Will April be as quiet as March? Let’s hope not!

Top photos @adamlambert IG. Bottom photo from @glitterbotstoo from the 2014 QAL concert in Chicago. Click to enlarge!

Enjoy the chat!

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Queen + Adam Lambert – Love Kills (iHeart Radio Theater, Los Angeles, USA, 2014)

QAL – Somebody To Love (Isle of Wight Festival, UK, 2016)
QAL – I Was Born To Love You (Summer Sonic, Tokyo, 2014)
QAL – TSMGO (Live At The O2, London, UK, 04/07/2018)

Adam Lambert – VELVET (Official Video) (03/20/20)
Adam Lambert – VELVET (Album Playlist) (03/20/20)


300 Responses to April 2021 Chat

  1. luval says:
  2. ultimathule says:

    Thanks, luval – just watched the FB vid – Adam looked handsome and is an excellent host –

  3. ultimathule says:

    Adam and Oliver having dinner with friends at Nobu in London on Wednesday April 21



  4. ultimathule says:

    NEW PRO PHOTOS @adamlambert @BoyGeorge and Chris Moils Enjoy a Night at Nobu
    Adam reunited with Oliver in London 💜


  5. luval says:


    For those that don’t know, Oliver is the Innovation Forum Assistant for Global Fashion Agenda, where he supports the global partnerships team with the operation of the Innovation Forum during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.


  6. ultimathule says:

    Queen: 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody – Making History (Episode 6)


  7. luval says:

    rogertaylorofficial “We made a video for Bohemian Rhapsody simply because we were on tour, and we weren’t able to go on Top of the Pops.”


    (same as what ulti just posted but just Roger)

  8. luval says:
  9. luval says:

    Looks like Vegas is ready to “POP!” Still
    Crossed fingers
    Folded hands
    That Adam might do a few shows there in Fall! Venetian already has 3 acts booked starting mid Sept.

  10. luval says:

    I didn’t post about the shoezzzz yesterday , so much happened

    Bottega Veneta flatform loafers
    The whole look was perfection!

    They have lifts in them.

    Adds 6 cm to his height! Wow, Oliver is much taller than I thought, then!

  11. luval says:
  12. luval says:

    Brian’s tik tok account was taken down for multiple violations. He’s trying to figure out why.

  13. luval says:

    Bea Reintar@bealaughsss
    Sooo, rewatched Adam Lambert’s take on Cher’s Believe during Kennedy Center Honors and. . .

  14. ultimathule says:

    Kathleen Wimpelberg@Jaksox
    We miss you performing Live in Concert #AdamLambert but your using your platform, giving your time to host Stonewall Day Unplugged today and curating the upcoming #SWD2021 June 6 event is huge; speaking to the man you are! Tysm @adamlambert 🏳️‍🌈💗🏳️‍⚧️✌️


  15. luval says:

    brianmayforreal Well, I seem to be back ! Thanks IG pals for kicking up a stink ! I guess I broke Tik Tok !!


  16. luval says:

    Starstruck taping today.I hope 1 of the acts will be doing “Cher” & I hope the production will have a segment bt Adam’s “Believe” at Kennedy Center, have the host Olly talk bt it, show the performance,Cher’s reaction, the buzz, & the other judges praising Adam for it.

  17. luval says:

    She’s at the Starstruck taping. Just started a few minutes ago.

    For everyone who has tickets to tonight’s Starstruck I got an email reply from them that there will be plenty of regular breaks in between filming should anyone need a drink or toilet break or even to put the kids to bed. During these sections there will be a warm up entertainer.

  18. luval says:

    That was a great warm up. Not sure I’ll be dancing round my living room like he told us too

  19. luval says:

    She’s in the virtual audience too.

    Oh man I forgot how fun it was being in a tv audience

    The one thing I love about virtual audiences is I only have to dress up from the waist up glam on the top, comfy on the bottom!

  20. luval says:

    This person was in the virtual.

    Adam Lambert said he’d impersonate Elvis if he was on this show.
    “Which era Elvis?”
    “Really fat Vegas Elvis”
    What a line!

  21. luval says:

    · 26m
    Adam looks incredible. Wearing a dazzling blue suit and shirt. His commentary for all the artists have been spot on and very kind to them all. Nearly voting time and it won’t be easy to choose one team.

  22. luval says:

    Hope we get better pics.

    Adam on set today!


  23. luval says:

    Virtual audience now voting for tonight’s winner! It’s been a fun show so far.

  24. luval says:

    shoshanna stone
    Replying to
    Guys! No pics!

  25. luval says:

    The Lambrits@LambritsUK
    A great show. Brilliant to see how it’s put together. All the judges were great. Adam of course looked beautiful ( suit – tones of peacock blue
    ) a fabulous Saturday night

  26. luval says:

    Jason Manford@JasonManford
    This show is gonna be a lot of cheesy Saturday night fun! The 21st century Stars in Their Eyes but this time there’s 3 of every music legend battling it out! Really chuffed to be a judge on it with @Sheridansmith1
    and all hosted by @ollymurs

  27. luval says:

    Adam’s friend Alisan is pregnant


  28. luval says:
  29. ultimathule says:

    Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me @WillekeVE
    Replying to @gophergram @WilliamdeVry1
    He’s so addictive to watch. You tell yourself you will just watch two videos but three hours later, you’re still watching videos 😂 #glamberts #AdamLambert

  30. ultimathule says:

    Adam’s story/Benedict Cork, April 23


  31. luval says:
  32. luval says:
  33. luval says:

    Adam’s yard
    stephmoeller’s 4/24 ig story

  34. luval says:

    Good morning @shoshannastone
    for all of us who couldn’t be in the virtual audience of starstruck yesterday is there something to look forward to in the next days or weeks?
    Maybe some interviews, podcasts or photoshoots with Adam…
    will he maybe go live again?

    Replying to
    Not until lead into the stonewall event

    So nothing happening in May. (Except Starstruck)

  35. luval says:
  36. luval says:
  37. ultimathule says:

    Adam Alchemista ⚗️🧪⚛️


  38. ultimathule says:

    I am told that it’s ok to share this info , so HOORAY!! We will see Adam singing!! So exciting! Can’t wait ! 😃🎵🎵🎤🥳🎉🌟


  39. ultimathule says:
  40. ultimathule says:

    Bring the whole photoshoot on @adamlambert !! 🤯🔥🔥 this is the more interesting thing in the last 12 months 🤣🤣🤣 #PandemicLife


  41. ultimathule says:

    @adamlambert with Oliver out in London! Benedict Cork is there too via Jack Brett Anderson stories So cute😍😍🥰


  42. luval says:

    Da boots.Remember when he posted a story back in Jan & said “I NEEEED” we were talking bt how amazing they would look on Adam’s legs.These boots were 12K $! Reduced to 7,5K, now they are bt 4.5K $ A bargain!
    Rolling on the floor laughing
    I get it though, it’s a statement, it’s art

  43. luval says:

    From @adamlambert
    HAPPY BDAY Neil Fairclough!

  44. luval says:

    ‘The Voice’ Celebrates its 10th Anniversary—But Has Never Produced a Truly Successful Artist
    “While American Idol contestants went on to win Oscars (Jennifer Hudson), front Queen (@adamlambert

  45. ultimathule says:

    @adamlambert stories today out in London! He looks soooo good! 😍😍😍


    Replying to@4Gelly and @adamlambert
    And a New one from Benedikt


  46. luval says:

    Video is first thing on top.

    A little OT. Last night a segment on 60 minutes was about Broadway. 95% unemployment now. Among several performers featured are Nathan Lane, tap dancer Ayodele Casel and an opera singer Anthony Roth Costanzo. At 10:52 you’ll hear a few seconds of Under Pressure. Anthony is making an album.


    We have to get out of this pandemic mess but I’m afraid we won’t come close for a very long time.

  47. luval says:

    A picture a day (she cut the top of his head off…the hair)


  48. luval says:

    This is the @adamlambert
    I fell in love with. Fearless, bold, daring, unapologetic. He’s not trying to please anyone. He doesn’t give a damn about what other people think. He just wants to express himself. Free, fabulous and fierce. I love him.

  49. ultimathule says:

    Kathleen Wimpelberg@Jaksox
    Evolution of fashionista #AdamLambert’s Codpiece & Foot/Legwear! Studded & Spiked for Sydney Mardi Gras 2010! Smooth Sleek Glam Rocker style for his home dress up photo shoot 2021! Adam is his own Alchemy! ♠️ 💯♠️


  50. luval says:

    AUDIO/ Kara DioGuardi also reflects on helping to secure @adamlambert
    ’s spot on American Idol,
    they also talked about Kara working on Adam’s first album FYE for Strut! “He was so impactful for the gay community, his voice is phenomenal”


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