After a short break that included filming his part for the upcoming RHPS TV movie, Adam is bringing his Original High to the Heineken Music Hall in the original high city of Amsterdam.
The G-Team kick things off with dance music at 8 PM with Adam following around 9 PM CEST.

Poster by @tinvei1 (Augenpoesie).

Enjoy the concert and the chat!

Concert Details (From AdamLambertMedia): World Clock, Show Time, Streamers, Twitter List, Venue Info

Set List: Evil in The Night/FYE, Ghost Town, Welcome To The Show, Runnin/Chokehold/Sleepwalker, Underground/Rumors, Lucy, After Hours, Mad World, WWFM, Another Lonely Night, The Light/The Original High/NCOE, LMD/Shady/Fever, These Boys, IIHY, Trespassing/AOBTD


Nicole Christophe/FB


“Intro/Evil In The Night” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“FYE” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Ghost Town” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Welcome To The Show” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – adamlambertbe

“Runnin/Chokehold/Sleepwalker” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Underground” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Rumors” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Lucy” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“After Hours” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Mad World” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“WWFM” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Another Lonely Night” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“The Light/The Original High/NCOE” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“LMD” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Shady/Fever” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PaH 74

“These Boys” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“IIHY” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74

“Trespassing/AOBTD” (Amsterdam, NL) 4/13/16 – PAH 74


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  1. ultimathule says:

    Ondanks de spanning deed @carmenverheul het TOP. Ze mocht haar held @adamlambert interviewen:

  2. ultimathule says:

    ?….O….M….G….this pic of @adamlambert by @Minnie_Glambert is everything! ???

  3. ultimathule says:

    mmadamimadamm @mmadamimadamm


  4. ultimathule says:

    Andy Zuidema
    Adam Lambert | Heineken Music Hall

  5. Cait1602 says:

    Last night was just unbelieveable.

    Was in Amsterdam with my boyfriend since Tuesday, enjoying a very short vacation. My fellow german Glamberts came to Amsterdam on Wednesday and queued since 1pm. Met up with them briefly at the hall but decided to enjoy the day with my bf instead of standing in front of the hall for hours Grin My bf deserves a medal for putting up with me ^^

    Even though we only were at the hall at 5.30pm and a lot of ppl were already in front of us, we made it to the 3rd row right behind my friends who queued for hours Grin boy you dont know how lucky I felt. And surreal, so surreal. My excitement went through the roof. Literally….

    The Support Act…nope I wont spend my precious time on that. Ok it was short notice…But really did they have to play Justin Bieber? We all were happy when they were gone.

    And then, the Intro. The fucking incredible Intro. We were all already screaming and dancing. The band were right there in front of me.

    Really I dont know what to say. I was screaming, crying, dancing, singing all at once. He was magnificent, everything I hoped and more. He was in front of me, laughing, singing his ass off and right there from moment one.

    The Setlist…It was just gaaaaah. The 90min were over so fast. But we all had so much fun. The crowd was very young, everyone sang along. One incredible start of the last tour leg.

    Hope everyone who is going to see him in the next few weeks will have as much fun as me.

    Some pics I took last night. Hope it works.

  6. luval says:

    Great recap, Cait1602

  7. luval says:

    luval says:
    04/15/2016 at 5:14 pm

    ultimathle, Here’s the google translate for the whole review.

    Thought this was interesting There tonight probably only a small number of people present that the recalls in glitter and feathers attired Lambert a few years ago and he has changed almost beyond recognition.

    Guess the reviewer doesn’t think fans watch youtube. Smile

  8. ultimathule says:

    YesYouCan @VAlilac
    Adam Lambert – 13/04 – HMH – concert review / fotoverslag op Podiuminfo

    “With his voice, looks and charm Amsterdam is tonight at his feet, even without Brian May and Rodger Taylor by his side.”

  9. cwm says:

    Love your recap, Cait!! I’m soooo glad that you had such an awesome time and that it was everything you had hoped for and more! He really is beyond belief, isn’t he? And just think, you still have more shows to look forward to!!! Big Smile

  10. Cait1602 says:

    Thank you Smile

    Yeah, happy that I am still have some more shows. Post concert depression is really strong. Dont know why…maybe I wasnt prepared HOW amazing his show is

  11. ultimathule says:
  12. ultimathule says:
  13. ultimathule says:

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