The “We Are Glamily” tour winds up its six shows in Japan tonight at Namba Hatch in Osaka.
With a capacity of 1,500, this is the last chance for Japanese fans to experience Adam and his entourage. It does not appear that the show is sold out at this time.
Five of the six shows (Osaka TBD) so far on this mini-tour have been sell-outs.
Show time is 7 PM Osaka time (5 AM EST, 2 AM PST).
See the world clock below for show times in your area.

World Clock: Adam Lambert Live in Concert in Osaka, Japan

Twitter list:

Dinner: Possible – nagoya adam 2013 (@DukeHarebert) or amlamla_mariko

Set list: Intro, IIHY, Naked Love, Cuckoo, NCOE, Music Again, Pop That Lock, Chokehold, Broken English, WWFM, Stay (Rihanna), Underneath, OOL, Kickin In (Band), FYE, Fever, Dragon Attack/Shady/Band Intro, Trespassing (encore)


Photos: Twitpics @missy5around



‘IIHY / Naked Love / Cuckoo’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘IIHY / Naked Love / Cuckoo’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘IIHY / Naked Love / Cuckoo’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – AQUARIUSADAM129

‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Music Again’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Music Again’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Pop That Lock’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Pop That Lock’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘WWFM’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘WWFM’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘WWFM’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

‘Chokehold’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Chokehold’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Chokehold’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

‘Broken English’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Broken English’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

‘Stay/Underneath’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Stay/Underneath’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

‘Underneath’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Outlaws of Love’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Outlaws of Love’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Kickin’ In’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – AQUARIUSADAM129

‘FYE’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘FYE’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘FYE’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

‘Fever’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Fever’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Dragon Attack/Shady’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Dragon Attack/Shady’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – iriomotelinks

‘Dragon Attack/Shady/Banana bit’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

‘Trespassing Banana bit’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – koyumi adam

‘Trespassing’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – riddle601b

‘Trespassing’ Osaka, Japan 2/26/13 – es2012v

and more video links by bayoulady1 channel


38 Responses to LIVE: Namba Hatch (Osaka, Japan) 2/26/13

  1. AL says:

    Follow this twitter account to confirm dinner possibilities (shown at the top of the thread)

    Monica もふ公爵 ‏@DukeHarebert

    @mmadamimadamm we both have channels. before the dinner we will tweet which will be. Smile

  2. HK fan says:

    was starting to worry, site has’t been loading properly today for me.


  3. luval says:

    Off to work. The brilliant opening IIHY is on YouTube on the twitter list.

  4. HK fan says:
  5. LadyNorth says:

    Hi peeps Smile

    I am totally behind of everything because of my extended vacation, but when I just opened my twitter the feed is full of banana play from Osaka Grin

    I don’t know what’s happened past days but A certainly loved this banana Wink

  6. LadyNorth says:
  7. nkd says:
  8. nkd says:
  9. nkd says:
  10. asifclueless says:
  11. asifclueless says:

    Dragon Attack&Shady (partial) – Osaka

  12. asifclueless says:

    LOL .. Adam has fun with his new fashion statement …

    A Trespassing Banana Boomerang. He plays and posts … adorable!!!

    Adam Lambert – Trespassing BANANA 02/26/2013 Osaka, JAPAN

  13. asifclueless says:

    Banana & the hat

  14. asifclueless says:

    riddle601b –Osaka (Channel)

  15. asifclueless says:

    Adam Lambert – Fever in Osaka, Japan 2013-0226

    Adam Lambert – Pop That Lock in Osaka, Japan 2013-02-26

    Adam Lambert – Outlaws of Love in Osaka, Japan 2013-02-26

    Adam Lambert – Music Again in Nagoya, Japan 2013-02-25

    Adam Lambert If I Had You Naked Love Cuckoo @Osaka Feb 26,2013

  16. asifclueless says:

    Dear ALL,

    Hope you have enough of me today.
    Love Adam Trepassing Boomerang Banana. Smile

    I’ll be lurking most of the time because I won’t get to internet much and I can’t type or text from my Tab or iPod. I can only do from my laptop.
    I’m not going to have my laptop with me in Singapore.
    I’m on trekking, finding the meaning of Being Adam .. heh ..heh … joking!!!

    You all have fun.
    I’ll toast Singapore Sling to you soon.


  17. HK fan says:

    Enjoy your trip Asif, and have a blast at the concert.

  18. asifclueless says:

    Ha..ha.. I’m back.
    Hope I won’t get snowed in. We’ve got about 8 inches now and it’s still snowing.

    Thanks … HK fan.
    Yours is sooner than mine.

    Have a wonderful time.


  19. asifclueless says:

    Dear ALL,
    I don’t think I can do the recap right after the WAG concert in Singapore because of the internet and no laptop. We are not staying at a 5 star Hotel. Frown

    A recap a few days after the concert won’t capture what I feel. I don’t think I will survive Adam’s hotness that I’ll faint and be DED, so then there won’t be a recap.

    Or I might be thrown in jail because I would throw myself to Adam and hold on his leg (the real leg) and not letting it go.

    The security guard will have to drag me away. Singapore Laws are very strict.
    I might be caned. OOOhh… Wait a minute!!! …

    That would be great because I want the victim to punish me. Adam can spank me all he wants.

    What do you guys think? Should I go with this plan?

    Any way, I’ll do my recap now, just in case.
    Yes … It’s a spoiler … so scroll away … please.
    Here it goes …..

    OH-MY-GOSH … OH-MY-GOSH … OH-MY-GOSH … (moan and groan)
    BEST CONCERT … EVAH!!! ….. (moan and groan)
    OH-MY-GOSH … OH-MY-GOSH … OH-MY-GOSH … (moan and groan)
    More of moan and groan …

    Hubby: (looks at me, shakes his head.)


    Grin Heart

  20. AL says:

    Haha asif!
    Thanks so much for your pre-cap! Silly
    Maybe we can do a collection for your bail money.

    And thanks for all the other goodies that you posted today. Yes

  21. turquoisewaters says:

    asif: Have a great trip and an even greater concert! If you are this excited now, how will you ever survive this???? Can’t wait for the recap. You are not getting off that easy. Big Smile

  22. Axxxel says:

    @Asifclueless: what a fun way to start my day by having breakfast while reading your pre-cap.

    I heard from another testimony from a female Adam Lambert fan that an Adam Lambert concert can have aphrodisiac effects and therefore her husband is therefore happy to see Adam as well..

    Ok, here comes my pre-cap of the Jakarta concert:
    Yeah fun … dancing and hopping till I sweat…
    Love cuckoo’s choreo.. how come the microphone flies away before the microstand reaches Terrance hands ?
    Oh oh… why is everybody crying ? Oh ya..”Underneath”
    Adam’s voice pierces through my heart.
    Sorry am not into reggae. At least not in that song.
    Fever… waah all sexy moves are censored but still much adoring of Adam’s b*tt…
    Shady is so great, love the introductions,especially Tommy’s… but sadness comes in my heart because I know it is the one but last song.
    Adam, thank you for the great adrenaline high that will keep me afloat during the traffic jams around in and around the mall after the concert.

  23. Axxxel says:

    @HK fan: have a blast at your concert too !

  24. Axxxel says:

    @Asifclueless… Oh goodness, I cannot imagine you going from your place in the snow, to tropical Singapore… Hope you can sleep well on the plane…and not have too much problems with jetlag.

    Maybe you can also become Adam’s impromptu dancer but only for “Fever”…

  25. luval says:

    asif…You are probably gone now but I agree with your plan to hang on to Adam’s leg (the real one). And don’t worry, there will be enough videographers there to record the epic event! Either that or the police will have a nice photo of you. Make sure you smile with a wink in your eye! Laugh

    Have fun! And safe travels to everyone seeing Adam in the next few weeks. Reminds me of Glam Nation when we couldn’t go & would be wishing our friends the best of times!

  26. nkd says:
  27. nkd says:

    asif, have a great time!
    The excitement is building for all of you going to concerts. It’s getting closer! Clap

  28. turquoisewaters says:

    To you too, Axxxel: Have lots of fun!!

  29. milwlovesadam says:

    Axxel and asif, I’m sooooo happy you get to see these shows! They are so sexaay and sweaty and awesome. And, being able to hear Stay and Underneath is worth the ticket.

    Please recap, anytime, better late than never. Please. Pretty please. With whipped cream and Tommy on top.

  30. ultimathule says:

    Adamtopia said close to sold out.

  31. Axxxel says:

    @turquoisewaters. Thank you very much Grin

  32. Axxxel says:

    @milwlovesadam : one juicy recap coming up in March, especially for you…

  33. TLKC says:

    Yikes! I thought Osaka was today. I’m still behind. Nevermind, all the more treats in store. To HK Fan, asif and all the ALLERS who are on their way to see Adam in China. Have a great time. Yah, like that’s going to be hard to do. Grin Grin Grin

  34. milwlovesadam says:

    Axxxel, yayayayayaaaaay!

    Have a ball! Or a banana! Oh, just savor every moment and come back to tell us all the juicey deets!

  35. riskylady says:
  36. riskylady says:

    Sounds like a different arrangement of WWFM from the one they’ve been using, very nice almost acoustic and slowed down. Love it.

  37. cwm says:

    I’ve been going through all of my open tabs and found some real treasures from the Osaka show, so here you go! (Apologies for any redundancies)

    awesome banana pose:

    the most awesome banana pose of all (look at his eyes!):

    Look what I have!

    So what should I do with this thing?

    Oh I know, how about this?

    Well will ya looky here:

    Ummmmm… yeah….

    Ta-da! He’s so proud:

    Oh! Um…

    It’s banana fashion!

    More lovely banana fashion:

    Banana gifs!

  38. cwm says:

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