A very exciting past month for Adam – and for ALL of us, as well. Events from Chatty Man to Live Aid to Fallon to GMA to Trailblazers – and the interviews so numerous they became hard to keep track of. In addition, more beautiful photos including the stunning FAULT magazine with a more “uncovered” Adam than we’re used to seeing. Then, all through the later part of the month the watching for the Adds on radio/Spotify/Shazam/VH1, etc., and the resultant confusion about what should be done to make it happen.

Congrats to Adam for The Original High debuting at #3 on the Billboard 200 albums sales chart. He may not have been number one but the album is getting good reviews and promotion is going well. The single, Ghost Town, is slowly moving up the HAC, CHR and AC charts. To top it all off, though, was the gay marriage ruling which must have given Adam, considering all he’s been through and all he’s done for the cause, immense gratification and happiness.

And onto July…summer may be vacation time for most but to Adam it will be more TV and radio promotion with some special performances thrown in – Splashion, The Trevor Project – and more.

Enjoy the chat!

Ghost Town Video (4/28/15)

#ThanksJames50 – Adam’s Tribute (7/16/15) – The Late Late Show with James Corden

Ghost Town (7/17/15) – The Late Late Show with James Corden


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  1. ultimathule says:

    Lilybop @lilybop2010 Adam Lambert on #TheProjectTV @theprojecttv Monday‼️
    6:30 pm Network Ten Australia
    Their vids don’t play for me



  2. milwlovesadam says:

    Gotta go look for the blue moon over my yard.

    Have any of you heard about the lion on the loose in my general area, at least 10 miles from me? Well, it has made national news, nobody can catch it, it has been seen by cops, traps have been set, etc. ….and it was spotted in my suburb today!!!! Made me a bit nervous while watering my gardens tonight.

    Wish me luck looking for the blue moon. Don’t wanna go out and get mauled… Lion

  3. asifclueless says:

    Done!! … luval. Grin

    Other is ahead at 40.26% … but doesn’t say who!


  4. sparkle says:

    Sweet “Pleasure Treasure” Dreams, ALL!!

  5. milwlovesadam says:

    I’m gonna miss this thread pic so much. It just gave me another BAM!!!!!!!! when I saw the new page start.

  6. asifclueless says:

    YAY … I saw the beautiful blue moon from upstairs.

    The round edge is blue. Some may see it grey or silver depends on the atmosphere.

    mils … Don’t go out!!!
    Can you see it from your window?

  7. ultimathule says:

    EXCITING NEWS! My next interview with @AdamLambert is confirmed for this Monday August 3rd!


  8. sparkle says:

    As for August pic, I like the one Adam tweeted of himself – ulti posted at 7:02 pm.

  9. milwlovesadam says:

    Just tried, went on my back and front porches, had lights turned off, trees are in the way, and street lights are too bright. I’d need to drive to my corner to see it, I know because that’s where I can usually see the moon. I’d love to drive down to the lake ( Lake Michigan is less than a mile from my house ), the moon is so gorgeous over the lake. But, too tired…gonna listen to Wicked Games and go to bed.

    I cannot get over it. Listen to it at least once a day. I remember posting at MJ’s years ago about which songs we’d love to hear him sing. I suggested several, as did many of us, and I remember talking a lot about Wicked Games. He slayed, killed and murdered it. That low low voice, makes it hard for me to breathe.

  10. ultimathule says:

    Adam Lambert on The Loop


  11. milwlovesadam says:


    This one? It’s nice.

  12. sparkle says:

    As for the blue moon, I can see it as I sit in front of my computer. It is extremely bright and when I stare at it for a few seconds, a bluish crescent appears below the moon like a shadow. Very interesting!!

  13. ultimathule says:

    Anyone remember Mel Torme’s “Blue Moon” – lots of singers have performed it, but always liked this one –


  14. sparkle says:

    That’s the one, mils! Something unique about his expression – maybe it is the “dimple” on the right side of his mouth…

  15. milwlovesadam says:

    I remember several “Blue Moons.”

    My favorite is the ice cream though! Ba dum bum.

  16. asifclueless says:

    ulti … Hope they turn the volume up on Adam Lambert on The Loop video.
    I have 100% volume on .. still can’t hear a thing.

  17. ultimathule says:


    Australian Instagram Takeover – August 3 –

    Follow by searching for #AdamOzTakeover –

  18. sparkle says:

    GT MV over 14 Million by end of July – WOW!!

  19. ultimathule says:

    Channel 9 @Channel9
    #VoiceLives are BETTER than ever with @adamlambert the first of #TheVoiceAU’s star performances, SUNDAY 7.00pm!


  20. ultimathule says:


    It worked – really have to write the time down –

  21. ultimathule says:

    The Elementary Penguins coveren Ghost Town


  22. ultimathule says:
  23. ultimathule says:

    Great to film our friend @adamlambert today!


  24. asifclueless says:

    ADAM LAMBERT ‏@adamlambert · 8m8 minutes ago

    Happy Blue Moon in AQUARIUS

    Grin Heart Heart Sun Star Moon

  25. asifclueless says:

    Adam Lambert Australia TV promo. #adamlambert #australia #Sydney

    Long coat!!! Grin


  26. ultimathule says:

    The man is everywhere

    Would love to see his passport.

  27. ultimathule says:
  28. asifclueless says:

    August Chat thread is up.

    Adam is gorgeous!!!

    Great choice … AL!

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for this lovely playground.

    Heart Rose

  29. sparkle says:

    Happy Blue Moon!

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