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Happy New Year ALL! Welcome to 2014 and what looks like a good year for Adam and fans alike. He is set to appear on a few more episodes of Glee, he may do a mini-tour with Queen and he may release new music. And we’ll be there to support whatever he does!

This month’s feature photo is of Adam dressed for success at the Huading Awards in China where he won Best International Male Vocalist and Fan Choice. A classy photo of a classy guy!

If you are feeling nostalgic, the selection of photos above is from the monthly threads of 2013. Just click and you will be taken back in time!

Enjoy the chat!


2,000 Responses to January 2014 Chat

  1. HK fan says:

    Still working my way through the top 22 fan voted playlist. Just watched Trespassing from Finland…wow, haven’t watched that before, amazing…And I have come to the conclusion that although I have gotten used to the facial hair, and even like it a lot at times, I really want him to go back to the clean shaven, with some eye makeup look.

  2. HK fan says:

    Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert 15m
    @keshasuxx I love this song and video darlin!!! love u all rock n roll!!! Fab direction!

  3. riskylady says:

    Just dropped a recap on the WinStar thread.

  4. luval says:

    HK fan….maybe you haven’t gotten there yet but I felt the same thing on number 19 the Chinese 80 Generation talk show. Pop that Lock…the hair!!!! Actually he didn’t have that much makeup on, if any. But something about his amazing look just takes my breath away. It was perfect.

    Like this one too.

    loved your recap, riskylady!

  5. HK fan says:

    Yeh, I agree luval, beautiful photo and look, and he looks 10 years younger without the tache….

  6. ultimathule says:

    Hoping the ‘stache will go the way of all flesh pretty soon – every guy in town’s got one – even Danny Gokey! (I do like the slightly 5 o’clock shadow one occasionally and can live with the facial hair – still looks handsome – but getting bored with it – hope he is, too.)

    Glee will probably bring out the razor.

  7. ultimathule says:

    Re Kesha – he’s such a decent human being.

  8. luval says:

    Just went back to watch the Finland Trespassing, HK fan. Stunning! His looks, his moves, the dancers, the girls,the background scrims, everything. Now don’t get me wrong, his look now is gorgeous but I miss the “show look” from that tour that we didn’t get! Think I have mentioned this but IMO after seeing the Britney show Adam wants to “go big” for the next (hopefully) tour.

  9. AL says:

    AL – Since it’s the start of the new year, I was wondering about whether this might be a fun time to hear about some 2013 stats for the ALL site:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the full Google Analytics report but this is what I was able to find out:
    Number of hits – Over 1.18 million to date
    Number of registered members – 437
    Number of unique visitors (members and non-members (lurkers)):
    – 1547 (last 30 days, don’t have info for all 2013)
    Chat Thread(s) with most comments:
    – May 2012 – 4012 (Top 3 2012)
    – March 2012 – 3662
    – Feb 2012 – 3429
    – Aug 2013 – 2827 (Top 3 2013)
    – Jan 2013 – 2525
    – April 2013 – 2439
    Top 3 Posters
    – luval – 8700+
    – ultimathule – 8400+
    – nkd – 6900+
    Thread(s) with most hits (each thread gets hit every day by search bots so older threads continue to get hits)
    – May 2012 – 76991 (Top 3 2012)
    – Feb 2012 – 73466
    – March 2012 – 75647
    – Jan 2013 – 30399 (Top 3 2013)
    – April 2013 – 30058
    – May 2013 – 28244
    Busiest periods: the day after each concert (Info since Nov.11, 2013)
    – FontaineBleau Live – 646 visits
    – New Years day – 642 visits
    Quietest period/day: (Info since Nov.11, 2013)
    – Dec. 25, 2013 – 317 visits
    Did we grow in numbers in 2013, shrink, or stay stable? (since much of 2013 (after the WAG tour) was an “in-between eras” and therefore supposedly “quieter” time, I don’t know what to expect on this one):
    Comparing posts and views from 2013 to 2012:
    – 31870 (2013) vs. 39940 (2012) = ~20% less posts
    – 283123 (2013) vs. 693821 (2012) = ~59% less views
    Just some stats for those who like numbers. The actual numbers for some of the above can be found in the Excel file here –> Question <–

  10. luval says:

    every guy in town’s got one –

    Am waiting to see the pope with one next! Laugh

  11. luval says:

    I love numbers, AL! Thank you.

    eta: I would have thought the day after Iheart would have had more posts than Fountainbleau or NYE. Anyway, it seemed like a lot.

  12. AL says:

    I would have thought the day after Iheart would have had more posts than Fountainbleau or NYE. Anyway, it seemed like a lot.

    That may well be but I can only get the official “visiting” numbers starting from November 11th unfortunately.
    I did find some more info that shows that you are correct about iHeart:
    – Posts – 815
    – Page views – 8064 (not the same as daily visits)
    FontaineBleau Live:
    – Posts – 260
    – Page views – 3069
    So iHeart has almost triple the posts and views of FBL.

  13. JOJOSIE says:

    If he would just loose the stache, I can stand the other facial hair. I sit and look at some of the recent pictures and try to imagine the stache gone. I wonder if anyone has told him he’d look younger without it.

  14. luval says:

    Queenbert is going to be the concert of the year IMO. And how about a tv special if something happens and there’s no mini tour? Brian sounds very optimistic about his health issues. Hopefully everything will turn out fine but no matter what, Brian “will be Queen” forever as he’s said.

    Jojosie I was thinking maybe he wants to look more mature to go along with his evolving look. He’s older than us now! Laugh Wink

  15. ultimathule says:

    Does anyone have any opinion as to why Pitbull’s “Timber” has been #1 on iTunes for so many weeks? Just doesn’t budge from that spot.

  16. luval says:

    ultimathule, I didn’t know it was #1 but I think because of the country vibe it has…it’s a hit with that crowd too. Country now is such a mess IMO. Is it pop? Is it rock? Is it rap? Some of those women country singers dress like they’re in a brothel…Carrie Underwood included. Can’t remember which show (maybe SNl) when Kesha was a guest, her dancing(?) was definitely that line thing that you see in a country club scene.

    Or there’s just nothing else that’s any good out there right now.

  17. ultimathule says:
  18. aely says:

    I am having a crazy week so very quick check in. Another friend came in town Friday and she leaves tomorrow so I can catch up then-We just got home and after all the fun and parties I am sooooo tired! Good Night and Happy New Year!

    Looks like he is still in NYC….if this true of course….LOL
    (I still find it hard to believe he has 6 million followers…SMH.)

    @PerezHilton: And @adamlambert is in da bar too! #BrooklynNights”

    I did share with Sonia all of your nice comments!! Thanks Smile

  19. aely says:

    @plasticfuture: Hanging out with Adam Lambert. Reasons I love NYC.

    Okay, I guess it is true

  20. sparkle says:

    Here’s for a bunch of us here (myself included) – Sweet Sans Stache Dreams, ALL! And thank you, Glee, for making it possible, at least on an occasional basis!
    ETA: Sans Stache means without mustache!

  21. HK fan says:

    So if he’s still in NY does that mean he is not doing the Ty whatsisname thing on the 5th???

  22. HK fan says:

    Jázmin ‏@GlambertSuxx 5m
    @adamlambert is the most stylish man of the week in the Hungarian Glamour magazine!! SmileSmile

  23. HK fan says:

    KirstenH ‏@KirstenH9 8m
    Yay!! RT @nilerodgers
    @KirstenH9 @adamlambert I’ll collabo w @AdamLambert for sure!

  24. luval says:

    Good morning!

    Interesting tweet…unreleased TP song?

  25. sparkle says:

    Good morning, luval and ALL! Luval – congrats on being the top poster here. So glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person at WB!
    Hope AFL is jetting his way back for Ty’s Birthday Concert tonight!

  26. luval says:

    lol, sparkle! I’m afraid I am going to overtaken by you know who. Wink

    Yes, we met in WB but sat at different ends of the table. And we ALMOST were going to meet again to see Adam & Nile on Long Island. (turns out glad we didn’t go since he didn’t sing LMD). But the fact we are really not that far from each other I’m sure an opportunity will come up again to meet up. At least I hope something will come up! IDK Thinking

  27. luval says:
  28. ultimathule says:

    This from a David Cook interview (posted at mjs) – sorta validates what we’ve suspected:

    “There were so many more things that were talked about. He mentioned again the issue of anyone getting radio play and how much it costs and how rare it is if you don’t have the label actively pushing it (meaning $$). For “Laying Me Low” to be promoted to HAC he said it would have been over $100,000. Even then he said a good relationship with program directors was crucial.”

  29. ultimathule says:

    Allie ‏@Silliegirl 2m

    Adam to Kesha.. lot’s being said in that tweet.. always so classy. He’s the perfect friend.

  30. luval says:
  31. luval says:

    Put this on the Winstar thread too since everyone seems to need drooling bib! Not really appropriate ones out there for Adam.

    This one’s for Kradamour

  32. ultimathule says:
  33. ultimathule says:
  34. sparkle says:

    Enjoy being at the top while you can, luval. And when (not if) she overtakes you, remember that being second ain’t so bad! lol – cracking myself up! I too am hopeful that something will come up on the East Coast. Have hubby convinced to see Q+A when (not if) it happens this year. Would love to see AL schedule a WB concert just for us Glamberts – I’m sure we could sell out the Kirby in record time!

  35. retjenny says:

    Happy New Year’s Greetings to All. Since mr.retjenny and I had driven to Thasckerville from So. Calif. and stayed an extra day to see the Train concert we just arrived home last evening. Loved reading all the recaps. Hope to add to them soon. Have to say that our Adam outdid himself in “stunning – ness”. A four word recap would be HE TAKES MY BREATH AWAY. Yes In Love Yes

  36. sparkle says:

    Hi retjenny – I see you suffer from Kara Dioguardi disease – being in the presence of AFL causes you to lose the ability to count – lol! Apparently it lingers for days! Not sure how hubby would react if peeps call him Mr. Sparkle – I’ll have to come up with an acceptable name when we go to Q+A!

  37. luval says:

    I know of several people who are prepared right now to see Queenbert. These are peeps who would have never seen Adam in any form but with my years of badgering and videos from London/iheart, etc will go now. Gosh I hope it happens.

  38. AL says:

    Would love to see AL schedule a WB concert just for us Glamberts – I’m sure we could sell out the Kirby in record time!

    I could do that but I’m not sure that you would pay to hear me sing – maybe pay me not to sing!? Sick Razz
    Oh you meant the other AL!! Wink Blush Giggle Silly

  39. AL says:

    Not sure how hubby would react if peeps call him Mr. Sparkle – I’ll have to come up with an acceptable name when we go to Q+A!

    How about Sparkie? Big Smile Sparkle and Sparkie!! I like it!

  40. luval says:

    lol AL!

  41. sparkle says:

    Post Ho here today! I’m reminded of a funny story about WB. Through ALL, mmm222 generously offered to share her room with me so I’d have somewhere to stay. Her hubby was apparently quite concerned because “sparkle” sounded like a porn star name to him (certainly not the name of an attorney!) ROFL!!! mmm222 – feel free to add any details to this. BTW, I only heard about this when I went to adamized’s Glee party two months ago!

  42. luval says:

    These are beautiful people!

    Sauli New Year’s Eve

  43. luval says:
  44. sparkle says:

    Oh, AL, you are always amusing! Don’t think he’d go for Sparkie either but thanks for the suggestion! Need to catch up on your crossword puzzles – the last one I did was Miami Beach Ball!!!

  45. luval says:

    AL…you had asked if we liked Adamuko(?). I was never a Soduko fan. It’s too hard for my puny mind! Whenever I take a trip I always pick up Games magazine. Are you familiar with that? There are some real challenging things in there. But for mindless passing the time I like word search. You’d think it would be easy but I’ve spent hours on a plane trying to find one word! So if you ever want a new game to put together with an Adam theme I’d love a word search!

  46. luval says:

    If you are not watching football I just noticed “Queen: Days of Our Lives” is on the BIO channel right now. Started about 5 minutes ago.

  47. sparkle says:

    luval- I like word searches too. And I’m much better at them than crosswords, although, thanks to AL, I’m getting better at them!

  48. ultimathule says:

    Well, peeps, this you-know-who rather likes sharing second place with that other you-know-who – lol.

  49. sparkle says:

    lol, ulti! I knew you’d have to respond to that.

  50. sparkle says:

    AL - went to print “Cherry Blossom Time” crossword and “Miami Beach Ball” came up! Is this something you can fix?

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