In March, Adam wrapped up his Oceania tour with Queen and then enjoyed some downtime at home with Pharaoh and friends. There are rumors about a Las Vegas residency and possible US fall tour as well as Adam being involved with “Playmobil-The Movie”. Let’s hope that there is some truth there as we wait for new music – which “will be released later this year…” according to his bio on Edge Publicity and now, thanks to some persistent Glamberts, on PhilyMack, his new management.

Enjoy the chat!

Photo from Widran Quesada’s Instagram edited by AL (sorry Widran!). Hatch-Adamal here.

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And if you want to stimulate your cerebral senses why not check out the puzzle page for a new jigsaw puzzle, crossword, word search and Adamoku (Sudoku)!

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Queen + Adam – Kaunas, Lithuania – Full Concert [Robert Live] (11/17/17)
‘Faith, OMT, STL’ – Project Angel Food (8/19/17)
Two Fux [Lyric Video] (6/30/17)
Queen and Adam on The Late Late Show with James Corden [Official Video] (2/2/17)
Saara Aalto + Adam Lambert | BoRhap DUET – X Factor Official Video (12/10/16)
Hot Patootie ft. Adam Lambert | THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – FOX (10/20/16)
‘Evil In The Night’ – The X Factor Australia 2016 (10/31/16) – ALL (with intro)
Broken – Tritonal & Jenaux ft. Adam Lambert – [Official Lyric Video] (8/12/16)
Welcome To The Show – Official Video (7/6/16)
“Hands” – A Song for Orlando – Interscope Records (7/5/16)
Can’t Go Home – Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn ft. Adam Lambert (4/26/16)
Another Lonely Night Video (10/08/15)
Ghost Town Video (4/28/15)


823 Responses to April 2018 Chat

  1. ultimathule says:

    New digital painting 🌈 @adamlambert
    Reference pic: @wonderland mag

  2. ultimathule says:

    Good morning😘😘nice start in to the new week😘😘💋💞🎶💝🙋

  3. ultimathule says:

    VIDEO from jskystyle instagram story from April 28
    @adamlambert” GORGEOUS!!

    Caps from the video I just posted, In the beginning of the clip he’s in front of the mirror fixing his hair and then he poses for the camera , I can’t

    Gelly @14gelly
    I knew that Jason would give us some clips from the party and the after party, (I was hoping to be honest) so I waited before I combine the clips from the party, hehhh

  4. sparkle says:

    Eywflyer – So happy to see that you were able to turn the reins over to riskylady successfully!! With that administrative burden off of you, I hope you will have more time to chat with us here!
    And YES, you simply must get to a QAL performance soon!!!

  5. sparkle says:

    Riskylady, AL, ulti and luval – Thank you all so much for “keeping the home fire burning” here at ALL. Without each and every one of you, this special little playground would have disappeared a long time ago!!!💖💖💖💖

  6. luval says:

    Here’s that compilation of clips from @gelly

  7. luval says:

    TOH keyboard player Peter Dyer. Old picture of when he started

  8. luval says:

    Victoria Davies
    ‏ @scallywagsmum
    14h14 hours ago

    Just a thought @adamlambert why dont u (or maybe u do!)… Have an online auction 4 clothes u no longer wear & give money 2 charity…(or put it towards extra staff 2 get music out quicker lol) Im sure lots of ppl out there would love 2 own a little something…. Just an idea 💡

  9. milwlovesadam says:


    I can’t thank you enough for everthing.

    Risky___ you know I lerve ya.

    Looking to meeting you someday eyw, you need to experience QAL live. Imho.

  10. luval says:

    Haha Dancing With the Stars starts off with “We Will Rock You”.

  11. luval says:
  12. asifclueless says:

    Eywflyer -Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us.
    American Idol gave us Adam. And you gave us this wonderful place to celebrate Adam.

    Heart Rose

    Riskylady -Thank you very much for carrying the baton that was passed it on by Eywflyer.
    You are our hero and we should give you a golden cape just like the one Adam has.

    Heart Rose

  13. luval says:

    ‏ @heretohearyou
    3m3 minutes ago

    American Idol Recap: When You Swish Swish Upon a Star
    “We needed more Adam Lambert theatrics this year-“

  14. asifclueless says:

    luval says:

    Haha Dancing With the Stars starts off with “We Will Rock You”.

    luval .. I missed it. Forgot about this but I DVR the series. Just turned the Telly on and saw the dance to “Feeling Good”

    Can’t wait till Adam Rippon. Love him and Mirai.

  15. asifclueless says:

    OOOOh How gorgeous he is! Good for May Banner?
    In Love

    ‏Just because I love him.


  16. asifclueless says:

    O-M-GOSH …. Adam Rippon was so good. Peeps cheered on him more and looked at him more than the professional dancer partner. Haha… Grin

    LOL … Laugh “I’m not a scientist but we have chemistry.”

  17. milwlovesadam says:




  18. ultimathule says:

    Maliha Sallahuddin @Maliha_Sallah
    The late musician mentions Adam at 4:00 and says that Lay Me Down is his favourite track from the debut album at 7:48 🙏
    I found it cause I’ve been digging about this guy

  19. ultimathule says:

    Maria @captainscholar
    I wonder if Adam is going to see a play while in NYC 🤔

  20. ultimathule says:

    jonnycota instagram story
    “facebook memories this morning 9 years ago”
    baby @adamlambert ”

  21. HK fan says:

    went to see Bruno Mars in Macao on saturday night…he was great, a fun, very slick concert…just not long enough!!

    Got a 15 hour flight tomorrow, wish me luck!

  22. milwlovesadam says:

    Good luck H K !!!

    Bunch of us saw Bruno in Toronto the night before QAL in 2014.

    What absolute fun. Row 6 center. He’s quite a performer. All 5 feet nothing of him!!!
    And his back up players/dancers!!!

    Glad you got to enjoy them too @!!

  23. sparkle says:

    Safe travels, HK fan!

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