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  1. luval says:
  2. luval says:


    #QAL Tokyo 1

  3. luval says:

    Helen Bovill
    Wow – Queen + Adam Lambert put on a simply wonderful show tonight at the Tokyo Dome! I had just a restricted view seat quite a distance from the stage so these are the best I could manage. But what a night!

  4. luval says:

    #QAL Tokyo 1
    Brian May


  5. luval says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – We Will Rock You (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13) https://youtu.be/0NT7FibfR3s?si=159nIx9GLBFs8x7n via

  6. luval says:

    Well, for once, I’m not feeling any regrets or frustration. That, for me, was a wonderful show. THANK YOU dear Tokyo folks – for a truly inspiring reception which brought all
    kinds of things out from me which I didn’t know I had in me !!! You know – you can always give your best, but the instance of something exceptional happening ? You really can’t fake it. i’m not gonna say it was perfect. Nothing in rock ‘n’ roll is ever perfect. But I would stand by tonight as something that I feel proud of. that wonderful roar that we heard from you guys every time we made a move, propelled us into some great moments. you sang beautifully and with such passion – I was very moved. And you rewarded me with applause for my little excursion into “Teru Teru Bozo ” – I don’t think I have attempted to play that since 1975! It felt warm and I felt I could fly. It doesn’t get any better than that. well, let us see what we can pull out of the hat tomorrow night. I’m excited! Bri X


  7. luval says:
  8. ultimathule says:

    ueen + Adam Lambert – Teo Toriatte (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13)


  9. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – I Was Born To Love You (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13)


  10. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Fat Bottomed Girls (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13)


  11. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – We Are The Champions (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13)


  12. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Somebody To Love (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13)


  13. ultimathule says:

    Queen+Adam Lambert, RadioGaGa, Hammer to fall, Fat bottmed girl, 13th, Feb, 2024@Tokyo Japan, クイーン東京


  14. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert’s IG story :Shygirl/stunning photo from the stage/Jake Shears / Tokyo show#1 2024-02-13


  15. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert  Japan Rhapsody Tour Opening~Radio Ga Ga~Hammer To Fall Tokyo Dome  2024-02-13


    Queen + Adam Lambert – “Radio Ga Ga” (encore) – Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13


  16. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Bohemian Rhapsody (Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13)


  17. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Bohemian Rhapsody – 東京ドーム20240213


  18. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – The Rhapsody Tour – Live at Tokyo Dome , Japan Feb. 13 2024


  19. ultimathule says:

    クイーン東京ドームライブに参戦してきた!大興奮のオープニング!QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT – THE RHAPSODY TOUR 2024.2.13 Tokyo


  20. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – TheRhapsodyTour 2024 Tokyo TUE13th Opening RadioGaGa LoveOf MyLife 手をとりあって


  21. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Opening / Radio Ga Ga – Tokyo Dome 2024-02-13


  22. ultimathule says:

    Queen + Adam Lambert Tokyo1 Bohemian Rhapsody


  23. ultimathule says:

    QUEEN+ADAM LAMBERT THE RHAPSODY TOUR 20240213 TOKYO DOME/Who Wants To Live Forever 【Arena】


  24. ultimathule says:

    2024.2.13 QUEEN Adam Lambert Live in Tokyo Dome 最前列から we are the champions


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