“Give The People What They Want” and that means more new music. This month Adam will release his new song (and maybe video) “Superpower” on the 4th and then the 6-song “Side A” of “Velvet” on the 27th. The following day, Queen + Adam headline the Global Citizen Festival and that would be a great opportunity to introduce the world audience to the new single!

Enjoy the chat!

Photo above by Sven Serkis for Mannschaft Magazin. Click to enlarge.

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And if you want to stimulate your cerebral senses why not check out the puzzle page for a new jigsaw puzzle (Mannschaft), crossword (SUPERPOWER!), word search (Side A) and Adamoku/Sudoku (GLAMBERTS)!!

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Adam Lambert – Superpower (Official Music Video) (9/4/19)

Adam Lambert-Playmobil “Give The People What They Want” (Audio) (8/1/19)

Adam Lambert – Comin In Hot (Official Video) (6/25/19)

Adam Lambert – New Eyes (Official Video) (5/15/19)

Adam Lambert – Live From The YouTube Space NYC (7/22/19)

Adam Lambert – New Eyes (The Ellen Show) (5/31/19)
Adam Lambert – Feel Something (Live Session) (2/27/19)
QAL 2019 Oscar Opening Performance (2/24/19)
Adam Lambert – Feel Something [Official Audio] (2/22/19)
NBC Elvis Special “Blue Suede Shoes” (2/17/19)

Link to more videos…


438 Responses to September 2019 Chat

  1. luval says:

    Larry Flick
    I’ve had so many great moments with @adamlambert
    , stretching all the way back to that TV show. Every time we talk something new and fun comes out. Tune in to @siriusxm
    to find out the latest. #VelvetSideA #InDepth

    Click here to listen for free: https://siriusxm.us/LFAdamLambert

  2. luval says:

    The Adam Lambert Connection
    Just a note concerning @adamlambert
    ’s single #SUPERPOWER

  3. luval says:

    You can hear Adam laughing at the end

  4. luval says:

    will be doing solo concerts in December! 3 new events were posted on Facebook, more might be added soon

    12/15 in Connecticut:http://bit.do/e8G4U
    12/16 in New York:http://bit.do/e8G7w
    12/21 in Los Angeles:http://bit.do/e8G5K

  5. luval says:


    Venues are so small. Tickets will be gone in minutes!

  6. luval says:

    Javi’s instagram story with #AdamLambert

  7. luval says:

    Confirmed that Adam and Javi are in Palma, the capital of Mallorca and Javi’s hometown.
    The left photo is from an old bookstore in Palma, the right photo is from Javi’s story today


  8. luval says:

    PODCAST @adamlambert

    stops by to break down his new solo album #VELVET , queen tour news and more!

  9. ultimathule says:

    Hahaha – that shallow “water feature” is the old house turned out to be a giant bird bath – so funny –

  10. ultimathule says:

    Appreciating the beauty of a subtle accessory with
    @adamlambert at #BuildSeries earlier this month 😎✨



  11. luval says:

    HuffPost Ent (@HuffPostEnt)
    9/16/19, 2:33 PM
    Singer-songwriter Wrabel has co-written moody hits for Adam Lambert and Pink. But with his new solo EP, he says he’s the happiest he’s ever been

  12. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert dropping by today! Talking new album #VelvetSideA, #Queen & much more! #AdamLambert #Velvet #superpower


  13. ultimathule says:

    PattiHum @PattiHum
    Do not! I repeat, DO NOT miss this @adamlambert interview with the @ZachSangShow

    Cool new interview with@adamlambert on the Zach Sang Show https://youtu.be/Pmo-R6yOLl0 #AdamLambert via zachsangshow



  14. ultimathule says:

    Los Angeles! I’ll See you at the @elreytheatre on Dec 16th!!

    Tickets On Sale: Friday, 9/20/19
    10AM EST @adamlambert#adamlambert #velvet


  15. AL says:

    Los Angeles! I’ll See you at the @elreytheatre on Dec 16th!!

    Looks like Adam had the wrong date for the El Rey but fixed it. Should be the 21st.

  16. riskylady says:

    Here’s a different link for the Larry Flick interview, no app to download, works well on the iPad. He makes Adam open up and really big laughs.

    Larry: Have you ever lined up these new videos and watched them in sequence?
    Adam: No
    Larry: it’s like watching a porn movie with the sex scenes taken out.
    Adam: (Cackles) That’s the best thing I ever heard!

    https://we.tl/t-zhrjJ256bN?src=dnl Download link for latest interview

  17. ultimathule says:

    American Idol star and Queen lead singer Adam Lambert performs at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut December 15!


  18. ultimathule says:

    Interesting that he takes his “bus” instead of Queen’s plane because of his voice –

  19. luval says:

    That Zach Sang interview was great. All the good stuff was near the end. Taking the luxurious bus because the jet bothers his sinuses and voice. He says he’d love to play the Super Bowl. He would have loved to play the older fat Elvis. (One of the djs there kept saying he looked like Elvis. The greatest was that he’s starting a non profit organization for charities. Said he didn’t do enough last year and really wanted to give back.

    Here’s the video of that part.

  20. milwlovesadam says:

    Totally loved the zach zang interview. So honest and open. The sidekick was so fan buying. Loved it.

  21. riskylady says:

    That Foxwoods venue is good size, per their web site seats 4,000. Others say 1,932. Either way, not tiny.
    Seating chart:

    Love when Roger comes out of his drum kit! Here singing Heroes at Spike’s band’s anniversary special:

  22. riskylady says:

    And now, Fantasy Springs On Dec. 20!

    .@adamlambert’s fan site (adamlambertfans.com) showing Adam will perform at Fantasy Springs resort casino on December 20. Tickets will be on sale on September 18 at 10 AM PT

  23. ultimathule says:

    Chibi Countdown for#Velvet @adamlambert
    10days till Velvet
    1/10 chibis

    Be sure you like it and stay tuned. In the end will be Stickes GIVEAWAY (I finaly figured out how🤣)


  24. HK fan says:

    Just finished watching that Zach Sang interview…..have been wondering for several months now, why he doesn’t rent his old house out as its not selling?

  25. ultimathule says:

    Don’t think it’s a competition to see who takes the better pictures; Javi & Adam both have a great eye when it comes to framing their subject/scenery resulting in some great photos like this one from #AdamLambert’s IGS of Javi Costa Polo in his homeland! 🇪🇸


  26. ultimathule says:

    The Adam Lambert Connection @TALCvids
    MT @FantasySprings: #AdamLambert returns to #FantasySprings on Friday, Dec 20th! Tickets for the global superstar are $59, $79, and $99, are on sale this Friday, Sept 20th at the Fantasy Springs Box Office, via phone (800) 827-2946 &online at FantasySpringsResort.com.

  27. ultimathule says:

    CityOfVampires @PerkiKat
    Replying to @brightmuseofire
    I’ve only heard of one #AdamLambert fan who got @boweryballroom tickets. Sadly it appears as if the scalper bots got them all within the first few seconds of the presale. These need to be a fan club presale only IMO.

    brightmuseofire @brightmuseofire
    Replying to @Merrie_NY @Nica575 and 2 others
    They are all up for sale on stubhub (approx 100 tix) for starting prices ranging up to $1255 each. . Looks like the scalper bots got them all.

  28. ultimathule says:

    @adamlambert is cool af who does a lot of good for so many. get to know him, his new album #Velvet Side A & his journey with Queen by tapping the link in my bio 🤘🏻


  29. ultimathule says:

    Love the interview #AdamLambert #Superpower Velvet Side A coming soon!!! 🥰🥰🥰


  30. ultimathule says:

    Our full interview with @adamlambert is up now!!– https://youtu.be/Pmo-R6yOLl0

    Wonderful ADAM ❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. ultimathule says:

    From @javicostapolo ig story …….
    Javi driving you can see Adam’s shoulder plus Terrance is in the back …..
    Boys out having fun
    #Adamlambert #javicostapolo #terrancespencer


  32. luval says:
  33. luval says:
  34. ultimathule says:

    terrancespencer’s photo:
    #AdamLambert #Mallorca #Spain https://instagram.com/terrancespencer


    So good to see – nothing like an old friend –

  35. ultimathule says:

    From @adamlambert ig story …….
    Damn!!! I’m loving the hats 😂😂
    #Adamlambert #terrancespencer


  36. milwlovesadam says:

    Watching AGT and just loving the adoration for Cher. Sooo cute.

  37. ultimathule says:

    American Idol @AmericanIdol
    adam lambert constantly shines with love and light. 🥺 proud of you always @adamlambert! youtube.com/watch?v=Pmo-R6…


  38. ultimathule says:

    #VELVET MERCH! Swipe up Link in Story! store.adamofficial.com


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