Photo of Adam from Frontier Magazine

Photo of Adam from Frontier Magazine

After months of waiting, get ready for “The Original High” this month. We’ve been treated with 4 songs already but are anxious to hear the full album. Adam is out promoting at various radio stations, on TV and doing phone interviews. With “Ghost Town” slowly moving up the charts, it will be interesting to see if TOH becomes Adam’s second number one album. With timely appearances on TV during the week of the album release, his casual fans should be aware of the new music and help generate sales. Here’s hoping to a successful launch and that it leads to a solo tour!

Enjoy the chat!

Ghost Town Lyric Video (4/21/15)

Ghost Town Video (4/28/15)

Adam performing Ghost Town on Ellen (4/30/15)

Underground [Official Audio] (5/15/15)

Another Lonely Night [Official Audio] (5/21/15)

Evil In The Night [Official Audio] (5/21/15)

The Original High [Official Audio] (6/8/15)


3,315 Responses to June 2015 Chat

  1. luval says:

    TOH single on dance/electronic digital chart.

    I think I’d be interested in hearing a TOH dance mix where normally I dislike dance mixes.

  2. ultimathule says:

    Sarah @goldandleather
    He followed a tattoo artist from Brooklyn lol so should we anticipate a new tattoo?

  3. luval says:

    Wow, each beautiful in it’s own way

  4. ultimathule says:

    J.W. Harvey @xjwharvey
    The new @adamlambert record is just what I needed post-breakup. Equally reflective, dark, & addictive, just like the best bad relationships

  5. Axxxel says:

    This whole Kanye West debacle is indirectly good public relations for Queen and maybe even Adam. Really like the fan made video comparing Adam to Kanye and a pimp message for Adam’s newest album at the end.

    Grin Grin Grin

  6. Axxxel says:

    luval same opinion here about dance mixes and TOH… I really liked the FYE mix they used at the beginning of the Glamnation concert.

  7. Axxxel says:

    If anyone is interested, please play GT just once for it to stay on VH1 top 20 video countdown show.

    luval this link comes with a pleasant surprise… after Ghost Town, I was able to see the VH1 videos in which Adam performed in “Let’s dance”, the Donna Summer medley and “Ray of Light” including bumpy beginning…

  8. ultimathule says:
  9. ultimathule says:
  10. ultimathule says:

    Susie Fierce @SusieFierce
    Yay!! RT @Ellaaml: Artist 100… via @billboard Adam Lambert #16

  11. sparkle says:

    3311 posts for June! Awesome job, ALL’ers!

  12. asifclueless says:

    HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! to our Canadian friends here.

    Heart Cake Rose Drink Party Present Plate Beer Coffee Rainbow Heart

  13. sparkle says:

    Close to the 3333 posts I was hoping for. AL, where does this month rank in the overall number of posts? Not sure I ever remember this many in a month. WOW!

  14. sparkle says:

    Sweet Glam is Everlasting Dreams, ALL!!

  15. sparkle says:

    Fourth Highest Blog Total Ever! Wow, ALL’ers, you are amazing!!

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