High Drama indeed! Adam has blown the cover off of the cover songs on this album. He is doing what he loves: performing, PR and mingling with his fans. And we are finding it difficult to keep up!

Adam Performances and Events (Google Doc)

Enjoy the chat!

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Photos: Top Row: Gay Times: Photo by Julian Buchan, Wonderland: Photo by Bartek Szmigulski, Photo courtesy of Edge Ent. Bottom photo from @glitterbotstoo from the 2014 QAL concert in Chicago. Click to enlarge!

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Adam Lambert – Getting Older (Video) (02/24/23)

Adam Lambert – Holding Out for a Hero (Official Video) (01/09/23)

Adam Lambert – Ordinary World (Official Video) (12/13/22)

Adam Lambert performs Mad About the Boy ✨ BBC Strictly 2022 (10/10/22)
Mad About The Boy – Audio (10/07/22)

Harris Reed Fashion Show – Nessun Dorma/First Time/WWTLF (09/15/22)

Queen + Adam Lambert – Nessun Dorma, Bologna (07/10/22)


646 Responses to March 2023 Chat

  1. ultimathule says:

    Adam and Oliver will have to up their game when they get home. Troy and Zander have been spoiling this boy.


  2. ultimathule says:

    Ann gregory@Anngreg67097884
    So do I with that wiggle ha ha

    ???????????? @adamlambert i think that you in reality loves the rain ????☔


  3. rs says:

    All the choices this month are great……..except for the one with the nose ring In Love

  4. luval says:

    You got that right, rs!

  5. milwlovesadam says:

    Love that rain video.
    So cute

  6. luval says:
  7. luval says:

    Brian May , Roger Taylor and @adamlambert

    Set a reminder! Don’t miss Queen + Adam Lambert’s iHeartRadio ICONS show tonight at 7pm ET” !!


  8. luval says:

    ANOTHER NEW PHOTO/” WOW. That’s all I can say. Was lucky enough to meet & hang out w Brian May Roger Taylor & @adamlambert
    when they stopped by to talk to Jim about their upcoming Rhapsody Tour. Make sure you listen to q1043 tonight”
    Trevor On The Radio



  9. luval says:

    Love him in black leather/all black

  10. luval says:

    Escorpio @ScorpioBert
    Adam will be performing at this 2-day festival- he is headlining the Friday show. Get tickets and details here:

  11. Northern Spirit says:

    Wow, can’t remember when I was last on here… Tomorrow morning should be interesting getting tickets with everyone out of the gate at once and no presales.

    Who here is going to go to St. Paul, or wants to? Anyone for Nashville, Toronto?

  12. milwlovesadam says:

    Hi northern!

    Hoping to see you in St Paul.
    Rainbowgal is looking for our tickets.

    Frees me up at my time to try for Chicago.

    I’m also doing NY.

    Good luck to everyone!!!

    Having a lot of opinions about being thrown into general ticket sales and no fan club presales

  13. milwlovesadam says:

    Luval, are you trying for New York or Toronto?

  14. riskylady says:

    Baltimore, Toronto, NY. Me and rs.
    Hope to see you, Northern Spirit! Been a while!

    cher possibly Toronto.
    Fingers crossed.

  15. mmm222 says:

    Tomorrow will be chaotic! I’m hoping to go to the Baltimore, NYC and Boston shows. Good luck to everyone trying to buy tickets!

  16. ultimathule says:


    Adam Lambert “Drinkin with Ghosts”

    The Chelsea Hotel is where Jobriath lived and died according to a comment –

    “Jobriath spent his last years in the pyramid-topped apartment on the Chelsea’s rooftop where he died of complications due to AIDS in August 1983” (Wikipedia)

  17. ultimathule says:
  18. ultimathule says:

    ????????????️‍???? DJ PAUL V. ????️‍????????????@BornThisWayBlog
    Replying to @tlrd
    Adam always showed up at LA club DRAGSTRIP 66 either beautifully painted or in very chic boy drag, too! ????http://DS66TheFrockumentary.com ???? http://bit.ly/d66movie ????


    ????????????️‍???? DJ PAUL V. ????️‍???????????? @BornThisWayBlog
    Replying to @av_chick @tlrd and 2 others
    Adam looked more like himself in the Willy Wonka look, but the pink dress look and the way he beat his face definitely kept him incognito (although this was years before “Idol”). #TBT #Dragstrip66 #AdamLambert #Frockumentary

    Courtney Bliss, MA@av_chick
    Replying to @BornThisWayBlog@tlrd and 2 others
    I did not recognize him in drag. Damn!!! He’s good!

  19. sparkle says:

    Hi ALL! Trying for tickets for Baltimore but would love to see them anywhere!

  20. sparkle says:

    Got tix for hubby and me for Baltimore! See everyone there!!!

  21. rs says:

    And cgesq is coming with me to Adam’s Tel Aviv concert. ROTFL Dance Clap Jump

  22. luval says:

    Tickets going fast for QAL!

  23. milwlovesadam says:

    NY and Chicago were sold out before my turn in queue.

    Sooo passed and disappointed.


    Rainbow gal got us sweet tix in St Paul. On side just off the floor.

    I’ll still try re-sales for NY. And hope for a second show to be added.

  24. Northern Spirit says:

    Busy morning. Managed to snag a ticket for Toronto, 2 for St. Paul, and friends of mine got 10 tix for Nashville, so those are my venues.

    milwlovesadam, where are you thinking of staying in St. Paul? I was just chatting with Rainbowgal and she said to reach you here

  25. Northern Spirit says:

    riskylady it will be good to see you and hopefuly cher again.

  26. milwlovesadam says:

    Ask rainbow for my text info

    Looks Doubletree near venue

  27. milwlovesadam says:

    Random and very pricey tix popping up in Chicago. Looks like VIP and right on catwalk

  28. milwlovesadam says:

    Section 1 $795 platinum VIP

  29. luval says:

    Adam Lambert : [Audio] interview – QAL in NYC 2023-03-30 https://youtu.be/bOJhWtFaoZg

  30. mmm222 says:

    What a morning! I managed to get 4 tickets to Baltimore right away. Then I spent 2 hours trying to get 2 tickets to Boston for my daughter and myself. Very frustrating! I’m hoping for a second show at MSG and resale tickets at a later date in Boston. But at least I got Baltimore! Riskylady, Riskyhubby, rs and I are going.

  31. mmm222 says:

    Sparkle, I’m looking forward to seeing you and your hubby in Baltimore!

  32. luval says:

    This guy’s tweet:
    Chris Selley@cselley
    Has there ever been a more absurd frontman transplant?

    An answer:
    @cselley As an old Queen fan who saw them with Freddie on every US tour your tweet is pretty funny. Adam Lambert is the prefect fit. Have seen QAL and it is just as good as it ever was just different and in some cases better. Roger and Brian know what they are doing. See it for yourself

  33. milwlovesadam says:

    Seems like old times.

    Tickets. Problems with tickets.
    Hotels and airfare next

  34. luval says:

    New Shows Added”
    Baltimore November…October 5th,

    MSG October 13th.

    TD Garden Boston…October 16th

    St Paul October 28th

    Chicago October 31st.

    Dallas, November 3rd.

    San Francisco, November 9th

    LA November 12th.

    These go on sale Friday April 7th.

  35. luval says:

    ADAM LAMBERT@adamlambert
    Tickets for the Rhapsody Tour with @QueenWillRock
    are on sale NOW! New shows added on sale April 7th Get yours now! #RhapsodyTour

  36. luval says:

    Some people are pissed.

    ALAlwayz High Drama
    So instead of making the tour the usual amount of dates they cut it in half and caused demand & prices to go through the roof, & then just add 2nd dates for the shows that they were going to add in anyway…

  37. Northern Spirit says:

    Crazy, I knew they would add more shows on. So unfair to people who tried their best to get good tickets. I guess one can always sell what they bought today and go for better tickets at added shows.

    Mils I contacted Rainbowgal. I’m good.

    I don’t see that new St. Paul added on the ticketmaster site.

  38. milwlovesadam says:

    Please post Queen and Adam’s tweets.

    The Live Nation site doesn’t show the second St Paul date

  39. milwlovesadam says:

    Methinks certain venues will sell out just as fast again.

    What bothers me is doing everything “right” and being instantly put in queue with 2000 + customers and waiting 45 minutes for my turn only to find not a single ticket remaining.

    In two different cities.
    In two time zones.

  40. luval says:

    The added St. Paul is on adamlambert.net.

  41. luval says:

    Tweet from Queen showing new added shows.


  42. milwlovesadam says:

    Northern. I booked my St Paul hotel based on first date.

  43. milwlovesadam says:

    Thank you luval

  44. luval says:

    NEW VIDEO/ Brian May, Roger Taylor and @adamlambert
    Talk About Their Upcoming Tour #TheRhapsodyTour + More In @iHeartRadio
    “The Box”
    Queen and Adam open The Box , they also share memories of them together , so sweet!

  45. sparkle says:

    mmm222– Looking forward to seeing you too! Riskys’ and rs – will be great seeing you all again too!

  46. sparkle says:

    Anyone hear from sistasif? Just came across our picture in DC when we met to see the eclipse in 2017. Wow, nearly 6 years ago!!

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