’s current lead singer.”

  14. luval says:

    Sauli’s going to be in a Finnish reality show “The Farm”! They started filming today.

    He said that he has no experience in farming so it’s all new to him but so it is for the others, as well. There are 14 competitors and the winner gets 30000 Euros.

  15. luval says:

    oh geez. Someone put that re-face app of Adam on Shakira’s body

    All of my senses are on edge right now
    #REFACE #shakira #adamlambertedits #glamberts

  16. luval says:
  17. luval says:
  18. luval says:
  19. luval says:
  20. milwlovesadam says:

    When old people go to concerts.

    She is so funny
    … abt attending concerts

  21. glambotgram says:

    OMG mils that is hilarious, and very true of some bands. Not our Queen boys though, they still got it. Even if I am one of the old people barely making it back to the car.

  22. ultimathule says:
  23. ultimathule says:

    わいるど ゆみえもぽん@ponnpitonn
    #Adamlambert #gramberts #glamily
    What! Healthy and bright glam rock pop! 🤣It’s impossible, but it’s a fantasy world made by Adam! Right on!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸

    🔥 FEVER🔥
    This performance is wonderful💜💙💜

  24. ultimathule says:
  25. ultimathule says:

    Saturday, August 8, 2020 8:50 PM
    UPDATE Saturday, August 8, 2020 8:50 PM
    Only a few more days before the entire province vibrates to the rhythm of Montreal Pride. Back this year in social distancing mode (pandemic obliges), the festival will allow people from all walks of life to discover the best LGBTQ artists, gathered for a series of virtual and televised events. Le Journal offers you here its six programming favorites.

    Merrie @Merrie_NY
    6 incontournables de Fierté Montréal | JDM #AdamLambert

    From American Idol to stages all over the world with the band Queen, Adam Lambert has built his career with great blows of almost superhuman vocal prowess. We will have the chance to hear them as part of Fierté Montréal with a virtual concert bringing together his hits , of course, but very probably also classics borrowed from Freddie Mercury and Cher.
    August 16 at 7 p.m. on the Fierté Montréal Facebook page

  26. ultimathule says:

    PHOTO|Andrew Maher on Instagram Stories with
    @AdamLambert and their puppies in Malibu today! 🌊

  27. luval says:
  28. luval says:
  29. luval says:

    Pouring rain at Brian’s

  30. luval says:
  31. luval says:
  32. luval says:

    Adam posted a photo on instagram and he deleted it a couple of minutes later

  33. luval says:

    ARTICLE|There is a cute Adam mention in an article about his stepmom Amy and her work:
    “Her sweet creations included — vegan super berry [pie] crafted with her stepson, rock star @AdamLambert

  34. ultimathule says:

    Two older pics – always liked them – remind me of still shots from a movie –

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